The Originals Season 4 Episode 13 – TV Review

The Originals The Feast of All Sinners Elijah


Seriously, how did The Originals get renewed?

The ratings are lacklustre.

TVD is dead, so the CW’s not hanging onto it out of loyalty to the parent show.

And this episode feels completely like a series finale.

Who is Julie Plec blackmailing?

TL;DR Hope is saved, but only by the Originals being forced to never see each other again (well, kinda); Marcel and Rebekah get back together; Keelin and Freya stay together; Hayley abuses Elijah so badly that he ends up apologising to her; the Hollow isn’t really defeated.

Maybe, like Aurora, they will just forget about her next season?

So Vincent doesn’t waste any time getting around to that plan he mentioned in last episode’s cliffhanger: he can extract the Hollow from Hope, but will need to segment and redistribute the Hollow between four Original vampires to keep it contained. They will never be able to go near each other again, lest the Hollow’s power be consolidated. And they can never go near Hope again, because the Hollow still wants that juicy witch body. Rebekah, oddly, does the most hand-wringing about this arrangement. Mainly because Hayley cracks her pussy whip on Elijah to join Klaus in retrieving Hope, which they do with the help of Marcel and a reluctant Sofya. Freya tries to find any other solution, but fails. And with Kol not answering his phone, almost vampirises herself to complete the spell, with Keelin pledging to love her no matter what. Aww. But Kol arrives in time, and the plan is a success. A grim, apparently series-ending success. Hayley departs with Hope, completely unrepentant of her douchebaggery towards Elijah, and enrols Hope in Alaric’s magic school; Freya stays in New Orleans with her lady love, Keelin; Rebekah moves to New York, where Marcel later finds her, having broken up with Sofya; Kol lives his loved-up life in San Francisco with Davina; Elijah finds a way for Marcel to compel away all his memories of his family to prevent Elijah inevitably trying to seek them out to protect them; and the season ends with Klaus covertly visiting a now-carefree Elijah in France, who doesn’t remember him.

At least this means he’s also forgotten that cunt, Hayley.

Did I mention that Hayley is a cunt?

Like each episode that has followed Hayley’s journey through Elijah’s soulscape, The Originals continues to be undone by this preposterous, unfounded decision for Hayley to turn on Elijah.

And I’m not only mad because Elijah is really hot (though, Elijah is really hot). It just straight-up doesn’t make sense. All the atrocities she has witnessed and participated in. And, especially, being surrounded by other, worse Mikaelsons. And Hayley spends five minutes in a Viking memory in Elijah’s shattered soul, and suddenly her clam clamps shut forever?

Fuck you, honey.

Also, obligatory whinge about the Hollow.


Why I hate this episode:

Much of the power of this grand sacrifice is marred by the fact that the Hollow has been such an uninspired, throwaway villain. Just some nebulous, powerful force that motivates the plot. It’s weak. At least Dahlia was the Mikaelsons’ evil aunt, and had the delicious Claudia Black to back her up. The Hollow has been, alternately, a wimpy tween, a wimpy kid, and Sofya, who herself has been a nebulous presence. It is not fitting that Always and Forever should be undone by… this.

But back to Hayley: wow, Hayley is a total shit. She’s graduated from screeching “Don’t touch me” to pussy whipping Elijah, when he’s trying to make amends, into doing her bidding to rescue Hope. Because she’s too lazy? Like, she tries once and fails. But I don’t see why Elijah needed the all-important job of throwing the molotov cocktail at the cultists. Can’t Hayley chuck a bottle?

They get a meek reconciliation of sorts before the ritual goes down, but only because Elijah has internalised her abuse and lays down at her feet, droning on about how terrible and awful he is. Nah, mate. She’s just a cunt.

Witchy gets resurrected to act as a surrogate boss in the Hollow’s place. Because we can’t go stabbing Hope, you know. It’s kind of pointless.

I don’t know why we never saw Josh’s boyfriend again after the second episode this season. Why stunt cast Danny from Teen Wolf if you’re not going to use him?

