iZombie – Discontinued

iZombie Discontinued

Sorry, Rob Thomas. No, not that Rob Thomas.

I am a traitor to Veronica Mars’ legacy.

But to be honest, there’s nothing too salacious for me to say about this Discontinued. I don’t hate iZombie. I found its first two seasons to be constantly a pleasant surprise of whimsy and compelling character moments.

But that was because iZombie was about a small scale zombie story. Now, with this Season 3 premiere, things are out of hand.

Max Rager was cute because it was an energy drink company run by lunatics who were making evil Red Bull. But the new super company run by zombies, for zombies, staffed almost entirely by zombies, with zombie children, and plans for zombie segregation and public acceptance, isn’t fun.

It’s a dour and weird first outing for the season, and with all the complicated other subplots still going on (I legitimately couldn’t remember what happened with the Blaine/Peyton/Ravi plot from last season’s finale. Even after reading my own review), I’m out.

But who knows? Maybe iZombie will finally break the I Just Hate Everything Discontinued curse, and I’ll pick it back up? It certainly stands a better chance than fucking Scream Queens or American Garbage Fire Story ever did.

iZombie Discontinued

Zombies breathe in this universe, right?

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6 responses to “iZombie – Discontinued”

  1. Tom says :

    Long time fan, first time poster.
    Give !zombie another chance – it is back in it’s groove. If you could watch Glee for all those years, you can handle a stray bad !zombie episode or 2.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I’ve been keeping up with the episodes as they air, but I’m finding myself unable to stay invested with what’s happening. The only interesting thing in this week’s episode was Major’s shirtless scene in the locker room.

      This is the Veronica Mars creative, team, though. So there’s always hope.

  2. Steph Nunya says :

    Obviously you dont even know what good tv or good writing is if you claim to hate this third season. What the hell is your rant even about anyway? Until you can put out an EDUCATED blog and not ramble like some spoiled pissed off toddler (which is exactly what you are by the way) you shouldnt be taken seriously. Go eat some midol and shut up already. Obviously no one agrees with you as the show has been renewed for a 4th season and ratings are quite high. Maybe put down your crack pipe and leave tv to the professionals, yeah? And shut down your bullshit blog, too. Such a disgrace.

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