The Originals Season 5 Episode 6 – TV Review

The Originals What Will I Have Left Klaus Caroline car

Looks like the Elijah Sex Face Parade is gonna have some stiff competition with the Fuck Me Daddy Klaus Eyes.

My final note after watching this episode was “what the fuck were the writers thinking?”

And to be fair, we haven’t reached I. Marlene King levels of WTFery yet.

But seriously?

TL;DR Hayley returns, only to die in battle with Featured Female Vampire; Hope is saved from her machinations as a result (and Roman turns out to be not so bad); Elijah preferences Antoinette’s family over his own; Vincent and Freya argue over whether or not to tell Declan about Hayley’s supernatural side; Caroline hangs out with Klaus, and the romance is still there.

She’s no Camille. But we’re running out of episodes and options here, people.

So we’ll start with Hope and Roman on the road, as he is apparently taking her to a witch friend to complete the binding spell Klaus interrupted last episode so she can save her mum. But psych, Hayley is actually there when they arrive, and Roman comes out as an anti-hybrid racist. Hayley and Hope try to appeal to his common sense that Featured Female Vampire (not his biological mum, but his sire) is going to kill them, not bind them, stupid. And Roman does seem to waver. But Hayley then agrees to the spell and goes first, using the lull post-spell to kill the witch and incapacitate Roman. But she can’t get outside without a daylight ring now that she’s only a vampire, which means Hope will have to go it alone. Meanwhile, Caroline comes to Klaus to let him know Hope is on the road, and when they realise Roman is Featured Female Vampire’s son, they get the lead out. In between, though, they reminisce about their romantic past, and damn, those sparks are still flying. Meanwhile, Elijah and Antoinette’s love nest is visited by Featured Female Vampire, who spins some bullshit about needing Elijah’s help to stop Klaus from killing Roman when he finds out he’s dating Hope. They buy it until Antoinette calls Roman and he unknowingly reveals the little kidnap plan. Elijah goes, anyway, and everyone converges on the scene. Elijah snaps Caroline’s neck and starts fighting Klaus, while Featured Female Vampire reveals to a horrified Roman that the binding spell demand was a crock, and she does want to in fact murder Hayley and Hope. Elijah stakes Klaus to put him down, but Hayley fights back against Featured Female Vampire, earning herself a fist through the chest and around her heart. After some torturous slo-mo, Hayley finds a final burst of strength to tear off Featured Female Vampire’s daylight ring finger, and tackles her outside, immolating them both. Jesus Christ. And meanwhile in New Orleans, Freya and Vincent get into a tiff when Freya wants to inform Declan about Hayley being a supernatural creature. Vincent refuses, as he doesn’t want what happened to Camille to happen to him, but Miss Cleo wags her finger at him for denying Declan his agency. But just as Vincent is coming around and about to tell him, we discover Declan is Camille’s cousin, and Vincent nopes the fuck outta there.

I don’t know. If it means Declan is dead and no longer a screentime sponge, maybe you should tell him?

To be fair, after some reflection, I’ve decided I’m not objectively opposed to Hayley’s death. Sure, the fact that she did it to take out come C-grade villain we’ve known for about five seconds is pretty lame. But this is a final season, and on a show where death is a frequent occurrence, main characters don’t get to be safe, anymore.

But on the other hand, what the fuck, show? This is the final season, and this is how you send off the catalyst for the entire show? Hayley and her Klaus baby were the original launching point for The Originals as a series. And you’re just gonna basically cut her out of the final season entirely, save for this paltry death scene halfway through?



Why I hate this episode:

I used to sing The Originals’ praises for having such a wonderful and varied array of female characters back in those long-ago Season 1 days. But now they’re pretty much all dead. The only OG left is Rebekah, who is yet to reappear after the season premiere. Miss Cleo is a shallow love interest to make sure Vincent doesn’t end up alone; Hope is only a character now to set up Legacies; Freya wasn’t here at the start; and Caroline is a last minute ringer for Klaus to rebound from Camille (and a season too late, at that). Why kill Hayley, and why like this?

And unless we get an eventual scene where Elijah’s memories are restored and he has a breakdown over not doing anything (I feel like this is a solid bet, to be fair), then we’ve also been robbed of what could have been Elijah’s greatest Hot Guy Crying scene in the show’s history. What. The. Fuck. Show?

With Featured Female Vampire Dead, Antoinette still seemingly not a Nazi, and Roman’s demonstrably shaky beliefs, who will the villain be, now? We’ve got so much more to go.

I was shocked when it came up that Declan didn’t know about supernatural stuff. I suppose I just assumed. And sure, it is risky to know about it. But it’s also risky for Queen Hybrid, Mother of Klaus’ Offspring herself, Hayley, to conceal that from him. He would have been very easy to use as a pawn to get to her, Klaus, or Hope. Nobody involved in this situation can really claim any moral high ground.

I feel like having him be Camille’s cousin dilutes Camille. I can’t point out how specifically, but I feel it.

I’m still waiting for my Sophie callback.

Couldn’t Hayley have just quickly run back inside, tho?

Elijah, Klaus, and Hope being together in the same geographical location doesn’t cause any Hollow-quakes. You gotta watch those details, show.

