The Originals Season 5 Episode 12 – TV Review

The Originals A Tale of Two Wolves Caroline

Actually, that’s not fair. Trainwrecks are exciting.

You know what I didn’t want to be about The Originals’ final season? Apathetic.

But we don’t always get what we want.

TL;DR A lifeless, pathetic excuse for a penultimate episode, at least this wasn’t the backdoor pilot for Legacies it seemed to be; Hope decides she wants to live; Klaus attempts to sacrifice his life so she can survive; too-late shipteasing for Klaus and Caroline occurs; some Legacies characters pop in to say hey, but don’t take up too much screentime.

The only thing worse than this waste of time would have been for the episode to go full backdoor pilot. So I guess we’ll have to praise The Originals for showing some restraint.

So yeah, there’s only one more episode of The Originals after this. But never fear, because a bunch of bad actors will be portraying new teen characters in the upcoming next spin-off, and we get to meet some of them this episode. And I say “meet” because they don’t really have anything to do. Because, again, The Originals spared us the agony of a backdoor pilot. So instead, Hope just makes some goo goo eyes at a townie boy, while we also get to meet some bully jocks. And Alaric and Caroline’s twins (not portrayed by actual twins, oddly). The twins do feature as an important plot device, though: Klaus’ final, last ditch plan to save Hope from the Hollow is to have the twins use their Gemini witch powers to siphon the Hollow out of Hope when she has her first werewolf turning, and to then transfer it into Klaus. And Klaus then plans to kill himself using a white oak stake he apparently had laying around. There’s some grumbling from an “I still love you, ish” Caroline, and the requisite “take me instead” from Elijah once he finds out, but the episode ends as Elijah, too late to stop Klaus, watches as his little brother motions to impale himself. It’s basic, but I’ll praise it for making sense. Meanwhile, Elijah otherwise spends his episode babysitting Hope around Mystic Falls. She flirts with some boy, and then they later take some supernatural vengeance on some jocks who harass said boy. Hope also rabbits on about how she has accepted she should be dead, as she’s kind of an abomination to nature to begin with, but when she faints for a bit she visits Hayley in some afterlife realm/plane, and is convinced to go on living. Oh, and Kol and Rebekah do not feature at all.

The show is called “The Originals,” yes?

So I’ll be fair: this episode isn’t bad. It does some largely inoffensive legwork setting up some Legacies characters, and it gives us a melodramatic battle about self-sacrifice between Klaus and Elijah, which is always a plus.

But I can’t believe how blasè it all feels for the penultimate episode of what could have been the entire TVD-verse. Because I’m pretty sure Legacies wasn’t a done deal when this was made.

And with the bewildering excision of the other characters from The Originals (in addition to the actual Original vampires, we’ve still got to deal with Marcel, Vincent, Declan, and maybe Davina), this episode just feels like more wheel-spinning. And there’s only one more episode to go!

Am I on crazy pills, here?


Why I hate this episode:

So Hope didn’t die from the Hollow. Are you shocked?

Also, Jesus fucking Christ, somebody call it the Hollow. I’m pretty sure nobody has called it by name all season. What the actual fuck? Why?

Getting the twins to siphon the magic out of Hope is pragmatic, so I’m definitely on board for that as a solution. But I thought Gemini witch siphons had to touch their targets? The twins just do some ritual in a circle from afar and that works just as well. Huh?

Also, rather than endangering the lives of your last-minute love interest’s children, maybe go track down Ginger Spice?

Why not just transfer the Hollow into some random nobody and then kill them, instead?

Whatever happened to Sofya?

I know competent twin actresses are hard to come by (I’ve seen Legally Blondes, baby), but Caroline and Alaric’s twins don’t even have the same hair colour. I guess they’re trying to draw attention away from the fact that the actresses aren’t twins by making them look different enough to avoid comparison, but it’s weird. EDIT: As a helpful commenter rightly pointed out, the child versions had different hair colours, too. They got me, gal!

