The Originals Season 4 Episode 6 – TV Review

The Originals Bag of Cobras Sofya dress

And we’ve got two right here! Zing!

Ogling aside, it seems my predictions of Sofya’s superfluousness might be wrong.

And as long as her revealed hatred for Klaus this episode doesn’t transform into a weird love thing, I’m happy for her to stick around.

Ain’t nobody replacing my Camille, bitch.

TL;DR The Mikaelsons hold a fabulous party to weed out Hollow followers, but end up getting swindled themselves; Sofya isn’t a cultist, and is only out for her own revenge/getting Marcel back; Hayley discovers her parents were protecting a vital component of the Hollow’s plan; Freya and Keelin are still yet to act on their UST; Elijah’s journey down the dark path is forming.

In days of old, it’d be Klaus doing the public murdering, and Elijah grimacing in the background. The tables have turned.

So what would a Mikaelson return to town be without an excessive party at the compound? With Marcel bound and cloaked in the dungeon, Klaus pretends to hold the party jointly with him and plans to use Vincent’s magic to discover whom at the party is a member of the Hollow’s cult. Sofya’s witch ally is identified, and Elijah and Vincent accost him in private while Klaus sexy dances with Sofya, who reveals her thorned bracelet can kill. Witchy offers to make a deal with Elijah to hand over Marcel and Vincent in exchange for the Mikaelsons’ safety, but he gets a little too mouthy, so Elijah publicly executes him in front of the guests as a warning to any other Hollow followers. Meanwhile, Klaus, having made a deal with Sofya to hand over Marcel to her in exchange for the weapon and giving up her Hollow allies (she was double crossing the cult, anyway), takes Vincent to beat up some cultists, but is unusually merciful in sparing their lives. That Elijah/Klaus role reversal again, you know. But Klaus doesn’t relinquish Marcel to Sofya yet, and she reminds him that her hatred for Klaus for massacring her family centuries ago is a lot more potent than her loyalty to Marcel. But it’s okay, because Josh also attended the party, and although he couldn’t see Marcel on his snoop through the tunnels, he did realise something is hidden down there. Which is Marcel. Meanwhile, Hayley has Freya do a reading at the site of her parents’ murder, which leads to a storage locker of their stuff that has been magically protected. Inside, Hayley finds they were protecting some jawbone. She brings it to the boys at the end of the episode, as it’s discovered, in conjunction with earlier research by Vincent of a history of violent attacks in the city, and through Witchy’s comments about the Hollow’s desire to be made flesh, that the jawbone is one of four bone fragments of the Hollow’s witch. And one of the others is the Papa Tunde knife, which the cultists managed to pilfer during the party. And they also resurrect Witchy, which is pretty impressive. Oh, and Freya and Keelin flirt at the party and stuff but are yet to kiss.

Let’s go, girls.

I haven’t got anything revelatory to say about The Originals this week. I’ve had no great epiphanies.

This is just more solid work from TVD’s bigger little sister.

The only sword of Damocles hanging over its head is the probability of cancellation at the end of this season.

But an epic reveal of the Hollow’s witch identity could save it.


Why I hate this episode:

With the Papa Tunde knife being a bone fragment of the Hollow’s witch form, that means it’s definitely a witch who is at least older than Papa Tunde. So should we consider Celeste essentially confirmed? She better have a really good motive.

I need Freya and Keelin to get a move on. You’ve only got thirteen episodes this season, ladies. You don’t have the freedom of a twenty-two episode marathon to build things up. Just get to it.

Speaking of gays, Sofya muscles in on Josh to be his plus one to Klaus’ party, and Josh doesn’t even mention his Teen Wolf boyfriend. Poor Danny.

I really do not want Sofya to be a new love interest for Klaus. Given the reduced episode order, and the likelihood of cancellation, just don’t give him one, show. Or you can bring back Camille. I’d be cool either way.

Sofya’s “you killed my family” backstory is also pretty cookie cutter.

Oh, and I know that Hayley’s parents’ storage locker was spelled shut, but who’s been paying the rent all this time? Plot hole. Unforgivable.


But it’s not all bad:

At least our heroes have one piece of the Hollow’s bones, and the cult doesn’t know about it. Thanks, dead parents.

I’m also impressed that The Originals keeps finding ways to bring the Papa Tunde knife back into the story. It’s the MacGuffin that just won’t quit.

Speaking of not quitting, let’s hand it to Sofya for parleying her disposable appearance last season into near-main character status. And she is actually showing some complexity. She’s not a blind Hollow follower, as she reveals she was only using them to get the weapon she needed against Klaus. And despite her quest to liberate Marcel, she also makes it known that her hatred of Klaus is more potent than anything she feels toward Marcel. I imagine she only wants Marcel back so she can have him kill Klaus, but then why did she relinquish the thorn bracelet when she had Klaus dead to rights? Intrigue.

She also looks fucking stunning in her party dress.

Freya doesn’t fill out her party dress quite as divinely, but I’m glad she makes it. The Originals slips in a nice little moment between her and Vincent where she tries to make some empty apologies for what she did to Davina, and express her regrets. But Vincent, despite his alliance with Klaus and Elijah, isn’t having it. He has nothing to say to Freya, and she can fuck off. Cool.

Elijah’s dark turn suffers from some pretty neon-lit signposting (he explicitly says he’s going to get his hands dirty so that Klaus doesn’t appear monstrous to Hope), but I’m still on board for this plotline. Klaus’ horror at Elijah’s public execution of Witchy, and Klaus’ mercy to the Hollow goons, keep things in focus.

Oh, Witchy. If Josh hadn’t already shacked up with Danny, I’d peg Witchy as a new possible love interest. Because queen is obviously swishy, hunty. Look at that party outfit. He’s even swishier than Swishy Witch Boy. And a lot more alive than him, too. Congrats on the resurrection.

Hope isn’t around. Which is fine with me.

Oh, and I love Freya’s pretend “turn away in horror” when Elijah murders Witchy at the party. I assume it was for Keelin’s benefit, because Freya is a Mikaelson, baby. Heart-ripping is like saying hello.

“Worryingly, yes.” -Keelin

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  1. best says :

    the originals just keeps us here in suspense each week…just wished it can be aired everyday. but I do want sofya as Klaus latest love interest. and Freya and keelin should get things started between them, better than the smiles and mere admiration.

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