The Originals Season 4 Episode 4 – TV Review

The Originals Keepers of the House Elijah Hayley

It’s “pussy whipped,” right?

Another day, another Original vampire temporarily dying because they’re linked to a spell-of-the-week crisis.

At least The Originals’ magic is consistent.

TL;DR The Ouroboros gets a name and a cult of followers, but the children are saved; Marcel and Klaus are infected, instead; Elijah and Hayley start to question just how much evil they’re willing to do under the justification of family; Jason Dohring is killed; Freya is indeed getting pushed towards the lesbian side.

I expect The Originals will do lesbians better than TVD did. Because The Originals is better at everything than TVD blah blah I say this every week. You know it by now.

So our mysterious, shadowy Ouroboros gets a name this week. And it is equally mysterious and shadowy: the Hollow. As Hope’s condition bizarrely deteriorates despite Vincent’s cleansing spells, the gang soon discovers the Hollow and its cult of followers still have the other kids, and the ritual is still in play. Klaus is left to babysit Hope while Elijah and Vincent interrogate Jason Dohring, revealing himself complicit; and Hayley and Marcel get a lead from some witches about an Ouroboros-worshipping werewolf. The werewolf kills herself out of guilt, but not before explaining the reason the Hollow has amassed so many followers is because it has promised to give them the power to end Marcel’s iron grip of terror on New Orleans. And powerful it seems, as Jason Dohring uses an amulet to fend off both Elijah and Vincent and return to the cult and the kids. Luckily, our heroes track him there (Klaus now joining, too) to stop them. But psych, that’s what the Hollow wanted, and although the cult, and Jason Dohring, are killed, Klaus and Marcel are trapped in a spell. Elijah, out of options, almost kills one of the four children to break it, but Vincent finds another way, and the children and Klaus and Marcel are saved. Hope, too, recovers, and all is well. Except for the little part about how the Hollow has now possessed Klaus and Marcel or something. Oh, shit. Meanwhile, Freya uses Marcel’s current state of distraction to break into his penthouse for a sample of his venom. Keelin (name upgraded her from Jana. Because let’s be real: nobody watched Containment) tags along out of duress at first, but out of attraction to Freya later. Freya is yet to chow down on pussy town, but does have a scene with Keelin featuring palpable UST.

Not only a gay female pairing, but an interracial (and intergenerational if you consider Freya’s real age) pairing. Weep, TVD. Weep for your vanilla whiteness.

The Originals, in this episode, demonstrated its deftness at handling the obligatory exposition and episode-specific crisis, in balance with the developing character arcs that keep us invested.

And I wasn’t even bothered about Hope’s lack of sincere peril, despite my whinge about it last week.

Keep it up, show.


Why I hate this episode:

My compliments regarding Hope’s acting talent were apparently premature, though. I mean, she’s no TVD twins or Mateo from Jane the Virgin, but she’s also no Jacob Tremblay, you know? There’s a beat where she wakes up after the spell has been broken where I thought her stiltedness was implying she was possessed by the Hollow. But then her fear of it at the end confirms that she isn’t. And I don’t believe that was me simply reading the situation incorrectly (I’m never wrong, baby. I am a flawless angel). That was the show’s fault.

It’s also the show’s fault that I didn’t give a shit about Jason Dohring’s death. Vincent spends the episode finger wagging at Elijah about how they have to make sure to spare his life because he’s Vincent’s best friend. So when Klaus kills him for attacking Marcel, Vincent lets out this big, anguished scream, and I didn’t feel anything. He was a hangover from Camille’s storyline last season that should have gone away when he was compelled to go away. Sorry, Jason. I won’t miss you.

Hayley plays the “as a mother” card on some witches to get the intel on the werewolf. Shut up. At least she isn’t the mature aged student in a uni tute, though.

Oh, and in a nightmare to close out the episode, Hope sees Klaus with glowing blue irises. Oh, honey. No. Glowing, coloured irises are Teen Wolf’s thing. And have you been watching Teen Wolf? Nobody wants to be Teen Wolf.


But it’s not all bad:

Maybe The Originals will embarrass that show, too, and take one of their things and make it work?

Having Marcel and Klaus be the ones to be trapped together by the Hollow was a smart move. We get to see Klaus defending Marcel, his surrogate son, even after the five years of torture and near-murder of his family. And now they have a reason to unite; to work together. Keep that soap wheel turning, boys.

The name “the Hollow” is your standard generic, ominous bad thing name. But it still is pretty generic and ominous at this point, so I suppose it fits. The cultists make reference to a master, so I suspect the Hollow will evolve beyond just the nebulous blue light that is its current form. As long as it doesn’t turn out to be some evil black man from a suddenly-in-existence Hell dimension, we’ll be okay.

His supposed besties status with Jason Dohring not withstanding, Vincent continues to impress with his level of commitment to being a valuable, emotionally significant centre of current events. Sure, the Hollow went after Klaus and Marcel for the moment. But given that he’s the witch of the group (and Freya’s busy), I expect it will fall to Vincent to be the solution to the problem. A problem that he created. I’m in. I’m still as surprised as you are to say that about Vincent, but I’m in.

Elijah doesn’t get as much to do this episode, but his own little subplot about the evil he’s willing to do in the name of his family is coming together nicely. First is his suggestion to kill Jason, which gets put on hold by Vincent (and Jason himself, when he brings the amulet beatdown). But it really sticks later when Elijah admits to Hayley that he would have gladly murdered one of the four children if it meant saving Hope and Klaus. Hayley rightly worries what Elijah, and herself and the others, could be capable of. Dude. That’s deep, yo.

Not so deep is the fun flirtation between Freya and Keelin. But even a mopey vampire show filled with relentless bloodshed and murder needs a little lightness. I’m glad Freya is getting a love interest at long last. It’s not explicitly confirmed, but their scenes have the expected level of sexual tension. Make your move, Keelin. She’s hot. And powerful.

They also get Marcel’s venom, so hopefully they get to their science experiments quickly. Before the Hollow sets Marcel off.

It was a welcome reality check to Marcel when the renegade werewolf threw the reason for her involvement with the Hollow in his face: Marcel’s tyrannical stranglehold on New Orleans. Marcel’s greatest point of pride is how fine his leadership is. Well it ain’t, baby.

Oh, and the werewolf also throws shit on Hayley for being a similarly bad leader, having abandoned the werewolves for the Mikaelsons. She’s got you there.

The Originals Keepers of the House Hayley werewolf bayou suicide

As a mother, it’s because you’re so nurturing.

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