Dynasty Season 1 Episode 19 – TV Review

Dynasty Use or Be Used Alexis Jeff proposition

I mean, who wouldn’t want to go for a ride in a Lexus?

This episode shows us a softer, more maternal side of Alexis.

But then she destroys her daughter’s chance at romance to protect her own petty interests and also propositions her daughter’s nemesis.

Because Alexis knows her soap opera villain duties, baby.

TL;DR Fallon and Liam grow closer, but Alexis helps spring the truth that he’s actually a journalist; but also may have been a viable love interest, too; Fallon misses another chance to be with Black Driver; Blake manipulates Cristal to keep her from revealing the Carrington Atlantic poisoning scandal; Jeff falls into the bottle; Steven is away and searching for the long lost Adam Carrington.

It’s not Liam, you guys. So it looks like we’ll have to wait until Season 2 for some incest, after all.

So it’s A Plot time, and A is for Alexis. Again. With Liam and Fallon starting to grow closer, it’s time for some good ol’ evil mother meddling, and Alexis does just that by breaking the news of Black Driver’s father’s illness to Fallon on the eve of her first real date with Liam. Liam graciously allows her to go to Black Driver, but despite an apparently earnest attempt from Alexis to psych up Black Driver to be with her daughter, Black Driver’s mum tells Fallon it’s probably best to step off while Black Driver’s dad is dying horrifically. Which sends Fallon back into Liam’s arms, and Alexis back into meddle mode. At a fashion event, Alexis’ designer friend recognises Liam for who he truly is: a journalist/writer named Jack. Fallon is unimpressed, especially with news (thanks to a publisher friend of Alexis’) that Jack/Liam is shopping around a book about a dysfunctional, wealthy family, and dumps him with extreme prejudice. Jack/Liam appeals to Alexis with proof the book is actually about his own filthy rich family, but Alexis privately burns the manuscript to avoid having to admit she was wrong. I think I’m in love. Meanwhile, Jeff is back in the game, but as a drunken mess of his former self. Fallon suspects he’s faking it to force her into offering a lower sellback amount for his company shares that she weaselled out of him, but Sam thinks it’s legit. And it is, as he slips over in a pile of his own booze vomit at the fashion party while publicly making a scene at Fallon. So then why is Alexis beating down his door for a partnership to close out the episode, hmm? Meanwhile, Blake intercepts Cristal’s attempt to tell Black Driver’s family about the cause of his father’s illness. An apparently altruistic meeting Blake arranges with his lawyers leads to Cristal discussing how, as a PR staffer back in 2013, she killed a story about this matter. However, instead of a plan to come forward, Blake instead shreds all of the Carrington Atlantic evidence, and blackmails Cristal into silence by playing that recorded confession to her face. Jesus Christ. Oh, and Steven is out looking for Adam Carrington, without much luck yet.

I choose to believe this is Dynasty’s way of admitting they don’t know what to do with Steven and they’re just gonna use this subplot to keep him busy.

My concern over just how much time we’ll get to spend with Alexis still stands, but this is another delicious episode of Dynasty.

The show has, however, realised that it has other work to do and thus weaves in the Carrington Atlantic conspiracy stuff. But as long as the meat of the episode is Alexis jealously sneering and scheming against her daughter, I’m here for it.

But when will it be Cristal’s turn?


Why I hate this episode:

We get a minor whiff of Cristal/Alexis opposition this episode, but with Alexis’ partnership with Jeff, I don’t feel confident that it will escalate any time soon. Jeff is Fallon’s villain (or, at best, Blake’s). We need to get Alexis in the ring with Cristal, guys. It’s time.

I’m kind of bummed that the Jack/Liam mystery got solved and resolved so quickly. I hope that we haven’t seen the last of him, because if we have, then what a waste of man candy.

Sam’s contribution to the episode is to replace Fallon in her meeting with Jeff, and then to have some empty disagreement with her about how he thinks Jeff’s bender is legit. Be proud of your gays, Dynasty. And use them.

The less said about Steven, the better.

Oh, and I get that Cristal and Blake are both vicious, ambitious go-getters, but it’s gonna be tough to swallow them staying married when Blake blackmailed Cristal into silence, and he was pleased when she said she was scared of him. That’s not healthy, babe.


But it’s not all bad:

With Alexis playing the Good Mother this episode, maybe Blake is indeed rising as the true villain, after all?

But for now, thank God again for Alexis. Even when she’s trying to do right by Fallon (exposing Liam as the fraud he is, and pushing her back towards Black Driver), she doesn’t lose sight of who’s number one: Alexis Carrington. Only Alexis could be cruel enough to let beefcake Liam/Jack walk out the door and burn his manuscript to prevent him and Fallon getting together. That’s just evil. And I love it.

In fact, the episode begins with Alexis doing obnoxious 80s aerobics exercise in front of everyone. We were literally in the first scene, and I was already living.

Alexis continues to shine all episode. The fact that I can believe her both as a scheming vamp and as a concerned, if somewhat vampish, mother is impressive. Sure, her shipper-on-deck game with Black Driver was mostly to steer Fallon away from Liam. But hey, when it’s right it’s right.

Alexis stealing Fallon’s thunder from the fashion event red carpet is also delectable.

I was on board for a Big Damn Kiss between Fallon and Black Driver in front of the hospital, and was pleasantly surprised when Dynasty didn’t go down that easy route. And the fake-out didn’t feel like a cheat, because Fallon was earnestly taking on board Black Driver’s mum’s advice about giving him some space. I believed it.

And it was for the best, because the exposure of Liam as not only a fraud, but a scumbag journalist fraud is definitely on brand for this kind of primetime soap. His pledge to Fallon that they can still make things work despite his deception was pretty hollow, and thankfully Fallon roasts the fuck out of him and sends him on his way. I’ll miss his hotness, but it’s pretty hard to come back from total identity deception. Even if the book wasn’t about the Carringtons.

My hope for his return is stoked, however, by the fact that the book was instead about his own family, who are apparently super dooper rich. Dynasty is populated by those kinds of characters, so given the dissolution of the Colby family, maybe Liam/Jack’s family could form as a rival clan? It has potential.

Cristal and Alexis jab at each other just a little bit this episode. Alexis earns the episode’s best line after she backhand compliments Cristal for changing her name from Celia: “I can see why you changed it. It sounds like that disease where people pretend they can’t eat bread.” It’s petty, it’s got white privilege, and it erases a legitimate medical issue. It’s everything I want from Alexis, hunty.

Fallon despairs that she sees too much of Alexis in herself. I mean, if she doesn’t want it, I’ll take it.

Oh, and after Liam lets Fallon bail on the dinner date he’s cooked up for her so she can be with Black Driver at the hospital, he invites Alan Dale to join him, instead. See? He was being nice even when Fallon wasn’t around to impress. He’ll be back. Please?

Dynasty Use of Be Used Liam Jack

He’s the hottest thing since sliced bread. And the same colour, too.

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