The Originals Season 4 Episode 11 – TV Review

The Originals A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken Jackson cameo

When did Hayley’s brain fall out?

No, seriously: what the fuck, Hayley?

Also, I’m still unclear on how the Crescents are not biologically related. So no, Hayley. Jackson was not the better choice.

TL;DR The Hollow conjures a Jackson cameo to cement Hayley’s doubts over Elijah (wtf); the gang’s victory over the Hollow is undercut by her secret possession of Hope; Kol and Davina drive off into the sunset together; Marcel and Rebekah reopen old relationship wounds; Elijah is resurrected; Klaus continues to act admirably.

Freya also does a bunch of magic bullshit, but that’s hardly noteworthy at this point.

So it seems that The Originals has realised it’s only got a tiny amount of episodes left for this season, and the Mikaelsons concert their efforts against the Hollow. Freya sends Rebekah out after a totem the Hollow is using to protect herself, while she and Hayley prepare knives using Hope’s blood to kill the Hollow. Rebekah is joined by Marcel on her quest, and their bickering over their past relationship is exacerbated when Kol entraps them. Because he’s guarding the totem to protect the Hollow, because Davina is linked to her, remember? Meanwhile, Freya and Hayley storm the Hollow’s hideout, but she ties them up with visions of Jackson and Keelin, respectively, who waste time berating them. The girls overcome, and proceed to stab the ever-loving shit out of the Hollow, killing her. But it’s cool, because she’s put herself into Hope’s body or something. Also, Hayley’s take-away from the Jackson hallucinations is that her love for Elijah is for the wrong reasons, and she should have been with Jackson, instead. Uh, I think the fuck not. Meanwhile, Kol scrambles to find a way to save Davina, and tasks Hope (pre-possession) with undoing a magical not to untie Davina from the Hollow. She does. Klaus puts the beatdown on Kol for his betrayal, but consolidates his newfound mercy, and lets Kol drive away out of town with Davina. Who says a sweet farewell to her GBF, Josh. Meanwhile, Rebekah and Marcel fight a bit more, but end up in a slap-slap-kiss. And Vincent continues to be absent.

Given that the last time we saw him was when he made the decision to fall back down the Ouroboros rabbit hole, this isn’t a good sign.

This season continues to feel like it was designed to be the last. Jackson’s cameo had my senses tingling, but then Kol and Davina’s happy ending cemented it for me.

Again, I’m appreciative that Season 5 is going to happen, but why? How many more stories are there for the Mikaelsons to tell?


Why I hate this episode:

The Hollow remains an elusive, underwhelming presence. Her motives are still pretty threadbare, and she’s downgraded her level of menace from tween to pre-schooler. What’s going to be the point of it all?

And say it with me, everyone: the CW won’t hurt a child, so Hope’s body won’t be in danger. So cue some hand-wringing about having to fight Hope that won’t go anywhere because you know they fucking won’t.

Hayley’s resolution to hate on Elijah is the real head-scratcher of the episode, though. If Jackson’s ugly mug wasn’t enough to convince that Elijah, for all his faults, is the better choice, then this bitch is beyond help. This Jackson wasn’t even real, baby. Sure, I agree with your point about the timing of your love for Elijah, and how that casts doubt upon that love, but honey, Jackson is not a better option. What about Oliver? He was cute. And a Crescent, so he checks the werewolf incest box.

I’d like to believe that Davina and Kol are gone for good. I really would. But I can’t. Because New Orleans in this universe is a black hole.

Also, Davina, whose soul was supposed to have been shredded (remember when they just dismissed that after about five seconds last season? One of the rare Season 3 missteps), gets to be revived and have a happy ending, but Camille is still out in the cold? Rude.

Why didn’t the Hollow just kill Freya?

Oh, and Marcel and Rebekah need to stop having scenes together. And although their hate-kiss was funny, Marcel’s relationship with Sofya isn’t strong enough to lend it any tension. Who cares?


But it’s not all bad:

Their bickering does lead to the episode’s best line, a trademark bitch-out from Rebekah at the mention of Sofya’s name: “Can’t be expected to remember the names of wanton trollops.” Well, Sofya did bang her way to the top, so Rebekah’s got her, there.