While a lot of this season was clearly planned as a last hurrah, the jettisoning of Sofya is weirdly abrupt. She is pretty helpful in dealing with the Hollow, while making some good points about how defying the Hollow could end badly. But then, in Rebekah’s epilogue, Marcel just says she asked him to leave New Orleans with her and he said no and that was that. What was the point of Sofya?

Oh, and Alaric cameos again when we see Hayley and Hope at his school, but Caroline remains absent. Offensive.


Why I hate this episode:

Next season has the potential to be totally bonkers, considering this season was supposed to be the end. So fingers crossed that Candice Accola isn’t busy, and Caroline becomes Klaus’ fully-fledged love interest. Can you imagine?

Barring some kind of non-sensical resurrection of Camille, of course. Which I would also be okay with. One of my favourite moments of this episode is when Klaus, only for a split second, visits her grave. Never forget.

This scene then leads into one of the two emotional highs of the episode, as Marcel meets Klaus there, and Klaus finally offers an unqualified apology for being a bad father to Marcel, for interfering in his relationship with Rebekah, and for simply failing him in general. The Klaus/Marcel daddy issues subplot has had its ups and downs, but when you can get some manly eye-watering out of Marcel, it’s worth it.

The other, better emotional high of the episode is also at Klaus’ hands, when he implores Elijah to resist his instincts to save him. Klaus expects, without Elijah’s influence, and now torn from all his family, that he will devolve into his monstrous old ways. And he can’t have Elijah coming to his rescue, because it risks the Hollow being drawn back together. Klaus and Elijah do know how to sell a captivating, pained brotherly hug.

Elijah can’t trust himself to uphold this, however, so makes the drastic decision to have Vincent do a spell to make his mind susceptible to Marcel’s compulsion, and Marcel appears to erase all of Elijah’s memories of his family. That’s dark, dude. The montage of the Mikaelsons’ greatest hits over both TV series is a cheap trick, but it worked on me.

Getting Rebekah and Marcel back together was also a cheap trick, but goddammit, I’m into it.

Snaps to Freya for hanging onto Keelin through thick and thin. And Freya managed to acknowledge her decision to live her lesbian life with Keelin, while also recognising that it’s probably important for her to try to save her niece’s life. She was ready to vampirise herself, so for once, there was no easy answer. And Keelin respects this. She’s a catch, Freya.

Luckily, Kol shows up. Which doesn’t count as a cop out, because that was Plan A, anyway. Kol’s epilogue doesn’t actually see Davina onscreen, which is also a bonus.

I’ll give a rare shout out to Josh. Witchy and some cultists fuck him and some vampires up early on, and when Marcel and Sofya see the carnage, Sofya suggests they either flee the city, or join forces with the Hollow. But Josh, instead, suggests they shack up with the unstoppable, always-find-a-way Mikaelsons. Duh.

The mass cultist burning warmed my heart.

Vincent’s sassy side is all out for show this episode. He epically cuts down Rebekah when she blasts him for concealing the fact that, as part of the Hollow-splitting ritual, Klaus will never be able to see his daughter again. And you know Rebekah is no slouch when it comes to slinging mud.

Klaus is the most mature out of everyone when it comes to accepting the fact he won’t be able to see Hope again. He’s come a long way.

Oh, and if the CW somehow changes its mind about that Season 5 renewal, I’d be satisfied with this as the end of the story.

The Originals Feast of All Sinners Klaus Elijah hug

Unless we can get Kai on the show somehow. Then it’s cool.

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  1. Trisha Bontempo says :

    I hated Hayley for what she did too, but have to remember it is the writers who wrote this shit!

  2. Trisha Bontempo says :

    Can I ask you about season 2 why if Elijah loved Hayley so much, why did he hook up with Gia so fast not only sex, but people were calling them boyfriend/girlfriend and saying they loved each other! WTF! I need someone who hated GIA like me to give me their opinion! Thanks!

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