The Originals Season 5 Episode 11 – TV Review

The Originals Til the Day I Die Freya wedding dress

20gayteen is more than halfway over, baby. We gotta get it while we can.

The only thing this gay wedding was missing was some good old soap opera drama hijinks.

And no, I don’t count this last minute Do We Want Kids talk as drama.

I thought lesbians were supposed to be more organised than this?

TL;DR Freya and Keelin get married without incident; Davina cameos back in this joint to reveal there is no cure for Hope’s Hollow madness; Kol and Rebekah are also back; Marcel chooses to aid Declan in some quest to rule the human faction; Elijah has flashbacks about how Hayley visited him one time while he was a French amnesiac.

Tonko. Is. Getting. Paid. Honey.

So we’ll start with Hope, because, like, we know she’s going to be fine because of the next spin-off, so who cares? Her genocide of the vampire Nazis last episode doesn’t do her much good, as her black-veined Hollow madness is back already. Klaus desperately goes to Davina for help, but all Davina manages to rustle up is the fact that supposedly there is no cure, and Hope will be consumed and killed by the Hollow. Klaus keeps this from her for now. Meanwhile, Rebekah’s back to be Freya’s maid of honour for her wedding to Keelin, as our Queen Gays have moved up the date. But oh no, they forgot to talk about whether or not they want kids, and they arbitrarily fight about this prior to the ceremony. Keelin wants them, but Freya doesn’t. Because she’s worried she’ll be as bad a parent as her own parents. But then Keelin is like “but what about maybe tho,” and Freya agrees, and it’s all good. Meanwhile, Elijah finds a letter Hayley had written (but not sent?) him, and reminisces on a time during his stay in France when she came to see him undercover. They had a nice evening together, and this convinced Hayley to move on. Elijah also weirdly half reveals that he did recognise her at the farm house before she died, but only intellectually, which is why he didn’t save her. And he has much guilt over this. Natch. Meanwhile, Declan reveals to Marcel that he knows the supernatural truth, and he plans to rally the human faction to become the dominant one in New Orleans. Marcel is opposed to this, but some choice advice from Davina convinces him that maybe he should help Declan, and together they can forge a path to a better tomorrow for everyone, together. Oh, and Vincent fucks off outta town in his grief over Miss Cleo’s death.

So that’s another cross off of our Late Season Big Bad Candidates list. Who the hell will it be?

I mean, I’m down for a nice TVD-verse wedding any day. But with only, what, two episodes to go (right?), what the fuck is happening on this show?

Is it all going to be about Hope’s predicament with the Hollow? Which is already a non-issue because she’s the lead of the announced spin-off?

Who cares? Get back to punching or daggering or heart-ripping something, you guys.



Why I hate this episode:

What really irks me about all this is that Joseph Morgan is acting his goddamn heart out as a very convincing concerned father, and it’s going to be for naught. Give us some stakes, you vampire soap opera.

Elijah’s not doing much better with this slapdash “I did recognise Hayley” guilt thing going on. It was already sufficiently tragic that he didn’t really know who she was and therefore failed to save her, so what’s the point of this several episodes too late clarification that he did recognise her, but he emotionally didn’t? Why are we wasting time on this?

Speaking of pointless wastes of time, what the hell was up with Freya and Keelin’s sudden decision to have the kids talk on their goddamn wedding day? The minor saving grace of this subplot is the continuity points for Freya’s lost child from her Dahlia days. But it wasn’t worth it, as the episode clearly concedes with the even more slapdash change of mind Freya has later for no real reason.

Freya and Keelin’s wedding is some uninspired mish-mash of the Alaric/Jo wedding and the Caroline/Stefan wedding. I knew the TVD-verse was bankrupt of ideas, but now they’re bankrupt of set designs, too?

Oh, and Declan’s still alive. And still unrevealed to Klaus as Camille’s cousin.


But it’s not all bad:

At least, if we are to assume he will become the benevolent leader of the human faction and king of New Orleans, this is some justice for the O’Connell family. And I’ll take it.

Also, with every other candidate out of the race, there’s still a chance his magnanimous act is indeed all an act, and he’s really just working to manipulate Marcel and become our eleventh hour Big Bad. I’ll take that, too, baby.

But do you know what the surprise standout of the episode is? Davina’s return. I’m starting to think maybe I never really did hate Davina that much, but only how overexposed she was. Just like how Bonnie became my maligned Bonnie Ex Machina in TVD, Davina was always used to wriggle out of bad writing. But as a character divorced from plot contrivances, I kind of always dug Bonnie (and her sexy snarl), and I kind of dig Davina, too. Her green velvet dress for the wedding with the midriff cutout is everything.

Her conclusion that Hope can’t be saved from the Hollow (after failing to find any answers in Esther’s grimoires) seems shaky, but it certainly triggers an avalanche of futile despair from Klaus. And Klaus may not look as hot as Elijah while crying, but goddamn, he’s got the Papa Wolf points.

The Originals brings back Hayley for some more flashbacks that don’t really mean anything, but I suspect this was some kind of consolation prize to the fans of her and Elijah’s romance. And their brief scenes together are excruciatingly romantic, even to someone as jaded and frosty as me. I’m glad we got a bit more closure with her.

I was wrong last episode: Hope didn’t start turning after that priest died. So maybe we won’t have to see it after all? Please?

Antoinette isn’t seen or heard of. Let’s keep it that way.

Kol and Rebekah are back to mostly just stand around. But Rebekah has fucking flawless hair as always. And Kol is inexplicably the celebrant for Freya and Keelin’s wedding. This is the fanservice we’ve been waiting for.

Some lip service is given to Josh’s passing. I’m fine with it.

Oh, and the episode ends with Klaus and Elijah hugging each other, crying over Hope’s doomed fate. I couldn’t give a shit about Hope, but I am completely here for this manly display of emotion.

The Originals Til the Day I Die Klaus crying

It brings a tear to my eye, too.

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    You talking fondly (sort of) of Bonnie? Who are you and what you have done to IJHE?

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