Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 15 – TV Review

OUaT Sisterhood Gretel Drizella

Don’t you miss vintage TVD? Sigh.

Before we get started, let me firstly assuage your fears:

Although the episode is titled “Sisterhood,” Zelena does not appear at all.

We’re all clear, baby.

TL;DR Flashbacks show some unimportant side quest with Drizella and Gretel (of Hansel and Gretel); present day Adelaide Kane almost sacrifices Anastasia’s life, but the power of love wins the day; and they depart Earthrealm; Samdi/Facilier pretends to be not evil to Regina; Henry has a boys’ night out with Rogers and Nick; Nick turns out to be the witch murderer.

The Candy Killer is not a cute title. I’m not using it.

So flashbacks first so we can get this waste of time out of the way: Drizella is searching for the power she needs to enact her dark curse, so Gothel makes her a pledge in the Dark Coven’s witch sorority competition. She teams up with Gretel, herself seeking power to never find herself helplessly at an evil witch’s mercy again, but psych: Gothel’s real test is for them to kill each other. Drizella refuses, but when Gretel goes in for the stabby stabby, she’s forced to fight her to the death. She wins, obviously. Meanwhile in Hyperion Heights, Adelaide is attacked by the witch-killing serial killer. She seeks help from Regina, but Samdi then shows up with a proposition: help him find Anastasia so that he can kill her and take her magic, in exchange for a portal bean. Gothel is apparently after the same thing, so at least this way Adelaide will get a ticket outta here. Adelaide accepts, but when it comes to the crunch (and Gothel intervenes to complicate things), she changes her mind and leaves herself at Anastasia’s mercy. Anastasia, too, chooses the magnanimous path, and forgives Adelaide. With Regina’s (and Gold’s, I guess. He’s there, so he matters, right?) blessing, the sisters use the portal bean to leave Earthrealm. Sadly, this means Regina is hard up to find another way to cure Henry’s poisoned heart, but Samdi pops by at the end of the episode to reveal he never actually would have hurt Anastasia. He just needed to siphon a bit of magic from her to give to Regina. Aww. Meanwhile, Lucy enacts a childish scheme for Henry to have a night out at a bar with his mates, Rogers and Nick, to soothe his bruised heart. Jacinda stops by, anyway, and they pine at each other. But who cares, because it turns out Nick has the witch murderer paraphernalia in the boot of his car. Cool.

He’s a total Jack and the Bean-stalker. And murderer.

This episode’s choice to focus on Drizella and Anastasia’s sisterly bond is long overdue. And while I don’t condone the rapid descent Drizella made from the top of Villain Mountain into this sincere, mushy human being, I did find myself invested in her fate.

Plus, I will not complain about her and Anastasia leaving Earthrealm. The less clutter from these now-arbitrary new characters before the inevitable fanservice fiesta finale the better.


Why I hate this episode:

Unless they return to Another Realm and find it in disarray and OUaT tries to cram in a rehash of that storyline from Season 2, too. Dear God, please. No.

My tumblr feminist senses tingled when, after learning through clumsy flashback scenes that Gretel’s magic is candy-themed and I predicted she may have been our witch murderer, Gretel then died and it became clear that Hansel must be the killer. Gretel also clumsily explains that Hansel is shell shocked from his experience in the gingerbread house as a kid and now goes by a different name. And considering we haven’t got any backstory on Nick/Jack, I’m going to assume he is actually Hansel. I mean, OUaT is not short on female villains, but to introduce Jenna from TVD as a likely suspect and then off her and revert to Jackson from The Originals? That’s no bueno.

Why does flashback Drizella have qualms about slicing up some chick she just met? She murdered that prince without batting an eye.

Oh, and it’s mentioned several times rather casually this episode that Anastasia is indeed the Guardian Gold has been searching for. Did I miss this being confirmed at some point? I remember Gold testing her (and it failed, right?), but I don’t seem to recall it being proclaimed that she is in fact The One. Huh?


But it’s not all bad:

Is it too much to hope that Anastasia Ex Machina and Adelaide are gone? Because that would definitely help. Besides, we’ve got Samdi/Facilier, now.

Or do we? Because he does a pretty respectable job of qualifying his plans this episode when he presents Regina with the magic he siphoned from Anastasia. He is a fortune teller, after all, so why shouldn’t we believe him when he says he had foreseen Anastasia and Adelaide would be fine and just wanted to steal a quick pot of magic while they reached their story’s end, hmm? Regina seems to buy it. And I’m willing to follow Regina.

Henry and Jacinda’s time together is painfully twee. But I do relish their indecision and heartache. Mope on, babies. Your unhappiness gives me strength.

I enjoyed the frankness between Regina and Gold this episode, and I do hope it continues this way. He is requisitely miffed at her for boning Samdi, whose goal it is to kill Gold and steal the Dark One dagger. But it doesn’t stop them from working together for their common goal of saving Anastasia. The best Gold/Regina scenes are the ones where they’re honest.

I also found it kind of stupid and cute that Gothel and Samdi both have the same scheme to get the Dark One dagger. It’s the MacGuffin that keeps on giving.

The witch murderer’s attire is heavily reminiscent of the killer from Happy Death Day. It had to be intentional, right?

I didn’t recognise Jenna from TVD at first because Sara Canning still looks so young. If she’s happy to do more cheap, Canadian genre television, let’s get this bitch on Killjoys or Wynonna Earp or something. I’d love to see more of her.

Oh, and barring the expected super villainous turn from him (you know it’s going to happen), wouldn’t it be nice if Regina ended up with Samdi/Facilier? And Zelena ended up alone?

OUaT Sisterhood Reinga Samdi Facilier

I mean, Regina did her own fair share of raping with Graham.
But we don’t talk about that.

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