The Originals Season 4 Episode 12 – TV Review

The Originals Voodoo Child Elijah handsome

With a face like that, I don’t care how many Red Doors he has in his soulscape.

It’s becoming a sincere disappointment that The Originals, which has been pretty good at keeping its characters’ shit together, even when the plot was at times a tensionless, weasel-filled disaster, is having Hayley act so irrationally.

Fine, then. Fuck off. Elijah will be dripping in new ‘tang so fast it’ll be like you never existed.

TL;DR Hayley continues to treat Elijah like shit for no good reason; everyone scrambles to eject the Hollow from Hope when they realise she’s in there; to no avail; Freya resolves to possibly abandon her family to live her mortal life with Keelin; Sofya is revived; the Hollow remains underwhelming.

She went from dull tween to dull toddler. That’s not an upgrade, baby.

So yeah, it’s all hands on deck as it becomes clear that the Hollow is not as dead as she should be. But Vincent has a plan, and it involves trapping the Hollow in the Ouroboros book, which is unfortunately stolen by some of her cultists early in the episode. Klaus and Elijah are on the case, while Marcel reluctantly permits Vincent to use dangerous Ouroboros magic to contact the Hollow’s mum for the spell to destroy her. Meanwhile, the Hollow starts manifesting in Hope, causing minor suspicion at first, before incapacitating Rebekah and setting Hayley and Freya on the warpath. They knock Hope out, but the Hollow instead takes on her former tween guise, while also being intangible and therefore hard to punch in the face. Klaus and Elijah do manage to liberate the Ouroboros book from the cultists, and Vincent gets the hot deets on the anti-Hollow spell, and everyone converges on the compound to take her down (even a revived Sofya). The Hollow tears everyone up before being trapped by Vincent, but even then her power is too strong, and she blasts free, resuming form in Hope, and leaving to join her remaining witch cronies. Broken and bitter, our heroes despair, but Vincent closes the episode with an idea that could save Hope, but destroy the Mikaelson family. Elsewhere, Freya admits to Keelin that she thinks she should start to live her own, short life, rather than constantly hanging on her immortal siblings’ every demand; Rebekah tries using her pussy powers on Marcel to repeal his order for her family to leave the city once the Hollow is dead; and the Hollow reveals that she wants to possess Hope because Hope is an even more powerful witch blah blah blah.

Your motive is impersonal, and I hate you.

That pretty much sums it up, actually. For a season that for all intents and purposes feels like it was designed to be the series’ last, it is criminal that the Big Bad is this inconsequential.

And we’ve already seen the Hollow in the flesh, so we know The Originals hasn’t got a Katherine in its back pocket to spring on us in the finale.

The Originals has had some great villains that actually have real, believable ties to our main characters.

But all the Hollow has is a nebulous lust for power, and some tangential link to fucking Hayley.

That was the wrong player to back, honey.


Why I hate this episode:

Oh, Hayley. Fuck you. It’s bad enough that she is rejecting Elijah, but she literally gives him the silent treatment. It’s embarrassing.

And when she, at last, does speak to him, she earns herself the worst line of the episode with this stupid rebuttal to his offer to help her find Hope: “Don’t touch me!” Shut the fuck up you drama queen. If you’re gonna really roll with the Cunt Ball, you could at least lead him on so he’ll help you, then shoot him down later.

Speaking of abusive relationships, it wasn’t super cute when Freya disregarded Keelin’s wishes to not be cooped up in a magical safe house, and then, like, drugged her and knocked her out. Red flag, Keelin. Big red flag.

Freya’s resolution to look out for herself is then tossed aside the moment her family needs help. I know her niece is in mortal danger, but wasn’t the point that your family is always in mortal danger? When do you put your foot down?

Although Rebekah’s application for a pussy pass is not approved by Marcel, his denial isn’t emphatic enough to assuage my fears that we’re going to have him and Rebekah go another round. Good God, get a new act, guys.

I’m still not convinced that Sofya is any better. She gets to join our dramatic group shots at the end, but it was weird. Everyone else was a valuable, legacy character, and here’s Sofya. Like your uncle’s new girlfriend getting in the photos at your wedding. Not cool.

And why didn’t the Hollow kill Sofya? Why just knock her out? Same for Freya, as it was last episode.

The Hollow’s seemingly endless supply of disposable witch goons is even more preposterous than the fountain of werewolves from a couple of seasons ago. You’re telling me the notoriously fickle witches of New Orleans are all buying this bullshit heretic witch’s proposal, and are willing to lay down their lives for her? The only thing the witches of New Orleans have ever agreed on is that they care about the ancestors, and the Hollow is the ancestors’ worst enemy. What the fuck?

Oh, and the only thing worse than Hayley’s bizarre sudden hatred of Elijah is that Elijah, himself, is buying into it. Fuck you, Hayley.


But it’s not all bad:

Hey, Klaus lost his love interest last season. Maybe Hayley’s going to be our major cast death this year? #problemsolved

Hayley’s one remaining redeeming quality is her willingness to do what it takes to save Hope, so I appreciated when she didn’t pussyfoot around when it came to knocking her daughter the fuck out to deal with the ancient hell witch inside of her. We didn’t need to waste time watching Hayley wring her hands.

Even amid all the abuse and self-flagellation, Elijah’s hotness shines through. Bitches ain’t shit, Elijah. Bitches ain’t shit.

Klaus, considering he’s the lead character of the show, continues to have the least to do when it comes to the plot. But he makes his moments count. My favourite of his this episode is to try to smack some sense into Elijah when he starts thinking Hayley’s accusations are true. Thank you.

He also goes Papa Wolf on some cultists when they tell him of the Hollow’s plan to take over Hope. Predictable, but enjoyable.

Rebekah may be leaning too hard on her tired Marcel relationship arc, but I’m happy to endure it as long as her hair stays as fucking delicious as it is. Like, damn.

Vincent’s return brings with it the requisite “magic does what we say it does” garbage, including Vincent having to temporarily kill himself to contact the Hollow’s mum. Eye roll. But you can’t say Vincent isn’t committed.

Although, is it commitment, or obsession? Marcel makes a topical callback to when Vincent made him pledge to kill him if he got too deep into the Ouroboros magic again. Marcel, of course, doesn’t kill Vincent. But what if Vincent is turning to the dark side, and his last chance plan to save Hope, like, isn’t? Hmm.

If Hayley doesn’t die, Freya might yet provide a major cast departure. She’s overplayed her hand almost as much as Rebekah has, so I can believe her when she says she wants to leave town with her lady love.

Oh, and they have sex this episode. Obscured by shadows, of course.

The Originals Voodoo Child Freya Keelin sex scene

Now that we’ve done our best to shame and hide this clothes-on love scene, let’s get back to the decapitation and evisceration parade.

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  1. Trisha Bontempo says :

    What they did to Haylijah is just insulting, the writers must have been on drugs.

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