The Originals Season 5 Episode 8 – TV Review

The Originals The Kindness of Strangers Elijah hot

Should we make Kameron an honorary Mikaelson? Her last name’s almost there as it is.

Wait, so you’re telling me an episode that features meaningful conflict and stakes between established main characters is better than wading through suddenly-prophecies and nobody vampire Nazis?

That’s crazy.

TL;DR It’s a party in the Chambre de Chasse, as all the Mikaelsons (and Marcel) are trapped within and must find a way out; while also bickering; it turns out Hope is responsible, and she reforms the Hollow within herself to find the power to undo the prophecy; Elijah regains his memories; Marcel and Rebekah address their relationship drama; Kol mostly sooks about; Klaus reflects on the loss of Hayley.

Ol’ Tonko getting that flashback scene coin, honey.

The plot picks up immediately where last episode left off, as Klaus and Elijah find themselves in a Chambre de Chasse (hunt room thingo. You remember). They must find some magical keys that represent themselves to escape, and things are complicated when Rebekah and Kol also show up. They are joined shortly thereafter by Freya and Marcel, who announce that Hope is responsible for the spell, as she’s trying to bring the Hollow back into herself to intervene on the doomsday prophecy (the monsoon from the list of events is also occurring while all this is going on, so the clock is ticking). There’s some squabbling, the most important of which being Klaus and Elijah’s ongoing animosity towards each other. Keys are found, Freya is revealed to have helped with the spell at Hope’s urging, Marcel and Rebekah dance around her refusal of his proposal, and Kol is there out of contractual obligation. Eventually, Hope does take the pieces of the Hollow out of the Mikaelsons to return to herself, and everyone gets what they need to leave. But on the way out, Elijah struggles to accept his old memories returning (they had been slowly seeping in, but the Red Door kept the biggies out), and Klaus has to man up to help him break down the barrier. He does, and we get our delicious sobbing meltdown that we were so promised. Klaus does give Elijah blood to heal Antoinette, though. And he does. The episode closes as Elijah suits up superhero style; Rebekah explains to Marcel that she’s too broken to accept his love; and Klaus, spurred by a realisation he had in the hunt room, reads a bunch of return-to-sender letters Hayley had tried to send him over the years.

Bitch, haven’t you heard of email?

Apart from a few potholes (which we will get to shortly), this episode was a welcome reprieve from the trudge of Who Cares vampire Nazi, Antoinette, Elijah-not-being-Elijah bullshit we’ve been enduring for a large part of this final season.

It is in no way a coincidence that a good episode like this one also happens to be the episode when Rebekah and Kol show back up. It baffles me how the people who make The Originals didn’t realise that they should be doing something that actually has meaning with their established characters in their final season, rather than strapping in for a slew of arbitrary, paper-thin new villains and magical garbage.

Again, did we learn nothing from TVD Season 8? What the hell?


Why I hate this episode:

We’ve still got a bit of that going on here, too, though. The most egregious of which is the monsoon from the list of prophetic events happening entirely offscreen. The hunt room has some ominous lightning and wind as a representation of what’s happening in the real world, but it’s pretty fuckin’ weak for the show to build up this total armageddon-level disaster last episode, and then the next episode to have the penultimate cataclysm be told, and not shown.

Also, way to build up your armageddon-level disaster prophecy for it to then be waved away (again, offscreen) by Hope in the very next episode. It’s shockingly inept.

Nobody seems too concerned with the fact that Hope has reassembled the Hollow within herself. This very thing was the reason everyone has spent the last seven years avoiding each other and living in grim isolation. But Freya just says she seems fine (again, this is told and not shown), and Klaus observes that she’s asleep. Maybe you should start making preparations for when she wakes up?

Freya’s choice to help Hope assemble the Hollow is hideously out of character.

The show is also weirdly continuing its quest to not mention the Hollow by name. Am I the only one who is confused by this?

Oh, and Elijah’s breakdown after getting his memories back isn’t long enough, goddammit. I wanted anguish for the ages!


