The Originals Season 4 Episode 9 – TV Review

The Originals Queen of Death Elijah sexy

You could say it’s a… hotness parade.

When I said last week that I wanted a status quo change, I didn’t mean kill Elijah.


TL;DR Elijah dies, but he’s not entirely gone, of course; much ado is made about trying to save him, including some monumental selflessness from Klaus; the Hollow puts all the pieces in place to resurrect herself, relinquishing Sofya back to Marcel; the witches of New Orleans continue to be horrible idiots; Vincent turns to his old Ouroboros book in desperation.

I like this new, sassy Vincent. It was being possessed by Finn that was the problem last time.

So yeah, “Sofya” has Elijah thorn-staked and subdued out in the woods. The Mikaelsons cotton on to his disappearance, which is then confirmed by Vincent, whom Sofya has visited with an offer to join her. Because all the other witches in New Orleans are doing it. Because they’re a constant disappointment. Nobody can come up with a plan that doesn’t involve Elijah’s death (they will need it to generate the power required to defeat the Hollow, just as the Hollow needs it to generate the power necessary for her resurrection), and Vincent righteously posits that maybe it’s time for a millennia-old mass murdering monster like Elijah to accept death. But Klaus is having none of that, obv, and Freya comes up with an idea to use the pendant Finn once kept his soul in to save Elijah’s soul after he dies. But Klaus isn’t having that, either, and instead offers himself to die for the power necessary to defeat the Hollow, and for his soul to be pendant-ed up. Meanwhile, Marcel is tasked with worming his way to the Hollow’s side to stab her with a knife infused with Hayley’s blood (the weakness was legit). Everything is put in place, but some douchebag witch cronies show up and burn the thorns Vincent was going to use to kill Klaus, wrecking the plan. With no other option, Klaus, Hayley, and Freya race to Elijah’s side to attempt to draw him into the pendant, but they fail. Or do they? Because later, when Freya is unable to find any trace of Elijah in the pendant, as suspected, Hope then touches her shoulder and he is briefly glimpsed. After all, we’ve got a Season 5 on the table now, bitches. Meanwhile, Marcel brings an unconscious Sofya back to his penthouse, with Vincent warning she may be cray-cray when she wakes. And the episode ends as the Hollow is restored to her own body: a gawky tween.

I am petrified.

I mean, I respect that The Originals wants to take a stab at being brave by killing Elijah. And I was as aghast as Hayley, Klaus, and Freya were at the sight of his dessicated, limp body.

But then moments later, when all hope seems to be lost, and Freya tries unsuccessfully to find him in the pendant, Hope just waltzes on in and we get immediate confirmation that he’s probably able to be saved.

We needed some breathing room, show. We know you’re not strong enough to kill a main character, but gosh, at least give the characters themselves some time to think it could be possible.



Why I hate this episode:

All they needed to do was give it at least one episode before the reveal of Elijah’s salvageable, if warped and tortured, soul. Just those few minutes of a bereaved Klaus was a taste of the juicy grief we could have witnessed. The Originals robbed us of Klaus’ sexy sorrow. Not okay.

Freya, too, had a pretty good crying face going on. And now it’s gone.

And Hayley is the worst of both worlds, as her sad face wasn’t particularly convincing. And now we don’t get a chance to see her wallow and try again.

Although the main plot weasel of the episode, that Elijah’s death is inevitable and necessary to defeat the Hollow, is fine, there were a few minor quibbles. Firstly is Marcel’s obstructive insistence that Sofya not be killed as part of the plan. Oh, shoosh, you. I rolled my eyes about as hard as Klaus rolled his.

Then there was the witches’ burning of the thorns to prevent Klaus sacrificing himself. Klaus is a fucking vampire. He could have wooshed over and grabbed at least a couple out of that fire in time. Get real.

And the fact that Freya brought the entire (and it wasn’t a lot. She needs better production policies) supply of Marcel antivenin to Elijah’s side, and then promptly got the bottle shattered, is pretty crappy. At least Keelin stuck around, so they can make more, right?

I sincerely hope the Hollow’s actress is more impressive than she’s shown us so far. She should have stayed in Sofya.

Oh, and The Originals seems to be sidestepping my suggestion about drawing a meaningful parallel between the Hollow as the creator of werewolves and the Mikaelsons as the creators of vampires, and instead making the Hollow yammer on about how family sucks (in fairness, hers was pretty terrible), in opposition to the Mikaelsons’ bond. Ain’t nobody ever gonna break up mah Klaus and Elijah, cunty. Nah, babe.


But it’s not all bad:

Ain’t nobody gonna ever break up mah Klaus and Elijah, cunty. And this episode shows just how much mileage The Originals has gotten out of that relationship, thanks to Klaus.

Yes, this episode completes Klaus’ role switch with Elijah, because now he’s the brother who’s offering up his own life to save Elijah’s. Elijah better watch out. Klaus might be hotter at being noble than him. And I named an entire parade after Elijah’s hotness, you know.

I appreciated that the episode wasn’t happy to just let the viewer notice this on their own. Because it deserves stating. Vincent expresses his admiration of Klaus’ selflessness before they start the spell. And coming from Season 4’s Bitchy Vincent, that’s pretty cool.

After the relentless trash fire that was Finncent, and his posturing, I can’t believe how enjoyable Bitchy Vincent is. The fact that he’s brash enough to say to Klaus’ face that Elijah is a lost cause is great. You tell ’em.

Vincent’s point about how maybe it’s time for Elijah, and the other Originals, to accept that all living things die, and they can’t possibly expect to literally live forever, is poignant. It probably would have been more poignant if this was actually the final season of the show (again, not complaining about the renewal, but why?), but it still applies.

But, thankfully, Vincent’s not without his karma, as now that the Hollow has successfully resurrected herself, Vincent must delve back into the magic from the Ouroboros book and risk being overwhelmed by its power. Ah, cruel humility.

Vincent also orders all the non-Hollow-following witches to flee New Orleans until he has defeated the Hollow, including Maxine (who is used by the witch cronies as a hostage earlier in the episode). Before she leaves, though, she gives him the charm he used when he first met, and fended off, the Hollow this season. The TVD-verse shows are not ones to use insert shots purposelessly, so I wonder what this little trinket is all about?

I’m glad Sofya isn’t dead. Like I said earlier in the season, we need all the female characters we can get. Being a supermodel is just a perk.

The very, very brief shot we get of Elijah’s soulscape seems to show the Red Door. Way to use your existing lore, show. I like it.

Elijah’s death also means his sire line will now be dead. Suck it, Tristan.

Freya and Keelin are still going strong. In a quietly sweet moment, Klaus comes up next to Freya as they look upon Keelin babysitting Hope, and Klaus compliments Freya on her girlfriend. I said aww out loud.

Oh, and they get to kiss again, and it’s not at night and obscured by shadows.

The Originals Queen of Death Freya Keelin kiss

I’m sure they’ll get their time in the sun one day.

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  1. The One Who Knows says :

    Gosh, you are like a thousand times better than the actual writers of the show.

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