Arrow – Discontinued

Arrow Next of Kin group shot

And take it down a notch, Tina. Settle.

Arrow Season 6: Who cares?

I think I finally figured out the answer.

“Not me.”

Yep, they finally wore me down. I was watching this week’s episode, my stomach filled with too much breakfast tortellini, and I was trying to stay awake to take notes on the latest pointless action sequence, when I knew it was time to get out.

I limped through Season 4, and barely scraped by through the back end of last season. But Arrow can’t expect me to take a second consecutive episode at the outset of the “Katie’s back” season without Katie. I’m done.

A glimpse of Thea or something for Quentin to do may have swayed me to stay, but nup. All Arrow had to offer was the return of Olicity, William becoming a facilitator for Olicity, and yet more stakes-less action sequences involving the Good Guys Gang, now without even Oliver around to gruff it up and be sexy.

Who the fuck cares?

Now, this isn’t to say Katie’s inevitable resurgence won’t draw me back. Out of all the shows I’ve Discontinued, Arrow has the best shot of getting another chance. But I can’t pretend to muster the enthusiasm to watch the latest instalment of the Nothing Matters Hour.

See you maybe, Arrow.

Arrow Next of Kin Olicity kiss

Olicity isn’t death.
It’s just, like, really close.

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4 responses to “Arrow – Discontinued”

  1. nikki says :

    I don’t blame you.

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