As much as I love some Klaus/Caroline shipteasing, this falls flat for me on two levels. Firstly, they have some bland almost-kiss instead of the show actually having the balls to go there, so fuck you, show. And I also don’t like that Camille is being replaced like she’s nothing. I know it’s been almost two whole seasons since she died, but Klaus otherwise hasn’t had a love interest since then. So to bring Replacement Blonde Caroline back in at the last moment, and to then also not consummate that? What the fuck, show?

Oh, and in this werewolf afterlife fantasy plane, and need I remind you again that this is the last season and it’s time for some fanservice, we see Jackson, but not Oliver. Jackson doesn’t even get any lines. You’re telling me that they couldn’t have thrown Oliver the same bone? Fucking Lucy Bennett got to wordlessly cameo in the TVD finale, but The Originals couldn’t throw down the cash to get Oliver for a day’s shooting? Fuck you, show.


But it’s not all bad:

But hey, you Jackson fans out there? Lucky you. You guys got a wordless cameo.

When this episode does things right, it does excel. And the biggest winner, as hard as it is for me to admit as a Camille die-hard, is the Caroline and Klaus relationship. That candle they’ve both been holding for each other is evidently still burning brightly, and their almost-kiss did make me swoon. Just a little bit.

I also appreciated Caroline’s fierce reaction to Klaus revealing his Hollow transfer plan isn’t to then throw himself in the ocean as originally explained, but instead to then kill himself. Caroline, naturally, doesn’t react well to this, as her other love did the same thing to win the day last year. I felt for her.

And Caroline’s “you weren’t the villain in my story after all” statement is overwrought, but I’ll second that emotion, baby. I’ve stopped hoping for a Camille resurrection, so I say get it, girl.

The Klaus/Elijah stuff is more of the same we’ve come to expect, but as always, I appreciate when Elijah has a fight with someone about self-sacrifice. Once he finds out that Klaus plans to die, he doesn’t hesitate to demand to take Klaus’ place. Constantly noble until the end, Elijah. That’s how I’ll remember you. And love you for it.

You know who also loves Elijah? Ghost Hayley, who takes the time to tell her temporarily-dead daughter during their afterlife fantasy realm chat that she’s still holding out for dat dick. As she should be.

Hope and Elijah’s petty revenge against Jerk Jock’s car is cute.

Hope’s discussion with Elijah about how she’s made her peace with her inevitable death is also oddly affecting. This obviously gets turned around by her chat with Ghost Hayley (and because this is a CW show and we probably shouldn’t be advocating for teen suicide), but for a moment it seemed like The Originals might be making a difficult choice to let her die.

I think Antoinette truly is gone for good. Rejoice.

Alaric opposes Caroline helping Klaus, and claims that she’s dickmatised. True.

Oh, and let’s imagine for a second that Legacies wasn’t going to happen: the final epic love not between dead characters of the established TVD-verse is between Caroline and Klaus. Suck on that, Elena. You only get a cameo as a name on a doctors office window.

The Originals The Tale of Two Wolves Klaus Caroline kiss


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9 responses to “The Originals Season 5 Episode 12 – TV Review”

  1. kl says :

    Klaus did say ‘The Hollow’, though! I was shocked. And that scene with Caroline and Alaric arguing in the Salvatore house had me feeling like I was watching an episode of TVD.

  2. SlayerNina Fansub (@slayernina) says :

    The tiny twins were different hair colored before… I have to look up because I didn’t care at all, but whatever, they were consistent on this at least

  3. IHateJuliePlec says :

    One twin was dark haired one was blond.

    I didn’t watch this episode but from what I read it turned me off of watching episode 13. I did watch some scenes on youtube for 13 but none for 12 because lets be real, Caroline makes me sick. I think she may have ruined my love of Steroline with this Klaus baloney. I’ll be back when you review 13 because I need to vent.

  4. IHateJuliePlec says :

    And where is my scene where Klaus finds out Declan is Cami’s cousin?

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