Rebekah and Marcel also find an impressively pragmatic solution to their “trapped by a dark object that paints a magic ring on the ceiling above us” predicament: blow up the house. It was the best part of the Colin Farrell Fright Night, too.

Points to Klaus, as well, who upon finding them trapped but also learning that Kol is a traitor, and likely after Hope, prioritises protecting Hope and just leaves them there. Sometime you gotta do what you gotta do.

Klaus doesn’t get a lot to do this episode, but he reliably beats Kol the fuck up to wrest the totem from him, and destroys it without hesitation. He also tries to dagger Kol, but Kol’s pleas of love for Davina win him over, and he lets his little brother go. I know Klaus’ magnanimity will come back to bite him, but Klaus is pretty sexy when he’s being nice.

Davina pleads with Kol not to help the Hollow, and to let her die if it means putting the bitch down. So thanks for that, baby. Her farewell tour to Josh is also kinda sweet. If this was intended to be a final season, then I suspect (hope?) that Josh won’t make it out alive, so he should take what he can get. Can you imagine if Josh ended up surviving The Originals? Blech. It would be even more insulting than Matt.

While I disagree with Hayley’s resolution to regret her love for Elijah, I do admire her self-awareness regarding how her love for him was born of a dark time in her life, and therefore is tainted. Because it is. But when he’s a super hot, millennia-old vampire who has relentlessly pledged to keep you and your child (with his brother, which he is also cool about, you know) safe, I don’t know, babe. I’d take it.

Hayley, however, monologues about how she can’t let Hope end up being a monster like the rest of them (herself included), and she plans to take her away. It’d be nice not to have Hope be a moot villain target for next season (which would surely be the last, right?), so that’s okay with me.

Watching Hayley absolutely fucking murder the Hollow also pretty awesome. She just lays into the bitch. Nice.

Freya’s subplot keeps up its theme of her always putting herself in danger to be her family’s magic ex machina. So I hope that it’s about to reach its crisis point. But then, with Davina gone now, who will do all the magic the plot says it needs week-to-week?

Oh, and Kol doesn’t miss his chance to be a pathetic slug one last time. So that’s on-brand for him.

The Originals  A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken Kol defeated

Well, what I wanted was for you to leave. So mission accomplished, then.

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10 responses to “The Originals Season 4 Episode 11 – TV Review”

  1. kl says :

    Hope is in danger, and Haley wants to take her away. Sounds exactly like the end of season 2. But maybe now since Klaus has changed, he’ll agree with Haley instead of fight her.
    The hollow hasn’t lived up to her reputation so far at all. She was resurrected and lasted for like a week. And all she did was kill her followers.
    I thought it was a little mean that Davina didn’t see Marcel before she left town. I wonder if anyone will tell him she’s alive.

  2. The One Who Knows says :

    So I saw your first picture, and was ready to storm in here with torches and pitchforks, but then you went and proved yourself worthy, so sorry for ever doubting your faith in Elijah’s powerful background modeling skills, among others.

    I still don’t get Davina saying Hayley was the key, as apparently, Hope was the key, explained in a bout of exposition I’m yet to fully understand.

    As much as I think people would like to attribute Klaus sparing Kol to his change of heart, I think Kol smartly pulling the Cami card was what tugged at Klaus’ mercy strings.

    Davina suddenly being back hugely underwhelms the soul-shredding she endured last season. For a short dumb second I thought her revival was supposed to showcase the power of the Hollow but the Hollow is too dumb for that. IMO, all those haranguing Elijah and Freya should take a backseat then.

    It’s also insulting, though I don’t actually care, that Davina didn’t go meet Marcel. So much for that relationship.

    Marcel and Rebekah need to stop having scenes together. Or make like Kol and Davina and just disappear.

    Basically, Elijah is bae, and Vincent should come back because that’s the only way the finale cannot be made crap by a Hope-villain. And Hayley girl better get some senses in her long before then, lol.

    Glad to get that off my chest.

  3. Trisha Bontempo says :

    I don’t agree that Haylijah’s love is tainted the writers really F***** this up!

  4. Nini says :

    Didnt kol say parts of davina remained. Fragments of her soul bound to those she loved and vincent conjured those fragments using her favorite record. It sounds to me that her soul really was shredded and was left fragmented.

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