But it’s not all bad:

But holy shit, even the tidbit we did get was divine. Unless another death happens and more tears are to flow, I think Elijah can keep his grip nice and tight on that well earned Hot Guy Crying trophy. I was eating it up.

The Elijah/Klaus relationship, always one of the cornerstones of this show, gets a thankfully decent amount of play this episode. Klaus takes more time to bemoan Elijah’s betrayal with the memory wipe, but I was impressed with how he contextualised it: Elijah was always there to bail him out over the centuries, and Klaus denounces Elijah for making him dependent as a result. It’s selfish and shifts the blame solely to Elijah, but I believe Klaus believes it. And that makes it powerful.

Which also makes Klaus’ decision, after such betrayal, to help Elijah break through the Red Door all the more affecting. Klaus and Elijah have see-sawed constantly, so it’s nothing new to the show to have them reaffirm their bond. But it’s always welcome.

Also doing a good job with some well worn territory is Rebekah and Marcel. At first I was rolling my eyes along with Marcel at Rebekah’s excuse for turning down his proposal being that she wanted to spare him more Mikaelson drama. But she makes good at the end of the episode, by finding the honest truth within this: she’s too mad at her cursed immortal, barren life, and refuses to burden Marcel with having to live with that. She nails it when she rebuts Marcel’s “ain’t immortality grand, tho” comment by pointing out Marcel chose to be vampire, whereas Rebekah had it forced upon her. True.

She also admits she was jealous of Hayley for being mortal (ish?) and pregnant. Points for self awareness, baby.

With the Hollow reformed, there’s no reason for the Mikaelsons not to be around each other. So I hope this means they’re all sticking around for the final run of episodes. Maybe not Kol? And would you really miss him?

I can cease my salivation over a Sophie reference, as her grave is included in a montage of graves early on in the episode. Eh, it’ll do.

Rebekah gets the best line of the episode when she says what we’ve all been thinking about Elijah’s love life: “How can Antoinette possibly hold a candle to Hayley?” Your response, Julie Plec?

Hayley gets to appear in a couple of short flashbacks that don’t really build to anything, but it’s nice to see Tonko still around (kind of like when they would do Laurel flashbacks in Arrow. And hey, they brought back that character sort of, so there’s still hope). One of them includes when she and Klaus were deciding a name for Hope, and Hayley mentions “Katherine” as an option. Klaus nervously laughs and nixes it, and I loved it.

They apparently did name her Hope, though, on the back of a comment Elijah had made about the child being the Mikaelsons’ only hope. Cute.

Elijah delivers the cure to Antoinette, but his love for her has noticeably chilled. Good.

Rebekah’s hair is flawless, as always.

Oh, and Elijah may be The Originals’ sex god, but Klaus is always right there, too. He may not look as good crying, but don’t ever count him out.

The Originals The Kindness of Strangers Klaus hot

You could get a good night’s sleep on those pillows.

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9 responses to “The Originals Season 5 Episode 8 – TV Review”

  1. The One Who Knows says :

    Who’s Kameron? I racked through my memory of the show and nothing pops up. I want to know this person worthy (or perhaps, unlucky) enough to be a Mikaelson. Hayley already tried and failed, quite miserably I might add.

    Lol Klaus ain’t the type to do email.

    Honestly, I ain’t even here for whatever lame villains they got cooked up. They’re just background white noise. I’m here for some character moments. Before they all be done away with TVD style. But that being said, the Hollow thing was quite ridiculous, but quite unfortunately, rarely shocking.

    I chalked up Freya’s actions (apart from final season lethargy) to her being the first born of the family and not wanting that death of all firstborns thing happening. Unreal I know.

    Well, I certainly didn’t think Elijah’s anguish wasn’t long enough. I don’t know about you, but when Elijah’s in pain, im in pain. The way I wept, you’d think I was the one in love with Hayley and got her killed!

    Also, the one thing I’ve learned from this episode: Elijah Mikaelson is the gift that gives on giving. I’m glad that in the mess that is this final season we have at least a last glimmer of hope. The show has never failed Chambre de Chasse episodes so im glad this season didn’t let it down.

