The Originals Season 5 Episode 10 – TV Review

The Originals There in the Disappearing Light Hope Hollow nuke

Who do you think you are with those blue contact lenses? Coco Montrese?

In an unrelated note, I saw a Toyota ad today with Ginger Spice from TVD.

See? There is a life after TVD. And it isn’t to keep setting up Hope for that Legacies spin-off.

I’m just not keen, okay?

TL;DR The Originals weirdly decides to bring back Declan and Miss Cleo despite what happened last episode, but the vampire Nazis (and Antoinette? Hopefully?) are out this time; and Josh lol; Hope keeps her Hollow-ness at bay by nuking the Nazis; Vincent convinces the witches of New Orleans to abolish their link to the ancestral plane (let’s hope it sticks this time).

And Miss Cleo dies again. So what’s your excuse, Declan? Gosh.

So yeah, after my praise of last episode’s choice to take out the new-to-this-season trash, Declan and Miss Cleo are still here. Declan because he actually isn’t at peace and goes digging for answers, and Miss Cleo because the vampire Nazis actually dosed the witches with both poison and vampire blood, so now they’re in transition. Miss Cleo doesn’t want to become a vampire, but a despondent Vincent tries to convince her to do it so she won’t get stuck in the ancestral plane, which is apparently gloomy and torturous due to the witches of New Orleans using it for power. But she’s resolute, so Vincent rallies the witches to sever their link and dependency, and Miss Cleo dies peacefully in Vincent’s arms. Meanwhile, Marcel is still on the vampire Nazi hunt, but is caught when he attacks their hideout alone. They milk him of his super venom (to kill the Mikaelsons blah blah), and when Josh comes to save him, he is stuck with a syringe full of it, dying in Marcel’s arms. He does get to see Aiden in a mushy, but welcome, afterlife scene, though. Meanwhile, Hope’s bloodlust isn’t satisfied with injuring a willing Klaus, so Klaus rounds up poor little Roman for her to get her revenge. Hope, sadly, is too innately good to go through with actually hurting him, and things are complicated when Antoinette petitions Elijah to convince Klaus to release her brother. Klaus is, obviously, not interested, so Elijah then convinces Antoinette to succeed her mother as Vampire Nazi Leader, gather them at the church, and then attack the compound. But psych, Elijah’s non-idiotic side is still alive in there somewhere, as it turns out to be a trap, and Hope unleashes all her Hollow fury on them, killing them all. Her bloodlust is sated, Antoinette presumably leaves town, and all is well. Except that goddamn Declan happened to be in the church at the same time and is mortally wounded. Klaus vampire blood heals him to prevent Hope from awakening her werewolf side, but double psych: a priest was with Declan, and he’s dead. Which means poor Danielle Rose Russell has to switch out her blue contact lenses for orange ones to end the episode with the beginning of her first turning.

Rein that Teen Wolf in, show.

So we’re on episode ten, now, and we’re still essentially treading water. After last episode’s heroic, if rushed efforts to jettison the new crap, this episode brings most of it back to keep the hamster wheel spinning. I just don’t understand what The Originals is doing.

We are wasting so much time on things that don’t matter. Miss Cleo was dead, baby. Let’s move the fuck on.

Why is Declan still here, but with no reveal to Klaus of him being Camille’s cousin?

Where’s Rebekah?

Are we really going to go through another woe-is-me werewolf awakening whinge?

What’s the point of it all?


Why I hate this episode:

Miss Cleo’s return did more than just waste time, though. It also introduced a contradiction of how the ancestral plane is depicted. Whenever we’ve seen it before, yes, it’s been spooky and unfriendly (and filled with spooky and unfriendly people), but this is the first we’ve heard about it being ruined by the living witches’ use of its power. Swishy Witch Boy’s mum seemed to be having a damn party in there. And Papa Tunde and Genevieve hung out for years apparently no worse for wear. Huh?

Declan being back also does nothing for me. The Originals had the perfect exit strategy for him, too, with Hope killing him. But nah, here’s an inconsequential priest character to fall under a bookshelf, instead. I’m over it.

Hope’s refusal to hurt Roman is absurd. He literally was on a mission to manipulate you for his vampire Nazi mum. Hope has no qualms genociding a church full of vampire Nazis she doesn’t know, but when given the chance to kill the one who explicitly harmed her, she’s too dickmatised to go through with it. And this is going to be our new spin-off’s protagonist?

