The Originals Season 5 Episode 9 – TV Review

The Originals We Have Not Long to Love Freya Keelin bombing

Sidebar: Freya’s “just got suicide bombed” hair is fucking delicious, honey.

The Originals continues its theft of things from Once Upon a Time, it seems.

Not only did they pillage Jaime Murray, but now they’ve followed OUaT Season 7’s plan of hurriedly dumping all the new stuff you introduced in your final season in the ramp up to the series finale.

I mean, I’ll allow it. But why emulate OUaT?

TL;DR A bunch of minor characters brought in this season are quickly taken out; the vampire Nazis are still going strong, though; Hope struggles to contain her Hollow powers, but Klaus can actually be around to protect her now; Freya proposes to Keelin; Elijah wallows in sorrow (as he should); Marcel confronts the fact that the vampire Nazis don’t operate much differently to how he used to.

Is Fantastic Racism okay if the racist is black?

So we’ll start with Hope, because I will take any chance to avoid the limp vampire Nazi drama. Hope is trying to play things cool after reassembling the Hollow within herself, with Klaus quietly seething about the whole situation from the sidelines. But it doesn’t take long for Hope to become plagued with ominous whispers, and despite some attempts of help from Klaus, she can’t find any peace. That is until she crosses paths with Elijah and magically slices into him, thus discovering that some good old violence calms the voices. Well, she’s come to the right family for that, baby. Meanwhile, Elijah appropriately self-flagellates for failing to stop Hayley’s death. Declan’s back in town, so Elijah visits him to talk about their mutual girlfriend. Declan is a little bit freaked out when he discovers the supernatural truth (thanks to Elijah’s own admission, and Hope’s aforementioned witchy beatdown), and is crushed that Hayley had lied to him the whole time. So Elijah just compels him to feel at peace or whatever, and that’s that. See ya. Meanwhile, the vampire Nazis ramp up their plans and demand the werewolves abandon New Orleans or there will be blood. Marcel and Josh try to scare some sense into them, but Marcel gets his own segregationist past thrown in his face (from them, and from an embittered Josh). Vincent wants to stay out of the conflict, but Miss Cleo says the witches would only be next, so Vincent and Marcel team up to stand with the werewolves. Naturally, the vampire Nazis’ response to this is to compel a human to suicide bomb the werewolves’ Mardi Gras float preparations, killing off Featured Female Werewolf. This gives Freya the kick up the arse she needs to stop Keelin from leaving town and she proposes to her, and thank Pride Month, she says yes. Meanwhile, the vampire Nazis have more coming for our heroes, though, and they then murder Miss Cleo (and some random other witches). Oh no, another character I will sorely miss because they’ve been on the show for so long and I’ve become invested in them. Oh, and Rebekah and Kol aren’t here.

Dialogue suggests Rebekah will be back shortly, but I’d be happy for Kol to take all the time he needs.

I mean, this episode just feels like a lot of work. Considering The Originals used to get full season orders, this kind of thing could have been forgivable in the Seasons 1-3 days. But it’s bizarre how much time Seasons 4 and 5, the shortened ones, have devoted to just mechanical bullshit to facilitate plots with villains and victims we don’t care about. There is no greater symbol of this than the fact that Season 5 continues to refuse to mention the Hollow by name.

Bloody get on with it, show. You had all your legacy (no, not that Legacies) characters finally back together after last episode, and with no magical obstruction keeping them apart, and then you go and give us another episode full of arbitrary slogging with the new stuff introduced this season?



Why I hate this episode:

None of the new elements are treated with respect, either. This episode unceremoniously jettisons most of the remaining new minor characters, with Declan, Miss Cleo, and Featured Female Werewolf getting kicked the fuck out. All that’s left really is Antoinette (who is not in this episode), Roman, and the vampire Nazis. Who cares?

Are we supposed to feel bad about Feature Female Werewolf and Miss Cleo’s deaths? We barely knew them. I felt a little badder for Declan, mainly because he’s Camille’s cousin and I will be forever devoted to Camille. But I wasn’t sad when Elijah told him to get on his bike. This truly does feel like a repeat of OUaT Season 7, but without the excuse of not having a cancellation set in stone when the season began production. OUaT should be commended for trying to rally its legacy characters for its finale; The Originals should be ashamed that it took them this long to do away with all this new crap.

Of course, all that’s left is the vampire Nazis, which is the worst of the new crap.

