The Originals Season 4 Episode 3 – TV Review

The Originals Haunter of Ruins Eva

Just a look of crazed, infanticidal evil. And a bit of puke.

The Originals, as of this episode, is still fantastic.

But dragging back problems from Season 2 doesn’t make me optimistic for the future.

TL;DR The Ouroboros symbol is linked to dark magic, and flashbacks show how it corrupted Eva; and it still wants to corrupt Vincent; Klaus successfully bonds with Hope; Rebekah and Kol fulfill their contracts and GTFO; Elijah and Hayley have hot sex; Freya makes a deal with her werewolf captive; Jason Dohring is back, and he’s evil.

Or under duress. Or compelled. Or hexed. There are a lot of options in this universe, okay?

So we’ll start with Vincent, actually. He and Marcel set out to investigate the old Strix mansion as there have been reports of mysterious activity, refusing official help from Detective Jason Dohring. Along the way, Vincent recalls his marriage to Eva Sinclair: they were happy at first and she was normal, but when she discovered she was pregnant, Vincent resolved to find magic powerful enough to oust the witch-murdering Marcel. He discovered the Ouroboros book mysteriously, and it was potent sacrificial magic. Eva got a little too into it and starting stealing children, and Vincent’s attempts to exorcise her were in vain. At the Strix mansion, Marcel and Vincent discover a witch practising that same magic, who offers Vincent an ominous declaration that “it” still wants him. They stop the witch from killing Adam and some other kids, but when they discover Hope Mikaelson was also targeted, Marcel has to invite his enemies back to town to find out wassup. Meanwhile, Klaus spends his episode tentatively bonding with Hope. At first she’s shy, but they have adorable daddy-daughter time as things progress. It’s lovely. Meanwhile, Hayley and Elijah reconnect (at the groin), and Hayley, in a bid to find some decency left within her, sets Jana the werewolf free. This doesn’t sit well with Freya, but rather than simply drag her back to the milking station, Freya instead makes a deal with Jana, who it turns out is a gifted scientist who has experimented with her own biology before, to find a way to defeat Marcel. Meanwhile, Kol and Rebekah concede to their own superfluousness, and get out of the show’s way. And Jason Dohring reappears at the end to re-kidnap the four rescued children.

Logan Echolls is trouble. We should have listened to Keith.

So yeah, this episode is pretty rad. I’m glad my anticipation of Eva’s return was proven correct (she’s under contract with Legends of Tomorrow, so it’s not like it was hard to get her).

And I’ll give The Originals points for finding an excuse to get the Mikaelsons back in New Orleans that didn’t make me roll my eyes.

But unless this show learned its lessons from Season 2, dark days are ahead.


Why I hate this episode:

Remember how Season 2 collapsed in on itself because the major villain arc of Dahlia going after Hope never had any tension? Because there’s no fucking way the CW is brave enough to kill a baby? Well, Hope isn’t a baby, anymore, but she is still basically a toddler. After the ongoing train wreck that was the twins over on TVD, I have zero faith that Hope is in any real danger. I truly hope The Originals doesn’t put all their tension eggs in her basket.

Speaking of Season 2 callbacks, I was also a little miffed that Eva’s evil was explained away. I liked the idea that she was just a nasty-ass ho.

Jana says she used science to find a way to stop her werewolf healing factor. So she could fit in to normal society more. Umm, how about no? She justifies it by explaining how a girlfriend of hers got freaked out when she healed from a broken bone too quickly. But, like, how often is that going to be an issue? Don’t handicap yourself, honey.

Oh, and I’ve got to feel a little bad for Rebekah. She was so much fun on The Vampire Diaries, but The Originals never found a place for her. And yet again, Rebekah gets put on a bus after doing her obligatory cameo. If Camille and Davina are going to stay dead, we need some more female characters up in here.


But it’s not all bad:

Rebekah’s send-off is earned. She tells Klaus that now he’s got his own family that she should go out and find hers (she’s still looking for love. After all these millennia). It’s fair. Kol also needs a reason to be booted out and stop moaning about Davina, so they go together. I’m sure The Originals will dredge them back up for the finale.

Similarly to Rebekah, Elijah wonders what his purpose is now that he won’t need to babysit Klaus, anymore. Given that they’ve been summoned back to New Orleans, I suspect Elijah will still have to protect Klaus from his enemies (and from himself). But I, too, wonder what might happen with Elijah moving forward.

More sex scenes with Hayley are always welcome, by the way. I can’t get enough of that.

But overshadowing that is Klaus’ budding parental relationship with Hope. Hope seems to be breaking the CW child actor curse (the twins on TVD; the horrendous toddler-aged Mateo on Jane the Virgin) of late, and has sufficient acting talent to carry her scenes. My favourite was when Klaus was first reaching out to her, and they discuss how they’re both painters. She wordlessly hands him a sheet of paper to join her, and Klaus’ happy face gave me a happy face. Totes adorbs.

Klaus is later impressed that Hope uses her magic (on the DL from Hayley) to heal an injured butterfly. She’s a gentle soul.

Vincent gets saddled with boatloads of exposition this episode, but between his chats with Marcel and flashbacks to Eva, he handles it admirably. The addiction to the Ouroboros magic is hardly a surprising story, but the little details back it up. Like how the book appeared to Vincent, in his home, out of nowhere. And that Eva wasn’t possessed or infected by the magic: she just became a bad person because of it. And that it apparently let Vincent go because it needed him for later. Shiver.

The spookiest one, though, is that the book is written in Vincent’s handwriting, but he doesn’t remember writing it. Fuck. And it survives Vincent’s attempt to burn it.

I’m grateful that poor old Sophie gets a name-drop when flashback Eva explains she was the one to identify her pregnancy. If anyone deserves a late-in-the-game reprise, it’s Sophie. I miss her.

Jana just slips in there that she’s gay (or bisexual). Cool. And Freya’s plan to use science to study and undo Marcel is a compelling new angle on this whole vampire thing. TVD dipped their toe in that water with Augustine, but I reckon The Originals can one-up them.

Also, with Freya sans love interest, could Jana be set to fill that position? Then The Originals will have a gay male and a gay female couple at the same time. Suck on that, TVD.

Oh, and to leave things on a glowing note before the possible slide we’ll see into tension-less, you’ll-never-kill-the-toddler territory, here’s Klaus’ proud Papa Wolf face. Elijah may have brooding and background modelling and crying down, but no Mikaelson smiles like Klaus.

The Originals Haunter of Ruins Klaus smiling


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  1. Anonymous says :

    Who’s Jana? Freya’s girl is named Keelin.

  2. Trisha Bontempo says :

    Sorry everything about Elijah is sexy! especially his smile he beats Nik in that too!

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