Dynasty Season 2 Episode 4 – TV Review

Dynasty Snowflakes in Hell Kirby champagne

I’m more of a Diamond Nights girl, myself. It’s slightly cheaper.

Do you think Gossip Girl could have made a Paraguayan humanitarian aid mission as enjoyable?

I guess we’ll never know.

TL;DR Steven escapes his family drama by leaving to build houses in Paraguay; so Fallon brings everyone along with her to convince him to return; but she ultimately realises he needs his space; Fallon feuds with Alexis over her deceptions; Blake tortures Alan Dale for the same, but they make peace; Kirby gets her petty on with Alexis; Black Driver goes undercover at a poker game to fulfill his obligations with Blonde Business Bitch.

Jeff is also here, too. To get his contractually obligated screentime.

The episode begins with the finalisation of the Carrington Atlantic sale, and Steven immediately decides he’ll be using his money to leave for a Paraguayan aid mission. Sam isn’t too thrilled about the prospect of tent living, but it’s Fallon who is most upset that Steven will be abandoning her. So Fallon brings Blake and Alan Dale to Paraguay to prove they’re better together. And Alexis shows up, too, via dune buggy. There are some argumentative bumps in the road, but Steven eventually capitulates and agrees to return home. Sadly, Fallon sees how miserable this makes him, and Steven does end up leaving for his aid work with Fallon’s blessing, and with Sam staying behind in luxury where he belongs. It’s okay, though. It’ll only be until Christmas. Meanwhile, Blake drunkenly snipes at Alan Dale about that whole “you’re actually Steven’s father” thing. Blake does come around in the end, thankfully, and Alan Dale invites Cristal 2.0 back to the manor because he thinks she’s good for Blake. Meanwhile, Kirby steals Carrington credit card information and uses it to begin what I hope will be a fabulous Escalating Prank War with Alexis. And Black Driver’s work under Blonde Business Bitch’s thumb begins, as she sets him on a mission to infiltrate some billionaire poker game or something. Jeff being there complicates things, but Black Driver does succeed. However, he is saddened to discover that this won’t be a one time thing.

Is blackmail ever just a one time thing? Get a clue, bro.

Admittedly, this episode is kind of deflating after the flurry of action we got last week. And hoo boy, that Black Driver subplot sure is a stinker.

But I never would have expected that a sudden trip to South America out of nowhere (motivated by Steven, of all characters) could be this much fun. And to add to that, in Cristal’s absence, it’s reassuring to know that Dynasty can still pack in some wholesomeness.

That Black Driver subplot, though. Yeesh.


Why I hate this episode:

For the first time in a long time, Dynasty is doing something that feels like it would have been more at home on Blood & Oil. And dear God, that is not the right direction to go in, show. This needs to stop. Now.

I was also surprised that Black Driver was surprised about the deal being on ongoing thing. That’s how I interpreted it.

Black Driver’s subplot also has to involve Jeff. Because Jeff has literally nothing else to do. I’m just not seeing what else we can do with Jeff as a villain, and I’m curious as to why Dynasty not only kept him, but also kept him in the main cast.

Oh, and speaking of nothing to do, let’s add this episode to Cristal 2.0’s tally of appearing at the end of the episode without actually adding any value to it. Maybe next week?


But it’s not all bad:

The fact that Cristal 2.0 is sticking around is building my anticipation for a reveal that Cristal is actually alive. I’m still aware that it’s a long shot, but goddamn, it would be good.

Blake’s bitchiness towards Alan Dale is a pleasant addition to the episode. Dynasty quickly gets the emotional stuff out of the way first by having Alan Dale and Alexis explain that they banged only once during the grief over Adam Carrington’s abduction, which allows us to get right to Blake’s slights against Alan Dale. The pinnacle of which is when Alan Dale tries to introduce Blake to a replacement butler, and Blake delivers a hell of a second best line of the episode: “Did Anders tell you the job comes with many benefits? Including banging my wife. We keep the knives over there; that’s for stabbing me in the back. You’re not gonna get the position. But it’s not your fault; it’s his. Anders thought I was gonna be easy to please, but I’m not my wife.” Meow, Mr Carrington.

Best line of the episode, however, goes to Fallon when she rallies the gang to get ready to do some work: “Hard hats on, everyone. Except for me I’m not doing it.” She doesn’t miss a beat.

I enjoyed the relationship-building between Fallon and Steven. We’ve always known they get along, but it was impressive to see she really would step up to the plate to keep him around. And then, once she sees how unhappy conceding to her has made him (during a solo piano song, of course), she lets him go for his own good. I think I would still personally prefer Steven and Fallon as a hardcore scheme team, but I guess a loving brother/sister duo will have to do. For now.

Besides, Sam’s still here. And we know he’s always game for a good scheme (especially when manipulated by a Carrington woman). Sam’s episode highlight is when he organises a photo shoot… for his passport photo.

Alexis’ dune buggy entrance at the Paraguayan aid site was utter perfection. I’m glad Nicolette Sheridan is so game for some physical comedy, as she is also a participant in the trademark Dynasty slapstick moment of the episode when Fallon, while kicking her out of the manor at the start of the episode, shoves her into her trailer and closes the door behind her. This is repeated when Fallon shoves her into her tent in Paraguay later on. Keep ’em coming.

Kirby is mostly sequestered, but she does use Alexis’ credit card to pay for lavish, luxury accommodations at the aid site, which causes fun conflict with the others. Kirby and Alexis have a fun phone call later on in the episode where they basically agree to initiate a prank war. This is art, mawma.

Points to Blake for choosing not to disinherit Steven.

During the minor squabble with Alexis over the luxury spending in Paraguay, Fallon throws Alexis’ phone in the bushes. We see later that Alexis never picked it back up before she left, and Hank is trying to call her.

Oh, and Dynasty sticks with the theme of weird animal interactions. An alpaca is no Grey Parrot on the shoulder of an evil Russian business tycoon, but I’ll take it.

Dynasty Snowflakes in Hell Sam alpaca

It could get into a catfight with the parrot!

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