Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15 – TV Review

Dynasty Motherly Overprotectiveness Fallon drinking

That’s not to say that this episode doesn’t have just the one. And it is something.

Yes, Dynasty fans. Sometimes you have to eat your vegetables. And this episode is mostly vegetables.

But there is some tasty dessert at the very end.

TL;DR Adam announces himself to the Carringtons; Blake wants to believe, but Fallon is skeptical; despite a shady past, Adam is indeed Adam; and then he shoves Alexis’ head into a fucking fire; Black Driver and Cristal sneakily buy some land out from under Jeff for the soccer stadium; but Cristal had to use her family’s connections to do so.

Do we care?

So we’ll get to the Adam of it all first: he’s here, baby. Fallon (and, by scheme partner extension, Sam) is openly skeptical and hostile, while Blake wants to believe, and Alexis keeps her mouth shut to keep up the Hank ruse. While a DNA test gets done, Fallon and Sam go digging into Adam’s past, and find out he used to be a vet. Only because he also used to be a doctor, but was kicked out after stealing opioids. Adam concedes the truth, but reveals he stole them to help his “mum.” The DNA test comes back positive, and Fallon is forced to accept the truth. What Adam isn’t telling them, though, is that he killed his “mum” via overdose after learning about his true parentage, so Mr Thing here’s got a bit of a matricidal streak. And this comes up deliciously in the closing scene of the episode, as Adam visits Alexis, reveals he’s stolen the proof she faked Hank’s DNA results, and gives her the opportunity to burn the papers so that their family can heal. And then while she’s down there he shoves her face into the fire. Effective. Meanwhile, Adam also spends the episode hilariously needling Fallon about Steven’s whereabouts (because he knows the truth), and Fallon and Sam have to come clean to Blake about what happened in Paris. Meanwhile, Blake is tormented by his murderous actions last episode. And in the episode’s pure time sink of a subplot, Jeff makes a bid for council approval to build some kind of community learning centre or whatever. Simultaneously, Blake’s stadium land bid is denied, so he sics Cristal on the case to find a new site. Together with Black Driver, she eyes up Jeff’s situation, and they bribe the council into rejecting Jeff’s proposal, and make him an offer. Jeff’s eyes are open to this, though, and he spitefully sells his land to an unrelated company for way under what Cristal offered him. But psych, Cristal actually arranged for this, and that company is set up with her as the owner thanks to some strings pulled by her real family. Who she now has to go thank in person.

I’m imagining some kind of dramatic, dinner table showdown. With wine-throwing.

So I guess it wouldn’t be fair to blast Dynasty for sprinkling in a boring, exposition-heavy episode like this one. Not after the fantastic run we’ve had basically all season.

I just wish Dynasty had any idea what to do with Jeff or Black Driver these days.

Or Cristal. Like, ever.


Why I hate this episode:

Or Kirby, who isn’t even here.

Back to Cristal, though. While I’m intrigued to see her finally revealing some more of her ominous family past, I’m worried that it’s only going to bring more tepid business bullshit. I don’t care about soccer teams, people.

Dynasty seriously needs to find something for Jeff to do. Or get rid of him, like they did with Steven.

I’m surprised that Dynasty is burning through the Adam answers so quickly. I expected a little more drama to be milked out of his backstory, but nuh. He was kidnapped; his mum wasn’t the kidnapper, but she was the dude’s girlfriend and after she got away from him, she was too scared to go to the Carringtons with the truth; Adam killed her uneventfully. I’m not usually one to want prolonged melodrama, but I think this could have been portioned out a little better.

On the subject of burning, I don’t want there to be some kind “it was just a fantasy” reveal next episode regarding Alexis’ shoving. But on the other hand, what will we do if she was pushed into that fire? Is this the end of Alexis!?

Oh, and Dynasty keeps the incest fires burning, as after making peace with Fallon, Adam then hugs her and kisses her on the lips. She is appropriately confused, and he handwaves it off with an “oh, I guess this family doesn’t do that.” But bitch I’ve seen Shadowhunters. I see what’s happening. And I’m not interested.


But it’s not all bad:

We’ve now explicitly seen Adam forcing Steven into a mental breakdown, murdering his kind-of mother, and pushing his biological mother head-first into a fire. I am definitely here for a villain that has no possibility of redemption. Let’s let the bad guy be bad, baby. I’m ready.

He and Blake appear to have murder in common, but Blake is already feeling lousy about his. With Alexis now unlikely to have the “oh, shit” realisation moment that Blake killed his hired goon for nothing, here’s hoping Blake has a face drop for the ages when he finds out.

Cristal is still yet to shake off her superfluousness, but reconnecting with her family could be the boost she needs to have her finally make sense as a member of the main cast. Just please, no soccer politics.

Jeff’s role in the episode is a waste of time, but I did enjoy him obliviously playing into Cristal’s scheme. He’s a good victim.

Fallon and Sam make a decent case for withholding the Steven truth: Blake is already devastated about losing the baby, and he doesn’t need a “your (well, not yours. But you know) son is in a French mental hospital” bomb. The ensuing game of Adam knowingly pressing the issue was nice, and props to Fallon for admitting her deception when Blake was preparing to fly to Paraguay.

When Blake and Adam are in the hospital getting their blood drawn for the DNA test, Blake describes some of the shenanigans of the season that Adam’s missed out on. The nurse gives him a wordless, incredulous look during it. I loved it.

When Adam confronts Alexis about setting up the whole Hank thing so she could get money, she owns up to it. Respect, bitch.

Oh, and at first I was bothered by how unattractive Adam’s shaved hair look is. But if he’s going to be a mother-burning, brother-destroying, sister-kissing incestuous evil weirdo, I think it works.

Dynasty Motherly Overprotectiveness Fallon Adam kiss

“Oh hell, no. I wouldn’t keep committing incest for Jeff, and he’s way hotter than you.” -Fallon

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