The Originals Season 4 Episode 5 – TV Review

The Originals I Hear You Knocking Freya Keelin sexual tension

A hand on the knee is like, what, third base for lesbians?

The overalls are a bit much, though, Keelin. Calm down.

TL;DR Freya and Keelin inch closer to proper love interest status; Marcel and Klaus are hounded by visions from the Hollow, pitting them against each other; they, oddly, do not give in to their urges; Hayley discovers the Ouroboros symbol and the Hollow’s madness is connected to her parents’ deaths; Marcel’s aide is double agent-ing him.

For revenge against Klaus and/or Elijah, right? So did she really need to hide that from Marcel?

So unlike TVD, The Originals isn’t waiting around to tread Siren-infested water, and is getting right to the point. Klaus and Marcel both very quickly realise they’re possessed by the Hollow, which manifests nagging visions to force them to fight each other to the death. The Hollow needs to draw power from a big, supernatural death or whatever. Witch stuff. Klaus is plagued mainly by Mikael and his daddy issues, while Marcel is bombarded by visions of Klaus and Elijah, his own father figures. Although they know it’s all mindgames, Klaus reasons that it probably is best to kill Marcel, while Marcel is determined not to give in. They have a showdown at the abandoned house (the one Adam was taken from), and Klaus is presented with the chance to use an anti-Marcel dagger that Keelin and Freya have built (again, quick work, show. Thanks). But he doesn’t, and the Hollow leaves them. However, Marcel’s aide, Sofya, who has spent her episode seeking help for Marcel from a witch friend of hers, turns out to be a member of the Hollow’s cult (along with the witch), and they find a thorny vine growing from a blood puddle of Marcel’s from a fight wound, and these thorns apparently have the same properties as Marcel’s bite. Cool. Meanwhile, Freya and Keelin, in addition to building that dagger real quick, ratchet up the sapphic sexual tension. Meanwhile, Elijah and Hayley whisk Hope out to the bayou to be babysat by Grandma Mary. But mention of the Ouroboros piques Mary’s interest, and she shows Hayley her dead husband’s diary. He was afflicted with a similar madness as Klaus and Marcel, which ended in him murdering Hayley’s parents. And drawing the Ouroboros. Hayley wonders if the Hollow, apparently the ghost of a dead witch, has had it out for her family all this time, and now wants to finish the job.

It’s about time we took a break from Klaus and Elijah’s ancient enemies coming to attack. Now it’s Hayley’s turn to have ancient, until-now-unmentioned enemies of her own.

I mean, with the efficiency on display here, it really drives home how much of a sloppy, wasteful mess The Vampire Diaries Season 8 was. And The Originals hasn’t even been given its cancellation notice, yet (though, let’s be real, this is it).

Mikaelsons rule, Salvatores drool.

Still waiting for Caroline to show up, though.


Why I hate this episode:

The only danger to such efficiency is running the risk of the events not having the necessary weight or drama. But that hasn’t happened so far.

If the Hollow is apparently out to get Hayley’s family line, then the chances of the Hollow having been a witch we already know are pretty low. This witch would have had to have been either already dead by the time Hayley’s parents were around, or near to their age. And I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out who it could be from our existing witch character roster. Because we need that gasp factor once their identity is revealed, and a new character wouldn’t give us that. Maybe Celeste? To hurt Elijah? I don’t know.

But if it’s Celeste, then why this sudden change in M.O.?

Also, the whole vines thing gives me a bad feeling it could be Dahlia, and ain’t nobody want that.

Speaking of vines growing from Marcel’s blood that have thorns with Marcel’s venom somehow: huh?

Oh, and is anybody shocked that Sofya is duplicitous? I mean, come on, Marcel. How stupid are you?


But it’s not all bad:

Marcel’s stupid, dumb idealism is actually kind of endearing. He refuses to fall for the Hollow’s attempts to goad him into killing Klaus. I’m glad somebody on this show still hasn’t completely tumbled into a pit of cynicism.

And Marcel’s not alone, it seems, as Klaus ends up also being a better man and choosing not to murder his surrogate son at the crucial moment. That’s new.

As Elijah explains to a chained and broken Marcel at the end of the episode, Hope has given Klaus the meaning and goodness he needs in his life. Which is something Marcel gave him once upon a time, but can no longer offer.

And, as Elijah specifies, is no longer needed. Yes, in contrast to Klaus, Elijah, the supposedly noble brother, is becoming the pragmatic cynic. He plainly spells out that Marcel is not needed by Klaus, anymore. And Elijah will kill him if Marcel tries anything funny. Maybe Season 4 will finally turn the tables and have Klaus rescuing Elijah from a path of monstrosity? I’m in.

I’m also in for Hayley being more consequential to the plot, outside of the fruit of her loins. The prospect of more werewolf backstory weirdness doesn’t excite me all that much, but if it gives Hayley some time to shine, I’ll allow it. I also presume this would mean more love scenes between her and Elijah, which are always welcome.

Speaking of love scenes, Keelin is starting to get handsy with Freya. They’re not ready to do much more than wallow in UST, but I expect that to change soon enough. And mad props for getting that science/magic stuff done so quickly, and offscreen. Work, bitches.

I’m curious to find out what Sofya’s revenge is for. We didn’t learn much about her last season (I actually forgot she existed), so it could be anything.

Mikael goes full ham (and full wig) for his Hollow-based appearances this episode, but this is what he’s good for. At least Klaus can rest assured that no matter how bad he is as a father to Hope (and Marcel), he’ll never be as monumentally un-parental as fucking Mikael.

I know it would make absolutely zero sense, but what if the Hollow was Sophie? Basically, I just want a Sophie cameo.

Oh, and to stay true to my word about Hayley/Elijah love scenes, here’s one. I’m still not sick of them.

The Originals I Hear You Knocking Hayley Elijah kiss

Upon further reflection, and considering it’s concerning Crescent wolves, the Hollow is totally Celeste.

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