Oh, and I know it was a narrative necessity to down Caroline before the fight at the house began, but I thought that was a waste. Caroline is always good for a scrap.


But it’s not all bad:

In what little time and capacity she’s afforded, Caroline definitely gets the most out of her episode. While I appreciated how she and Klaus seemed to be simply old friends in the season opener, with Camille not having a resurrection anywhere on the horizon (and let’s not forget that Elijah’s OTP is now gone), I can dig Klaus maybe getting together with Caroline in the end. It makes sense.

Their reminiscing is very thinly veiled flirting, and neither regrets what they had together. I wasn’t kidding about the way Klaus looks at her. I don’t know how Caroline didn’t slam the breaks and jump him then and there.

Caroline also gets the best line of the episode by using my favourite word after Klaus accuses her of it: “I refute ‘harangue.’ I am not a haranguer.” Need to harangue yourself that dick, bitch. Do it.

Caroline commends Klaus on being a better person now than he was then. Aww.

I kind of like that Roman isn’t actually a vampire Nazi. He’s been drinking the anti-hybrid Kool-Aid, but he had no idea Featured Female Vampire’s intention was to murder Hope and Hayley. He really did believe that all they would do is stop them from being able to create more hybrids. Given that his actions led to Hayley’s death, I’d say redemption would be a stretch at this point. But his inevitable murder by Klaus might get a twinge of tragedy, now.

Antoinette still seems nebulous enough to come out a surprise villain. She does seem disappointed when she learns from Roman about what Featured Female Vampire is really up to. But as far as I can tell, she did nothing to intervene, because Elijah still arrives at the house on his original mission to put down Klaus. Hmm.

Freya and Vincent’s spat over Declan is, like, whatever. But I appreciated when he revealed his opposition was to save Declan from becoming another Camille: a human sucked into and killed by Mikaelson drama. It’s a fair point.

Hayley mostly phones it in during what turns out to be her final episode. But her dramatic slo-mo when Featured Female Vampire’s hand is in her was pretty affecting. This is preceded by Elijah’s arrival into the house (while staking Klaus), and him not feeling anything when looking at her in trouble. I could taste the dejection.

Oh, and with Phoebe Tonkin free, and Britt Robertson doing nothing but wasting time on that blah ABC lawyer show, is this not the perfect time for a The Secret Circle revival?

The Originals What Will I Have Left Hayley death

And Natasha Henstridge is a must. Obviously.

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6 responses to “The Originals Season 5 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. IHateJuliePlec says :

    I always felt like this show dropped the ball on Sophie’s death. I mean a main character disappears and no one asks where she went?

    Caroline needs to go. It took me awhile to warm up to her on TVD but after I did she became a favorite character of mine but the dialogue they have her repeating on the Originals is making me hate her.

    Klaus stabbed her in the stomach with a light pole, he tortured her friends and family. He killed Aunt Jenna and she doesn’t regret knowing him? What kind of feminist , front runner is Julie Plec becoming? Who am I kidding she became it 10 years ago.

    Declan had a look of disgust on his face after Vincent left the cemetery. I think he knows Vampires , Witches and Werewolves exist and is here to get to the bottom of Cami’s death. Maybe his family blames Klaus.

    I just watched season 2, episode 22 for my blog and Elijah has a quote in this episode that fits this show to a T It’s about Gia being innocent and innocence not doing well with his family. So many people, mostly females ( AND POOR TIM) Died because of Klaus or at the hands of Klaus.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Aww, poor Tim. I forgot about him. As did the show.

      Now that you’ve said it, I’m kind of into the idea of Declan being a secret Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I mean, anyone would have a lot of pent up rage if they had to suffer the indignity of starring in Reign.

      • IHateJuliePlec says :

        I liked the first season of Reign then it just got stupid. Whoever was in charge decided hey, lets break up every couple for no reason at all and pretend they didn’t ever have feelings for each other and move on. Megan Follows was the best part of that show. She should have been nominated for some kind of award for it. I am on season 3 now, have been for I’d say, 6 months . I can’t bring myself to finish it. I started watching because Steven Lund from Bitten was in it and then found out half way through season 2 he isn’t in it til season 4. Now I’m just bored.

  2. IHateJuliePlec says :

    I had to make this a separate comment because I need to the room to scream, HOW DARE YOU KILL HAYLIE. I HATE YOU JULIE PLEC

    I knew she was going to die. She wasn’t even at the wrap party which means she wasn’t around for the filming of the last episodes. She was at some thing with her sister in another Country.

    I’m devastated that not only is Haylie dead but Julie Plec couldn’t even find the time to put them in the same scene til she killed her. Our very last season , no more episodes and she couldn’t even find the time to put them in a single scene together ? What a slap in the face to Haylie and Elijah fans to have them share no screen time. Haylijah has been Skated. ( For those who don’t know it’s what Lost did to Kate and Sawyer acting like they weren’t the shows ” it” couple the first 4 seasons and in the end acting like they never shared anything at all)

    Elijah in general is probably my favorite character on this show and I am physically not going to be able to watch him find out he is part of the reason Haylie is dead. That is going to kill him. It’s going to kill me. I’m in tears just thinking about it ( not really) but…..

    I’m glad this show is over in 6 episodes because I am forever done with watching Julie Plec Television shows.

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