Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17 – TV Review

Liam? More like Li-yum.

But that Alexis face reveal, though.

Even with the level of camp Dynasty has served us thus far, I didn’t predict that.

TL;DR Elizabeth Gillies will be playing Alexis now (OMFG); Fallon and Liam bicker but then come closer; Kirby and Fallon build their friendship; while Kirby builds sexual tension with Black Driver; Jeff has some mostly bearable business slapfight with Blake and Adam; Cristal and Sam force Blake to take the threat of her family seriously.

Oh, shoosh, you two. Can’t you see what we’ve got Liam and face reveals in this episode? Ain’t nobody got time for Other Cristal’s evil offscreen family.

We’ll start with Fallon this week, who decides to really go full force with her feminist publishing agenda, and decides she’s going to annoy Liam so he quits his contract, while she instead focuses on wooing some up-and-coming feminist author. This turns out to be a great bonding experience for Fallon and Kirby, but her barbs towards Liam lose their fun when she actually reads his book, and finds out it’s all about her (but, like, in a mostly flattering way). She and Liam come to an agreement, and maybe some oblique flirtation. Not so obliquely flirting are Black Driver and Kirby, who full-on makeout this episode. Kirby guiltily conceals things from Fallon, but Monica sends Fallon a photo of their indiscretions, forcing her hand. But Fallon is in a forgiving mood after reading Liam’s book, and they affirm their gal pal friendship. Which is great, because they are fucking fun together. Meanwhile, Cristal confides in Sam about her family fears. Blake is less moved, so Cristal and Sam fake an attack on Blake’s bodyguard, which prompts Blake to take things more seriously. Meanwhile, Blake and Adam find out that the soccer regulatory authority is going to be drug testing their players, and their star player (and spokesperson for drug rehabilitation) is back on the smack and will fail. They doctor the test and pass. But twist: Jeff, now on the Blake warpath, manipulated the whole thing in a scheme to secretly film them tampering with the samples, and he provides this to the soccer authority bigwig in town. But double twist: Adam anticipated this, and got the bigwig in Blake’s pocket, completely foiling an exasperated Jeff. Who then decides to end his episode by teaming up with Black Driver against Blake, and Black Driver has learned that Blake may be embezzling a cool ten million from the team. J’accuse! Oh, and then Alexis’ face is revealed and it’s Elizabeth Gillies made up to look like she’s had plastic surgery.

Dynasty is fucking nuts. And I’m loving it.

Double casting Elizabeth Gillies wasn’t on any imaginary list I had of recasting solutions for Alexis, so you got me, Dynasty.

I’m still going to remain a teensy bit skeptical until we actually get some scenes, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s the woman who made walking cartoon character Fallon Carrington into the goddess she is.

I just hope this doesn’t mean we’re going to get a reduction in Fallon/Alexis scenes. Because we know Dynasty hasn’t got the budget for the special effects.


Why I hate this episode:

The CW has pulled this off successfully before, with Nina Dobrev playing a wonderful twofer as Elena and Katherine on TVD. But Elena and Katherine didn’t have that many scenes together, which was always a bummer. Let’s hope Dynasty has at least learned that lesson.

I thought Carrington Atlantic was uninteresting enough, but goddamn, the Atlantix soccer team just plain sucks, dude. I don’t care about anything going on there. And this is where the show has decided to stick Jeff to make him relevant again? Not a good plan.

When Jeff brought up that plan he had to get revenge on Black Driver for the car crash, I legitimately couldn’t remember what he was talking about for a few seconds. Maybe it’s time to just jettison Jeff?

Or make him Sam’s new love interest. Because Sam is running a close second to Jeff in the “why are you still in the show” stakes. All he does this episode is, like, hang out with Cristal. Get a subplot, baby!

Oh, and why was Alexis all smiles and blown kisses towards Adam at the end, there? Did she forget he shoved her face into a fire?


But it’s not all bad:

This is Alexis Carrington, though. Maybe she’s just expressing her gratitude at him finding a way to make her look thirty years younger?

Back to the meat of the episode, and this one really is a winner for Fallon. I am so glad that Liam is now apparently sticking around. The sniping between him and Fallon is great as always, but I was worried there for a bit that he might actually bail on the book deal and fade away, again. But Fallon brings the emotional heft after reading the book (not without a few self-serving editorial notes, of course), and they’re already kind-of flirting by episode’s end. Black Driver had his chance. Now is the age of Liam.

Black Driver has also moved onto Aussier pastures, as he and Kirby have some delicious chemistry. So did he and Fallon, but they couldn’t work things out with almost two whole seasons under their belt, so I’m ready to see Black Driver try something new.

Fallon’s decision to be a better woman after she finds out is also fabulous, as the rapport she and Kirby built this episode as business partners and friends would have been a shame to lose. After the feminist author agrees to publish with Fallon, Kirby puts her hand up to go on her book tour, so I imagine that might mean she’ll be absent for a couple of episodes. But she’ll be coming back to a new bestie and a new beau so that’s fine with me.

Jeff’s scheme against Blake and Adam is pretty vanilla, but it was a solid “I know you know I know” reveal, so I’ll allow it. Part of me also hopes that whatever Jeff and Black Driver end up doing may cause the demise of the Atlantix.

Cristal and Sam’s false flag operation is also pretty vanilla, but I kind of loved how Sam added in the extra touch of drawing her family crest in lipstick on the bodyguard’s car window (the titular false flag), but that didn’t make Blake suspicious. Camp-tactular.

Similarly camp-tacular is a non-sequitur scene of Alan Dale teaching Sam taekwondo for self-defence. Keep it silly, Dynasty. Don’t become Riverdale.

I’m glad that Monica is still around and being a petty, drama-stirring bitch. More, please.

Fallon gets the best line of the episode when explaining her plan to avoid Liam’s charms to Kirby: “Well, as long as he doesn’t take his shirt off or look at me with his eyes, I should be able to stay focused.” It was a thankful failure.

Oh, and after the bonkers face reveal, I was thinking of what else would have been just as nuts, and I thought wouldn’t it have been divine if they got Nathalie Kelley to play Alexis? Elizabeth Gillies pulling double duty is one thing, but that would have been peak Dynasty ridiculousness.

I think they may have outdone Gossip Girl with this one, ladies.

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7 responses to “Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    i fucking love dynasty like it’s carrying riverdale’s weight
    and fallon has pretty much replaced cheryl in my heart
    do better cheryl- you are ginger

  2. Anonymous says :

    If you are looking for a third show to review, i’ve just started watching Empire and i think you’d like all the drama and whatnot.

    I’ve also started watching Vampire Diaries and damn, it is so good. I’m in season 3 now. Once i finish it i can start up on The Originals and read your reviews for both. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on both moving forward after.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Empire has always been on the maybe list, but I just don’t trust Fox after Glee.

      And oh honey, The Vampire Diaries is so damn good. The second half of Season 5 is a bit of a struggle, but Season 6 is possibly the best of the whole series. You are in for a treat.

  3. Anonymous says :

    Weird, last time i commented it showed my name. Edward West-Summers. Don’t know if you remember me or not.

  4. B says :

    Can you name culhane and not just call him “black driver”? That’s pretty disgusting.

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