Klaus never got the chance to find out Declan was Camille’s cousin. I believe that was a missed opportunity for a good Klaus reaction face.

Hope seems to be surprised that the Hollow is more to handle than she expected. First of all, your immortal nightmare family were so scared of this thing they literally committed themselves to a possible lifetime apart to keep it away from you. And secondly, what kind of fucking reference level does Hope have for having evil super witch ghosts inhabiting her body? “I thought I could handle it.” Why, bitch!?

Why doesn’t Marcel just singlehandedly rip apart all the vampire Nazis? It’s even mentioned this episode how he’s unkillable. Sure, it’d be a lot of work, but just get it done.

Oh, and Marcel’s eating of his racist humble pie is condensed down into simply conceding that he was a bad widdle boy during one conversation with the Lead Nazi. We need more angst.


But it’s not all bad:

Amid all the new crap, it was a pretty impressive and deep pull for someone to bring up Season 1 Marcel’s segregationist rules. Hey, even a vampire Nazi can be right twice a day.

The other thing they do right is to kill off Miss Cleo. It’s a shame it was via poisoning (not very cinematic, show), but I’m on board for a clean-up of the new elements introduced this season. And she does make her final episode count, with a welcome rebuttal to Vincent’s choice to not become involved in the vampire Nazi/werewolf problems: once they’re done with the wolves, they’ll set their sights on the witches. I took that as a reference to the famous Holocaust poem, and given that the current villains are Nazis, I would applaud that as intentional. Nicely done.

Also put out of their time sink misery this episode is Featured Female Werewolf. We hardly knew ye. So I’m happy that you’re gone and won’t waste any more screentime.

She also makes her final episode count, as it’s the bombing and her death that motivates Freya to propose to Keelin. And I’m only slightly ashamed to admit I cried a single tear of happiness when Keelin said yes. 2018 really is 20-gay-teen.

I’ll also gives points to a small moment between Klaus and Freya where Freya explains that she sees Hope as the daughter she never got to have thanks to Dahlia, and Klaus appears to be respectful of this. It’s nice.

The third new thing introduced this season to be sent on its way is Declan. His final episode isn’t as well spent as Miss Cleo and Featured Female Werewolf, but I was digging his awkward realisation that Elijah was Hayley’s ex-boyfriend for whom Declan had always resented she held a candle. Declan’s WTFness during the Hope/Elijah scrap was also kind of tasty. He won’t be missed.

Klaus’ Papa Wolf tendencies are beginning to bloom now that he can be geographically close to his daughter, and my libido is here for it.

The Hollow isn’t being verbally referenced, but Hope does get a flash of blue, Hollow eyes during her rage-out moment with Elijah. I appreciate the continuity.

Oh, and with the connecting point of their love triangle now out of the game, was anyone else hoping that just maybe Elijah and Declan might hook up to fill the void? Hey, I told you it was 20-gay-teen.

The Originals We Have Not Long to Love Elijah Declan

20-gay-teen doesn’t apply to Josh. Because nobody cares about Josh. I mean, do you?

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4 responses to “The Originals Season 5 Episode 9 – TV Review”

  1. IHateJuliePlec says :

    I wonder if we will ever get to see Klaus find out who Declan is. I don’t get the impression he knows yet. Though there was that one look when Declan came to the house and talked to Freya. They never let us know if he knows or doesn’t know. I have to believe that we will eventually get a scene where he finds out because right now I’m almost positive, Vincent is the only one who knows.

    I remember a rumor a few months ago about something happening to Klaus that reminds him just how much he misses Cami and maybe that is when he find out she is Declan’s cousin?

    Also I have bad news for you on the Sophie coming to TO for the last season. I don’t think it’s going to happen. On twitter there was a tweet from Leah Pipes to the actress who plays Sophie about her being in the new Jurassic Park movie and she said something about Leah being the only good thing about her time on that show. I can’t find the original tweets to include here

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I would be living for those tweets if we could find them.

      And given that Daniella Pineda is now blockbuster-level talent, I’ve accepted that she’s not going to cameo. I’ll take that two second shot of Sophie’s grave in Episode 8 as my consolation prize.

      • IHateJuliePlec says :

        I feel the same way about Gia. I loved her with Elijah. It was quick but memorable for me and I’ll never forgive Klaus for burning her alive. She’s not big movie talent but she ain’t coming back.

        They talked about Elijah getting a visitor I was hoping it was Gia. It wasn’t. I’m still waiting for Tim to be revenged.

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