The Originals Season 5 Episode 4 – TV Review

The Originals Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Klaus Josh

Whatever happened to Danny from Teen Wolf?

Nah, just kidding. Klaus doesn’t hook up with Josh.

But what he does do is arbitrarily kill some barely-named, nothing minor characters.

This is the kind of quality content we’ve been looking for in our final season, right?

TL;DR Klaus gets the lead out on the search for Hayley by holding a vampire, werewolf, and witch hostage to motivate the factions to look for her; she isn’t found, but Klaus becomes convinced a vampire is her abductor, and he teams up with Marcel to crush the spirit out of the vampires until they have an answer; Vincent decides he’s finally done with helping the Mikaelsons; Freya visits Hope at magic school.

Speaking of magic school: good God, Julie, why? I wanted more TVD-verse, but not like this.

So Klaus is back in New Orleans, and despite happily wasting time to gallivant around in France last week, he now hears the ticking of the missing Hayley clock, and hatches a plan. To take Josh, a random witch, and a random werewolf hostage to force the vampires, witches, and werewolves of the city to help find her. They seem to put in some effort, but there’s a lot of grumbling about it, particularly from Featured Female Vampire. Her grumbling also seems to match up with what Klaus does manage to find, which is evidence of Hayley having been tortured, and anti-hybrid slurs written in her blood. Marcel, mainly to keep Josh alive, implores Klaus to stop his hostage plan, and Klaus does admit his frustrations are mainly due to Elijah’s rejection, but he goes ahead and kills the werewolf and witch, anyway. Vincent shows up in time to save Josh and imprison Klaus in a barrier, but Josh has no kinds words for Marcel when they’re reunited, admonishing him for his failure to intervene, and for trying to throw his weight around as vampire king now that he’s returned after seven years. Klaus then explains his theory that a vampire is Hayley’s abductor to Marcel, and they unite to impose an oppressive rule on the vampire faction to weed them out, starting with confiscating their daylight rings. Cool. Meanwhile, the werewolves, led now by Featured Female Werewolf (apparently the bland guy Klaus killed was their alpha), choose to close ranks and prepare for war. Meanwhile, Vincent, who had spent his episode helping out and getting another tarot reading from his love interest, Miss Cleo, finally becomes fed up with Mikaelson violence and freezes out Klaus at the end of the episode. Meanwhile, Freya visits Hope back at magic school in Mystic Falls to see how she’s doing. Hope is trying to find a way to break the cloaking spell on Hayley (unsuccessfully), and Freya also warns her about Miss Cleo’s reading from Episode 2 about how Hope could be apocalyptically powerful. And the episode ends as Klaus, re-examining the box he received from the abductor with a flap of Hayley’s skin (gross), finds a Nazi coin, and remarks that it’s the calling card of an old enemy.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before we had Nazi vampires, right?

I’ve gotta say, the shadow of that Legacies announcement has really thrown some cold water on whatever excitement I had for this final season of The Originals. I was expecting this to be the TVD-verse’s last hurrah, but now that Magic School: The Show is happening, I’m worried we’re not going to get closure.

And I wanted a string of gratuitous cameos, goddammit. Don’t save them for Legacies.


Why I hate this episode:

It makes the scenes at magic school more troubling. I thought when Hope came to New Orleans in the season premiere she would stay. But she’s already back in Mystic Falls to go through some lame, high school motions with Roman and the masses of faceless other supernatural teens. Does this mean magic school is going to be a major part of this season? God, I hope not.

Hope makes mention of how Caroline and Alaric’s twin girls are now teen mean girls. And they’re being advertised as part of the Legacies cast. I can already feel how forced their inclusion in this season is going to be.

Freya’s whole visit to Hope doesn’t really achieve anything that couldn’t have been done in a phone call. The only plot-propulsive thing to come out of it is when she informs Hope of Miss Cleo’s “you’ve got the power” tarot card reading. We didn’t need to lose Freya for a whole episode for that, did we?

While I will happily eat up an indignant rant from Vincent, there’s something hollow about his denouncement of the Mikaelsons. We’ve been through these motions before. And you know Klaus is just going to threaten Miss Cleo’s life or something, and Vincent will be back on board. Just give in, Vincent.

I am seriously hanging out for Featured Female Vampire’s death. She is trash.

Oh, and Elijah isn’t in this episode. Get a move on, people.


But it’s not all bad:

Elijah’s absence and rejection does fuel some emotional scenes for Klaus, so I’ll allow it for now.

Klaus gets the best line of the episode when discussing this with Marcel: “I don’t do well without Elijah.” Aww.

But in Elijah’s stead, Marcel could turn out to be a worthwhile ally. Hayley’s abductors are anti-hybrid, which means he and Klaus have an Enemy Mine situation. And the fact that they are also likely a vampire gives Marcel the perfect opportunity to take leadership of the vampire faction by force. Which I guess means Josh is no longer queen bee? Cool.

This also pisses off Featured Female Vampire, which is fine by me.

Vincent’s posturing may be hollow, but he certainly sells the intensity. And when he does tell Klaus, to his face, that he’s done with him for all the horror he’s wrought, Klaus does seem genuinely hurt by the verbal dressing down. Maybe it’ll stick this time?

I know it’s not what the episode intended, but I got a laugh out of Klaus arbitrarily murdering the werewolf and witch hostages.

The piece of Hayley’s skin in a box was sufficiently yucky. Would that just heal over all good?

The Nazi coin later on is a fabulously camp escalation point. So the abductor is a vampire, but also an old enemy of Klaus’, and also a Nazi? Cute.

Hope’s big, scary powers are apparently tied to her emotions, as we find out when she unleashes a flurry of fire when yelling at Freya. That’s a red flag for you, Roman. Bitch cray.

Oh, and Klaus gets his teary eyes on when lamenting Elijah’s rejection. And I’m always here for that.

The Originals Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Klaus tears

The Elijah Hotness Parade would be a lot quieter without it.

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4 responses to “The Originals Season 5 Episode 4 – TV Review”

  1. IHateJuliePlec says :

    I refuse to watch season 5. I have seen a few scenes on youtube but I am already cringing at the team storylines I will have to sit through if I ever decide to pay attention to this show. By the looks of it I will be sparred because as of now I don’t see myself watching anything but the last episode where someone is supposed to show up ( Don’t want to spoil anything)

    I do love reading about what is going to happen. So thanks for the update šŸ™‚

    P.S.- No Elijah and Haylie together scenes so far in season 5 and it’s half over? What a horrible way to treat your fans.

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