Legacies – Discontinued

Legacies Discontinued Lizzie stop

Oh, okay. If you insist.

Get out.

Right now.

It’s the end of Legacies.

Well, the end of me watching Legacies.

I told you last week I was on the fence early with this one, and while watching this week’s episode, I just couldn’t do it anymore. While I was worried about betraying the TVD-verse, one of the founding pillars of I Just Hate Everything, I also couldn’t deny the waves of relief that washed over me when I chose to be free of Legacies.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that the problem with Legacies is that it’s barely even narratively or thematically related to its parent shows. The Vampire Diaries was a teen vampire soap opera, while The Originals was a slightly more adult vampire soap opera.

Legacies, however, seems to be wanting to be a kooky action/adventure show about a bunch of supernatural kiddos fighting against mythical creatures not previously established within the TVD-verse. The closest comparisons I think I could make to it would be earlier revival era Doctor Who, and maybe The Librarians.

But Doctor Who was a show that was made for children. And The Librarians was an intentionally cheese-heavy procedural that was a spin-off of intentionally cheesy, low-budget TV movies.

Legacies instead is spinning off from two heavily violent (well, network TV violent) and melodramatic CW soap operas. So the campy monster elements are butting heads with some legitimately grotesque violence (Blonde Rival this episode pukes herself to death and ends up as a pile of black sludge with hair. It’s upsetting).

Add to that our two bland leads, the mean girl missed opportunities of the twins (and not to mention that Penelope is absent this week again!), not the right returning characters (oh, Matt’s back again. Where the fuck is Caroline?), and some rubbish CGI, and you’ve got a recipe to send me running.

Unlike some shows, such as Arrow (and god it shames me to admit it), I don’t think I’ll even keep watching Legacies. The level of ineptitude in a show that’s had almost a decade of TVD-verse to pave its way is intolerable.

I will miss Hope’s amazing hair, though.

Legacies Discontinued the power of three

Lizzie better watch that wig, though. Centre parts are nobody’s best friend.

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6 responses to “Legacies – Discontinued”

  1. IHateJuliePlec says :

    I watched the one episode where Jo came back and turned it right off again. TO and TVD had some good acting on their shows (especially TO) Not a single person on this show is likable or believable. The writing is worse. Okay the guy who plays Alaric can act but all the kids are just annoying.

    Julie Plec has lowered the bar andI didn’t think she could lower it any lower .

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I’m still watching Legacies on the DL out of nothing but sheer morbid curiosity. There truly can be no excuse for how bad it is. Are we sure “Julie Plec” isn’t just a pen name that I Marlene King is using these days?

      • IHateJuliePlec says :

        I see Julie Plec in everything. If I hear a similar line on an old TV show I am watching I run to check and make sure it’s not her. I bet she has multiple personalities she writes under.lol

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