Arrow Season 6 Episode 2 – TV Review

Arrow Tribute Diggle arms

Diggle’s one valuable contribution to this show: swoleness.

Where’s Katie?

I only came here for Katie.

TL;DR It’s a Katie Cassidy-less week on Arrow, so skip; the gang immediately wriggles out of the “Oliver is the Green Arrow” news, but an FBI agent remains dogged; Anatoly shows up to mildly inconvenience Oliver; William is a boor; Diggle has nerve damage from the Lian Yu explosions.

And no Slade or his bogan son in sight. Seriously: skip.

So who cares, it’s Arrow. The major plot this week involves Anatoly and his fellow exiled Bratva kidnapping some Markovian businessmen for ransom, while Oliver is forced to sit impotently around lest he be confirmed as the Green Arrow. An uppity FBI Agent is out to prove the truth, but whatever, some rote action sequences in abandoned warehouses/shipyards later, and things turn out mostly okay. Anatoly murders a hostage which makes Oliver wear his sad face, but Curtis and Felicity manage to out the photo of Oliver as the Green Arrow as doctored. Who cares? Well, Oliver apparently does, as he realises it’s probably best for him to lay low, and he offers Diggle the chance to take up the hood. Meanwhile, Tina forces Diggle to admit his shaky trigger finger is a result of nerve damage he suffered on Lian Yu. Who cares? Meanwhile, William continues to bitch at Oliver. And without a Quentin, Thea, or Black Siren subplot in sight, let’s move the fuck on.

Who cares?

Arrow Season 6: Who Cares?


Why I hate this episode:

Nothing important happens. It’s only the second episode, and already we’re not only doing filler, but immediately undoing the whiff of status quo change the photo brought us in the premiere. Nothing matters. Nothing is at stake.

How many episodes do you want to bet the Green Diggle ruse will last? Two? One?

Anatoly has now officially confirmed for us that he’s overused and means nothing, anymore. He’s no longer the cool, Russian guy from Oliver’s past. Or the hip gangster from Oliver’s present. Could he be the new Malcolm?

Why is William’s room a dark hole?

Oh, and Curtis and Felicity share a minor subplot wherein she harangues him into agreeing to a business venture together. Who cares?


But it’s not all bad:

Shockingly, I didn’t find them that annoying together. What is going on?

Anatoly ekes out one badass moment in the episode. Oliver shows up to rescue the final hostage, and shoots him with an antidote arrow (Anatoly had poisoned him). So Anatoly just casually shoots the dude dead, instead. Cool.

Curtis mentions his divorce from Paul. I lol’d.

I like this FBI Agent. She is undeterred by the news of the photo having been doctored. And she even issues a subpoena for William because she smells the bullshit all over Samantha’s faked autopsy report. Get her, Jade.

Oh, and in the absence of Adrian’s hot face, I have started to admire Wild Dog’s scarred smirk a little more. Hey, I’m in the desert, here. Humour me.

Arrow Tribute Wild Dog

Don’t lock up the beefcake.

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2 responses to “Arrow Season 6 Episode 2 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    I agree. I hope they maybe backpaddle from the backpaddling.
    Most stupid scene:

    Diggle trying to tell Oliver about his health problem.
    Oliver tells him that she shouldn’t be fake arrow (farrow?) again.
    Diggle almost speaks up.
    Oli being like “Yo, you should be the real green arrow”.
    Diggle being like “Cool”.

    A green arrow with nerve damage and PTSD, just because the characters can’t speak for the love of all good, might be the stupidest thing yet >.<

    Other than that am amazed by the gangs amazement that the Bratva is an actual organized crime organization doing actual crime stuff. What's next?Oh those Gomorra guys are criminals too! :O I thought you were a good and honorable person Mr. Corleone! *gasp*

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Oliver has grown older, but sadly, not wiser.

      And by gum, the plot being propelled by characters being too stupid to just talk to each other is one of the most frustrating tricks in the soap opera book. Gossip Girl did it all the time and it drove me bonkers.

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