Charmed – Discontinued

Charmed Discontinued Maggie face

I’m free.

Two Discontinueds in one week? How lazy am I?

Oh, plenty lazy. Don’t you worry.

But unlike Legacies, which I stopped because dear God, it was crap, Charmed simply wasn’t strong enough to last on the review roster.

Like I said last week, Charmed is cute and simple. And I need more.

You know, in some ways I think we all should be commending Charmed. In an age where reboots are usually dark and gritty, Charmed has stayed true to the fun and breezy nature of the original. This is no Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Sure, these witches fight the forces of hell. But you won’t be seeing any cannibal festivals here.

And I’m certainly not saying that Charmed should have gone full HBO for its reboot to warrant me sticking with it. Because, like, can you imagine a hyper violent, adult Charmed? Ew.

The honest reason why I’m not going to continue reviewing Charmed is because it’s not that special to me. It’s a procedural show, which can be hard for me to stay engaged with. And I think in its efforts to be inoffensive to the original’s fan base, it’s instead gone too broad and nebulous.

These girls aren’t bad people, and I don’t hate them. But I just don’t really care.

You never know, though. I’m still yet to actually pick a show back up from the Discontinued pile here on I Just Hate Everything. So if Charmed turns out to be actually fabulous, it’s a decent contender to be the first.

But for now, don’t cry for me. I’ll still be watching. Just with half of my attention going to my phone.

Charmed Discontinued Natalie Hall crying

At least this one didn’t have aliens.

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4 responses to “Charmed – Discontinued”

  1. SlayerNina Fansub (@slayernina) says :

    Such a pity you gave those shows… I lol’d so hard with your reviews!

    What show you are going to start? Downton Abbey the movie will release will be next summer, so a quick recap can be great… Or Outlander, cheesy time travel romance XD

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