The Originals Season 4 Episode 10 – TV Review

The Originals Phantomesque Davina resurrected

Don’t sign for it. Refuse delivery.

You know what the weirdest thing about shrinking a The Originals season to only thirteen episodes is?

Rebekah’s already been dragged back.

Also, Davina’s here.

TL;DR Klaus summons Rebekah and Kol back to town to deal with the Hollow and her machinations; Marcel is forced in their way by plot contrivances, but realises he may have to swallow his pride; the Hollow dangles a Davina resurrection to secure Kol’s services; Hayley, with Freya and Hope’s aide, pulls Elijah’s soul out of limbo.

But she’s also mad at him for some reason?

So with Elijah temporarily dead and the Hollow on the loose, Klaus pulls Rebekah and Kol back to New Orleans to help with Hollow-related chores. Mainly, destroying all the thorned stakes. They cross paths with Marcel, who needs some Hollow magic to cure Sofya. His attempt at taking the Hollow’s blood ended up with him tasting a mouth full of magical acid, so he reckons the thorns she made are the next best thing. There is the obligatory posturings from Klaus about trust, but Rebekah, wounded pussy pride and all, makes him see sense and Marcel gets the last one. Meanwhile, Kol, having heard about Davina’s ancestral plane status, tries and fails to bribe the Harvest girls into resurrecting her. But luckily the Hollow isn’t so picky, and plucks our teenage witch into existence, asking for Kol’s loyalty in return. The Hollow also spends her episode massacring her witch cronies. For power or something. Meanwhile, Freya enters Elijah’s soulscape in a bid to find the memory that’s keeping him alive. She fails, so Hayley gives it a go, and is disappointed to discover he’s latched onto a memory behind the Red Door of his viking self ripping through some villagers. I’d give this the ol’ “who cares” treatment, but Hayley weirdly does, and although Elijah’s soul is now restored and ready to be returned to his body (but not yet), she’s pissy about the whole thing. Huh?

So it’s okay to be in love with a millennia-old vampire murder machine, but not if he remembers being a millennia-old vampire murder machine?

Apart from Hayley’s odd priorities, this is a stock-standard episode of The Originals. It keeps the Soap Wheel turning, there’s some titillating violence, and enough character beats to keep things lively.

But with only three episodes left for the season, I haven’t yet figured out what they’re building to.

Will Kol die? Again?


Why I hate this episode:

I’d say Rebekah’s more likely, as this episode is a sore reminder of how poorly she has always fit into this show. The only point to her this episode is to rehash that she and Marcel used to boink. I know The Originals likes to dredge her up for some finale name-recognition, but the fact that she’s here so early makes me think that it could finally be her time to die.

On the other hand, if it’s Kol, I won’t care. Kol is a shithead. And his devotion to Davina is exhausting. Get over it, dude. If you help the Hollow just to keep her around, I won’t be shocked. But I’ll still be disgusted.

Davina’s life is tied to the Hollow, too. Just to make her even more obstructive. If we’re lucky, Kol will allow whatever plan the gang has cooking to kill the Hollow, and bid Davina farewell again. But we know that’ll never happen. Yawn.

Hayley is the big failure of the episode, though. Her lack of sympathy for Elijah is astounding. Like I said, his soul got shredded, and instead of being grateful that during that hurricane of agony he found something, anything to hold onto, she is angry that he “chose” to hold onto a negative memory. What the fuck ever, cunt. Just like Kol and Davina, you’ve been in Elijah’s life for five seconds. It was never going to be you.

Also, Hayley seems to mean that she’s horrified that Elijah’s memory includes scenes of him killing civilians. Bitch, the characters on this show kill more randoms than that every other Tuesday. Shut up.

Oh, and the “Sofya’s got Hollow magic poisoning” thing is just a lame plot weasel to force Klaus and Marcel to butt heads and debate trust, which we’ve already covered this season. Move on, boys.


Why I hate this episode:

I appreciate the logic Marcel used regarding the thorned stakes, though. He sensibly goes after the Hollow herself for some blood, first, but upon sucking some out of her, it turns to acid in his mouth. She beats him the fuck up, natch, and then he realises that if all he needs is a sample of her magic (this has been requested by Vincent, by the way), then the thorns will do. Smart.

And tired as Rebekah and Marcel’s relationship drama is, I enjoyed Rebekah’s pang of jealousy when hearing about Sofya.

I’ll give Freya top marks this episode. Like usual, she’s stuck with doing the magic bullshit of the week, but her determination and innovation for the task is admirable. She realises that her connection to Elijah is insufficient, so sends in Hayley. And she recognises that she needs more power, so channels Hope (carefully). And when Hayley starts getting attacked by Elijah inside the Red Door, she sends Hope in to call her back to safety. Freya gets it done, baby.

Freya later consolidates this pragmatism when Elijah’s resurrection is discussed. They will need a major burst of magical energy to do it, and of course the death of the Hollow would be ideal. But Freya suggests they could kill Marcel, instead. I can dig it. Rebekah? Not so keen.

Watching Klaus, Rebekah, and Kol tear through some witch goons is a fun time.

I also got a kick out of the Harvest girls simply snapping Kol’s neck and robbing him of his dark objects instead of accepting his trade to talk to Davina. They should be aware that they will likely be killed horribly in response, but I’ll give sassy credit where sassy credit is due.

Klaus doesn’t do much this episode, but he does stand up for Elijah to Hayley near the end. Hayley moans about the hideous things she saw in his soulscape, but Klaus is like “Nah, babe. Elijah’s the least worst of us all. You know that already.” Which is true. Has Hayley not met Klaus?

Oh, and the episode opens with Rebekah and Kol in a vampire nightclub in France when Elijah’s sire line vampires start dropping. Rebekah looks ravishing.

The Originals Phantomesque Rebekah French nightclub

Rebekah keeps it on-brand.

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  1. Trisha Bontempo says :

    I disagree with you on this one! Hayley and Elijah have been way more involved than for 5 seconds! They have since their very first meeting!

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