The Originals Season 5 Episode 2 – TV Review

The Originals Wrong Turn on Bourbon Keelin Freya kiss

We’ve come a long way. #itgetsbetter

Sure, it gets better for the gays. But what about picked-on nerdy werewolf-now-hybrid high school geeks?

Buh bye, Henry.

TL;DR It turns out Hope and Henry are the ones who abducted Hayley, so Hope could draw Klaus back home; their reunion causes more Hollow-quakes; and Hayley is missing when they go to find her; Marcel manages to calm the werewolves and vampires long enough to broker peace if Henry is punished with imprisonment; and then he is mysteriously murdered; Hope’s magic school love interest comes knocking; Freya dumps Keelin for her own good; Vincent gets an ominous reading from a hot fortune teller.

She’s CW-level hot. But whatever happened to that single mother love interest of his from last season?

The A Plot this episode revolves around Klaus’ return to New Orleans to search for Hayley. Despite his and Hope’s longing to see each other, he resists reuniting with her because of the Hollow. But Hope forces the point, and they do get some daddy/daughter time, at the cost of an infestation of Hollow snakes (including one that Hope herself coughs up. Ew). Oh, and it’s also revealed that Hope, along with some sire loyalty-induced help from Henry, is the one who kidnapped and sleeping spelled Hayley so that Klaus would be forced to come back home. Klaus appropriately rages at her, but when he and Freya go to pick up Hayley, they find her missing, and there’s blood everywhere. Oh, dear. Meanwhile, Henry is held accountable for his murder of that bartender last episode (who was also a vampire). The werewolves don’t want to give him up to be executed, so Marcel, who himself is on the outs with the vampires because he’s a hybrid, suggests they imprison Henry in the Garden (deep Season 1 pull, there) for a few years until he mellows out. This satisfies all parties, but oops, someone unbricks him and hangs his murdered body on display to shock everyone in the episode’s closing moments. Meanwhile, Freya sets Vincent up with a hot fortune teller. Both for sex reasons, and for genuine guidance on the Hope/Hollow situation. Her reading reveals Hope could bring great calamity to the city, but Vincent, unusually optimistic, instead chooses to believe that she could bring good things if she changes her path. Meanwhile, Roman, Hope’s hot love interest from magic school (and also a vampire) turns up to see her, and is surprised to learn she is a Mikaelson. And Keelin comes to town to reunite with Freya and whisk her away around the world. But Freya plays that same old tune of sacrificing herself to help her family, and forcefully dumps Keelin to set her free. Oh, and Elijah isn’t in this episode.

We’re two episodes in, and the Hotness Parade hasn’t started back up again yet. This is not acceptable.

So much like last week, we’re still in place-setting mode, as now that mostly everyone is back in New Orleans (where are you Elijah? And Rebekah, I suppose. Kol? I could take him or leave him) we now have to work to set up their interpersonal conflicts.

It’s just a shame that so much of it hinges on Henry.

This is the final season, people. If you’re going to have a shocking death in your second episode, at least use a legacy character. Even TVD got that part right.


Why I hate this episode:

Personally, I think bricking Henry into the Garden to dessicate for a couple of years is still pretty horrifying. He’s only a kid.

And still on the subject of Henry, I think it’s pretty lame that the show’s excuse to put the vampires and werewolves back at odds with each other is over some stupid kid and the murder of Arbitrary Bartender Character. Again, this is the final season, and this is all The Originals can muster? It’s all so petty.

Josh continues to nibble away at crumbs of screentime and whinges about how Hope could pose a danger by being able to create more hybrids. Yeah, we know. Shut up. You’re still here?

Where’s Sofya?

Hope’s plan to attack and abduct her own mother is alarmingly callous. You better watch that bitch, Klaus. She’s dangerous.

Having an episode of The Originals without Elijah should be illegal, really.

Oh, and the level of concern everyone has for having parts of the Hollow this close together isn’t high enough. Hope is barfing up live snakes, you guys. Let’s get some geographical distance up in here.


But it’s not all bad:

Hope may be a crazy-ass bitch, but when she’s not bragging about attacking and imprisoning her own mother just to get her father’s attention, she is one of the better things in the episode. She has a moment of genuine angst when she wonders if her life is really worth the sacrifices her family has made to keep her alive. It’s a fair point.

Her cutesy moments with Roman, himself clearly a wannabe Stefan, also ring true. The best exchange in the episode is between them after Roman spends some time snooping around the compound. He mentions he found a redhead wrapped in a sheet, and Hope is real blasè in confirming that it’s Aurora, and they’ve kept her around because they don’t know what else to do with her. Way to tie up a loose end.

This isn’t the only callback, and as this is the final season, I’m expecting and hoping we’ll be getting a lot more. The Garden that Marcel uses for imprisonment is a deep pull back to Season 1. And so is mention of Sabine’s prophecies regarding the danger of the Mikaelson baby, which Vincent refers to during his tarot session. Keep that continuity, baby.

I’m still waiting for my Sophie reference, though. Don’t disappoint me, show.

Klaus doesn’t act too out of character this episode, shifting between bloated fury at Hope’s foolishness, and paternal guilt at his neglect of her. I’m finding myself enjoying Hope’s new, teen actress, and Joseph Morgan has always been the most expressive of the main cast, so their scenes together are compelling. I’ll give particular praise to their fight after it’s revealed Hope is the one who abducted Hayley, and she brags about having read his memoirs (written by Camille. Callback!) and she knows what a demon he is. He responds by using vampire mind fuck powers to get Hayley’s location out of her, and quipping that she should know about this move, then, bitch. I’m here for it.

Klaus’ minor confrontation with Declan, Hayley’s Irish-accented love interest, is also exciting because of Klaus’ shame over his poor parenting. Declan proclaims that he’s been more of a father to Hope than Klaus has been, and that’s gotta sting.

A flashback sequence shows a younger Hope (with her previous child actress brought back. Callback!) astral projecting to see her daddy, and appearing while he viciously murders some people. I lol’d.

Vincent’s optimism to the tarot reading is uncharacteristic of him. But hey, someone’s gotta do it. And it’s not a bad look on him.

Oh, and now that Hope’s got her “I kidnapped my own mother” shit out of the way, I anticipate that she might now form as a more virtuous protagonist. At least her reaction to Henry’s murder seems to suggest this.

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3 responses to “The Originals Season 5 Episode 2 – TV Review”

  1. IHateJuliePlec says :

    Watched the Cami scene in this episode and loved the Klaus look of despair. He still misses Camille. Take that haters.

    Hope attacking her own mother is just wrong. Sure Klaus’s memoirs gave her the idea but this child was raised by Haylie, not Klaus. I would think she would know better than to behave this way and since the spoilers tell us where this will end it will have have even more dire consequences then can be imagined.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      The moral backflip they’ve tried to do with Hope, going from “yeah, I’ll incapacitate and abduct my mum to get Dad’s attention” to “literally sacrifice part of myself to save poor mummy” is pathetic.

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