Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 19 – TV Review

OUaT The Black Fairy

It was simply one of the few good stills I could find.

The Black Fairy’s tragic backstory may not have been good. And may not have been satisfying. And may not have included the Blue Fairy, the only possibly compelling element, much.

But it sure was over quick.

OUaT offers us that mercy, at least.

TL;DR The Black Fairy accidentally self-fulfills a prophecy to become the great evil her son, Rumple, is destined to fight; because Rumple was supposed to be a Saviour before his mum intervened; present day Gold teams up with her for some reason; Gideon’s heart is restored; our heroes form the magic wand, but lose it to Gold’s deception; Regina babysits Zelena.

Domestic dullery with a depowered Zelena it is, then. Blech.

So yeah, let’s get to the Black Fairy’s deep, dark secret. The only sexy and new thing in it is that baby Rumple is prophesied to face a great evil, because he is a Saviour, in a final battle that will take his life, as passed on to new mother pre-Black Fairy Black Fairy by Blue Bitch and pre-de-fairied Tiger Lily. The Black Fairy becomes obsessed with finding a way to weed out the prophesied evil, and goes against the rules of magic to turn herself into a gold fairy. As her efforts prove fruitless, and Tiger Lily grows more concerned, she devises the dark curse as a last resort to send the potential killer of her son away to a land without magic. When Tiger Lily tries to stop her, she tears out her heart, and thus is born into the Black Fairy, and realises she, herself, is the prophesied evil. This tale is witnessed by present day Gold as he and Emma venture into his dream world to rescue Gideon, and Gold, now with the wand retrieved by Regina and our other main characters, goes to fufill his apparent Saviour destiny and defeat her. But psych, the Black Fairy reveals the final part of the tale: she impulsively used the Fates’ shears to sever baby Rumple’s fate to keep them from having to battle. And then she and Gold team up; Gold pretends to the gang that he’s defeated her; and she closes the episode by pledging to murder Emma on her wedding day. Which is tomorrow. Meanwhile, Regina teaches Zelena how to drive so she can leave town with Baby Rapesly and Henry if the final battle goes south. Zelena later uses her new vehicular skills to mow down the Black Fairy when she and Regina do battle. And Hook asks Henry to be his best man.

Hook really doesn’t have any friends, does he?

Yeah, let’s just hit snooze on this one and hope that next week’s musical episode, at long fucking last, isn’t a disaster.

But it might be even better if it is a disaster.

I’m in.


Why I hate this episode:

The self-fulfilling prophecy of the flashbacks is so rote. OUaT and Jaime Murray barely get out of bed on this one. Yawn.

The biggest let down is that the Blue Fairy barely features. After six seasons, I was hoping we might finally get a bit more of a peek behind her curtain. But nope, the flashbacks only involved the Black Fairy and Tiger Lily. Again, yawn.

And what a fucking ass-pull that Rumple was supposed to be a Saviour all along. Get the fuck out. God, OUaT really does think it’s so profound. You’re not, baby.

I hate that Regina is stuck babysitting Zelena again. And even when Regina does get a chance to shine in a duel with the Black Fairy, it’s quickly interrupted by Zelena’s antics. And then the Black Fairy, despite shrugging off the attempted vehicular homicide, just poofs away for no reason other than the episode isn’t finished yet.

The fact that our heroes just believe Gold when he tells them he’s defeated the Black Fairy is preposterous.

Also, after the discovery that he was meant to be a Saviour, Belle gets all misty-eyed and is like “I knew you were good all along.” Do his years of evil actions mean nothing because the circumstances of his birth were supposedly virtuous? What the fuck?

Oh, and OUaT is rude enough to dangle a dragon egg in front of us without mentioning Maleficent and Lily’s absence. So cruel.


But it’s not all bad:

Maybe they’ll cameo at the wedding?

Once Upon a Time is goddamn lucky to have Robert Carlyle in the cast. Where Jaime Murray does the bare minimum required to justify appearing on screen, he musters the few shits he has left to give about this show and carries the emotional heft of the story all by himself. I didn’t care much for his reunion with Gideon in the dream world, but I’ll take a manly tear or two where I can get them.

The scene near the end, when the Black Fairy finally reveals the truth to Gold, is a rare instance of OUaT actually taking the morally complicated path. While Gold is still furious that his mother gave him up, and for power, he is self-aware enough to recognise what it’s like to make that decision. If only OUaT had the strength to not them make him arbitrarily join her. Because plot.

Although, I suspect she’s probably heart-controlling him or something. Which I’d be fine with. Mother Superior’s fate is also currently unknown, as Gold’s reassurance that she’s safe is likely false. Maybe we’ll get some more time with her yet.

The Black Fairy may be a selfish dick, but at least she gets shit done. You sever that baby’s fate, girl. You do you.

I got a kick out of Zelena running down the Black Fairy. Momentarily effective as it was.

Oh, and during their very brief duel, the Black Fairy power blasts Regina, and she manages to stay upright on her heeled boots when thrown back. #queen

OUaT The Black Fairy Regina duel

If Regina had done a death a drop I would have gagged, mawmah.

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3 responses to “Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 19 – TV Review”

  1. SlayerNina Fansub (@slayernina) says :

    -For the way Malcolm said “Rumplestiltskin” I thought he was going to say something about “the name means you’re the evil ass of all dicks” or something like that.
    -Pull ass or not, Rumple being the Savior was interesting (sorry, I’m a sucker of all the Savior/Dark One mythology).
    -Zelena defeaten by Ikea. I just lol’d.
    -And Henry saying to Hook how they almost unable to get shit done. Loosers.

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