My expectation that Antoinette might take her brother with her when she left town was dashed. He’s evidently sticking around. Fucking why?

Who’s going to be our meaningful antagonist to round out the series run? Werewolf Hollow Hope? Who we know has to survive to star in Legacies? What the fuck, show. I’d be on board for Mikael and Esther to roll up with no context at this point. Who is The Originals’ equivalent of Katherine?

Oh, and in his dying moments, Josh gives Marcel a chaste peck on the cheek to say goodbye. Bitch, go for a pash. I’m sure Marcel wouldn’t mind.


But it’s not all bad:

Josh kisses Marcel on the cheek. With Keelin and Freya absent, I’ll take it.

And I’ll hand it to The Originals. I’ve never been a Josh fan. And this episode doesn’t change that. But at least they gave him a surprisingly dignified death scene. The afterlife fantasy sequence with Aiden was stupid as hell, but it was damn good fanservice. The Originals demonstrably has the ability to deliver it, so why aren’t we getting more of it?

Miss Cleo took an extraneous extra episode to get there, but she’s dead. I suppose Vincent’s storm of emotion could warp him into our eleventh hour Big Bad, but who will he rage against? The vampire Nazis are all dead, and blaming the Mikaelsons for bringing them to town by way of chain of causation would be pretty weak-sauce for someone as usually rational and mentally competent as Vincent. We’ll see.

Antoinette’s time to emerge as a surprise villain also seems to be up, as she easily sides with the “let’s kill the vampire Nazis” plan. When Elijah entered the church to pledge his allegiance to the anti-hybrid cause, I was pissed off because I believed it. So when the trap was sprung, with Elijah and Antoinette in on it, I got a nice kick out of it. And don’t come back, Antoinette. You weren’t a total disaster, but we don’t need you.

Marcel’s milked venom gets spilled and wasted during the church attack. That better be the last of it, because we already played that game with last season’s finale.

I appreciate that Declan thinks his own fuzzy memory could mean that he’s coming down with the same insanity that affected Kieran and Camille’s brother (again, we need more of these callbacks. Fanservice!) He’s not to know that was all hex-induced, is he?

Oh, and the moment when Josh brought up Aiden while flirting with a soldier I called that Josh would die. But I didn’t know Aiden would actually show up, too. Thanks, show. #20gayteen

The Originals There in the Disappearing Light Aiden afterlife

IMDB has her down for the finale, but I don’t trust this fucking show anymore, you know?

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5 responses to “The Originals Season 5 Episode 10 – TV Review”

  1. IHateJuliePlec says :

    Roman ended up saving Hope’s life by not killing her and giving Haylie time to think of a, stupid way to save her. That and the new show is why he’s still alive. Remember he COULD have killed Hope but he didn’t. This entire season is a build up to Legacies.

    I like Declan but his character has been poorly written and used throughout this entire time on the show. He will have something to do with the ending of this show ( I personally feel like he is going to be leading NO when all the Originals leave town, dead or as happy couples) oh and I think Declan has been manipulating everyone this entire time. He came to town to avenge Cami and uncle Kieran’s deaths. And Cami’s twin Shawn/Sean.

    Josh is dead but with Aiden so I can deal with his death but being really, real here he should have died in the first season. I am shocked he lived this long.

    Was that a kiss?I thought he was whispering in his ear.

    The ratings are horrific even for CW standards. I think the real fans jumped ship in season 3.

    When is Klaus going to find out, Declan is Cami’s cousin? When is Klaus going to acknowledge that Cami existed? When are us Klamille fans going to get out damn obligatory , 2 minute, Aiden/Josh like exit?

    I sure have a lot of opinion for a girl that isn’t watching season 5 but thankfully 2 different youtubes have put up the scenes i have wanted to see so I am in the loop:)

    And I really want to know why Klaus hasn’t found out Declan is related to Cami. Before he saved him would have been a perfect opportunity to see a scene.

    Thanks for your reviews. I look forward to reading them even if it takes me forever to get here to leave a comment.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Omg, I had the same “did he kiss his cheek or whisper in his ear” problem with Josh and Marcel. So I wound it back and cranked the hell out of the sound and you could hear a peck. And yes, how on earth did Josh survive this long?

      Declan being a secret Buffy the Vampire Slayer the whole time could bring some much needed energy to the closing episodes, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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