    • IHateJuliePlec says :

      Not a fan of the Hollow storyline at all. Hated season 4 in general

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Good catch on Freya’s motives, there. I forgot she’d be at risk as a firstborn. And by Kameron, I was referring to Kameron Michaels from RuPaul’s Drag Race. The image caption was a reference to her.

      With Elijah’s memories back, I, too, am hoping this season can claw its way out of the mire of mediocrity. Because baby, they’re running out of time.

  2. IHateJuliePlec says :

    The scene about the babies name looked like it was from a few years ago I wonder if it was a deleted scene filmed back in the day?

    Hope is not a very likable character even when she’s not on the show. She is dumber than most TV teenagers and in general they’re all stupid. She’s also selfish. There is no way Haylie raised that child to only care about herself.

    To me Always and forever is child abuse. The entire Family raised that child at one point to think only her family members matter. And by family members I mean the main 5 siblings because even Haylie and Marcel have been sacrificed in the past ( Klaus bringing the wolf curse on Haylie because she wanted Hope to be raised away from her insane family and Elijah pulling Marcel’s heart out of his chest and throwing him in the river when he thought he was going to kill Klaus in season 4) Klaus has more loyalty to Marcel. I really do think he considers him a real son but Elijah certainly doesn’t.

    Antoinette might be ” bad” in the sense she was following the footsteps of her “mother” same with Roman but she has every right to hate Klaus. He killed her ” father” ( I’ve lost track who is really related to whom in these episodes:)

    I don’t get this season. This show is over and for more than half of it the family has been separated. It’s a crappy way to appreciate your fan base that wants certain things. The Haylijah fans must be pissed )(tho I don’t think many of them are left)

    And I agree with you 100% the Elijah finds out Haylie is dead scene should have been much longer but for me personally I don’t feel any of the blame belongs on Elijah. He knew he couldn’t be trusted to stay away if Klaus needed him and for Hope’s sake and Klaus’s sake and the rest of the worlds sake he once again put his family above his happiness. He gave up everything.

    I am so annoyed with the lack of Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah season 5 has had. Add Haylie and Marcel to this list. Hell add Josh too. You’re so right, the original cast should have been featured and I cannot for the life of me figure out why Julie Plec ignored them all. It feels like she is trying to build a Legacies foundation instead of giving the loyal fans of the Originals an ending they deserved.

    On my blog I have a section devoted to the best acting on the show ( It’s not posted because I tend to babble and am still working on it 🙂 and it’s simple answer, Daniel Gillies. No one does the subtle humor like he does. No one can make you understand how he is feeling by just watching his eyes. Where as Joseph Morgan shows his emotions all over his face and is amazing ( Really have you ever seen a monster cry as much as he does???:) but there is something about Daniel Gillies that draws you in. He such a straight laced suit in general but he just slays me in the emotional department and I didn’t see it when found out Haylie died. That scene was missing something.

    I have such an issue with the directing on this show anyway ( I mean do we really need people walking by obstructing our view of a scene we’ve been waiting to see? They have done this since the beginning of this show so part of this I blame on the director)

    I hate to see Elijah upset. He rarely gets over emotional so when I anticipated this scene taking place I didn’t think I would be able to watch it without that , heavy, can’t breath type of crying but I didn’t even shed a single tear. It was so underwhelming.

    Sorry for the long post. I’ve been waiting to bitch about this episode with someone that would understand. I haven’t watched a full episode this season ( I’m on a Klamille boycott til i can see her again and Caroline goes away, somewhere far where I never have to look at her again unless she’s by Stefan’s side) but listening to all the glowing reviews on twitter I decided this would be the episode to watch and it was a huge let down.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      To be fair to the twitter hos, this episode was a marked improvement from the rest of the season. Which is worrying.

      And I’m with you on Daniel Gillies’ acting. His sideline smoldering and eye acting are a nice contrast to Joseph Morgan’s scenery chewing. Not that I have a problem with chewing some scenery.

  3. IHateJuliePlec says :

    Is it bad I want Freya to die?

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