The Originals Season 4 Episode 8 – TV Review

The Originals Voodoo In My Blood Davina ancestral plane

We’re all as surprised as you are, Davina.

Yes, can you believe it, The Originals is getting another season.

And I’m not complaining, but, like, why?

Oh, well. At least this is another insult to TVD. And that makes me happy.

TL;DR Davina’s cameo is only for exposition about the Hollow, but it was nice to see her again (in a small dose); it turns out the Hollow isn’t an existing character, so boo; Hayley is the key to defeating it; Alaric is the only TVD character to cameo and drops off a Hollow bone, and leads the gang to another; but the Hollow snatches it; and stakes Elijah with fatal thorns.

Freya stockpiled some cure, though, right? God, I hope so.

So we’ll get the Davina thing out of the way first: Hope receives a message from the ancestors for Hayley and Klaus to meet. The Harvest girls put them under a spell that sends them to the ancestral plane, and Davina is the one who called the meeting. She spoon feeds them the Hollow’s backstory: she was the progeny of two witch tribes who wanted a child to bring peace between them. But they instilled her with too much power, and she grew cruel and homicidal. So they banded together to kill her, but with her final act, she cast the original werewolf curse on them, thus creating werewolves. Cute. She was also, like, the first Crescent or something, so Hayley’s blood can hurt her? I don’t know. Davina then drops the bomb that she intends to kill Klaus for the power necessary to re-imprison the Hollow. Bitch. Meanwhile, Marcel and Elijah butt heads while forced together to meet with Alaric, whom Klaus contacted about the Lockwood-guarded bone. Alaric is intercepted by “Sofya,” but fends her off. Marcel and Alaric continue to bicker while looking for the final bone (thanks again to Alaric for the intel), but Sofya again attacks. Hayley arrives but fails to defeat her, and she makes off with the bone. The gang then races back to save Klaus when they realise what Davina is up to, but lack the power to stop her. Even a textbook offer for a noble sacrifice from Elijah is powerless. Thank goodness for Hope, then, as she cunt punts Davina away from her daddy. Everyone slinks home to lick their wounds, but Hayley, growing concerned with Elijah’s reckless ways, implores him to relinquish the anti-Marcel dagger he’s been brandishing all episode to Marcel to mend their relationship. Elijah’s reward for this, of course, is to be ambushed by a thorned stake-wielding Sofya, who, unlike Davina, is happy to take the power from any big immortal death she can get.

A pragmatist, super model, and an ancient Native American genocide witch queen? She’s got it all.

The news of The Originals’ improbable Season 5 renewal was the boost I needed to feel better about this episode. At episode eight of an only thirteen episode-long season, I was ready to complain about the sustained inability of The Originals to disturb its status quo. For a final season, they were at risk of making TVD’s mistakes of dragging their feet and setting up new villains we don’t care about.

But now that Season 5 is on the table, I’m chill to let The Originals faff about this year.

Just make sure you don’t fuck it up next year.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m still going to complain, though. Elijah’s staking doesn’t appear to be an insta-kill. Which makes me suspect he will be cured by the stockpile of Marcel antivenin that I’m pretty sure Freya put aside thanks to Keelin (right? Or am I going crazy?). I know the TVD-verse, and particularly the immortal original vampires, are the poster children for a show utterly refusing to kill off characters. And depriving me of Elijah’s handsome visage would ruin me. But something’s gotta give. Be brave, show.

On the topic of not being brave, holy fuck, they wasted their TVD continuity crossover opportunity. Not only was fucking Alaric the only character to come over (only Matt would have been more insulting), but they didn’t even go to Mystic Falls. Alaric came to them. What the fuck? Did they already dismantle the sets or something? Give us the Klaus/Caroline tease, people. Again, maybe Season 5 can rectify this.

I am not on board with the reveal of the Hollow’s identity. She’s just another Giant Space Flea From Nowhere. She’s Sybil all over again. Her only hope is to be overwhelmingly charismatic, like Kai.

And it sucks that Davina’s return was only there to exposition dump about her. I feel dirty for saying it, but Davina deserves better. But please don’t let her keep coming back.

Was Davina lying about Hayley being able to hurt the Hollow as a distraction? I’m confused.

Oh, and Alaric offers Klaus a spot for Hope at his magic school. I laughed out loud.


But it’s not all bad:

Although, if it means getting her out of the way of the plot, maybe it could work?

For the moment, Hope isn’t intruding too much. I actually liked when she busted in on Davina to stop her from killing Klaus, when the others had failed. Provided The Originals doesn’t start leaning on her as a crutch to solve difficult situations, I’m cool.

And points to Davina for hurting Marcel to get what she wants. He refuses her request to kill Klaus for her (to save her having to wait for her Harvest girls to return with thorns), so she magically forces venom out of his fangs and inches it over to Klaus’ unconscious body. That’s dark, bitch.

But it’s in this scene that Elijah’s simmering subplot takes on a new dimension. Up until now, he’d been playing a version of the old Klaus, with killing and violence being his first answer to everything in a misguided pledge to protect his family. But with Elijah’s offer of himself as Davina’s sacrifice, and Hayley’s later airing of her concerns, it is now clear that Elijah isn’t turning cruel. He’s turning desperate. He’s so willing to do what it takes to protect his family that he’s ignoring the consequences. This scares Hayley, and it scares me, too.

And then his reward for relenting and agreeing to return the anti-Marcel dagger is a Hollow attack. He can’t win!

I appreciated Elijah’s remark to Marcel about how he killed him. Marcel acts all huffy with an “I’ll never forgive you,” and Elijah solemnly agrees with a “me, too.” Aww.

The Hollow’s backstory was a yawn, but I can see a potentially strong thread in that she created the original werewolves. This could be contrasted with our original vampires. I’m not sure how, but I hope The Originals can find a way to make it meaningful.

Oh, and Elijah is back to his modelling best.

The Originals Voodoo In My Blood Elijah vogue

The battle against Adrian Chase continues.

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