The Originals Season 4 Episode 2 – TV Review

The Originals No Quarter Camille Klaus

This is my happy place.

Sadly, my suspicions of the previews were true, and Camille is indeed a mental projection.

And the Originals concede defeat to Marcel and leave New Orleans forever.

The horror.

TL;DR Klaus is rescued, but our heroes (?) vow to leave New Orleans and never return; Klaus spends his pre-rescue time getting a pep talk from his mind’s image of Camille; Vincent delves further into the Ouroboros mystery, and it appears to be something from his past that could spell ruin for all; Kol pines for poor, dead Davina; Josh has a new love interest.

Every time I see Josh I am impressed and infuriated that he’s still alive. He outlived Camille and Davina, for fuck’s sake.

So the heist is on to rescue Klaus, and all the Mikaelsons have come to play. Rebekah leads the charge, endangering herself to be a diversion for Marcel, while the rest of the gang head into the tunnels beneath the city to jailbreak Klaus (the TVD-verse loves a good nebulous tunnel). Except Kol, who is tasked with babysitting Josh (the entrance to the tunnel is at Rousseau’s, which Josh now manages), and they moan about Davina. But Marcel’s aide takes out Rebekah, and Elijah is forced to fend off Marcel while Freya and Hayley desperately try to break the barrier spell around Klaus. Hayley, too, is forced to join the fight against Marcel, and just when all hope looks lost, in comes Klaus with the Papa Tunde knife. Klaus spends his episode in a mindscape conversation with Camille, who psycho analyzes him, and they discuss how Klaus is afraid to be free. Because if he returns to Hope, then he wont’ be the legend that is Klaus Mikaelson. And he may end up being a terrible father (Mikael wasn’t much of a role model). But Camille says trying is worth it, and Klaus is able to help free himself. Kol swoops in to save Rebekah after discovering Josh is a double agent, and the Mikaelsons almost make it out of New Orleans without having to suffer a self-important speech from Marcel. Sadly, Marcel catches up and is all like “you’re not quitting. I’m firing you!” But the end result is they do leave, and Klaus can now be a father to Hope. Aww. Meanwhile, Vincent investigates the abandoned house where Maxine’s son went missing, and discovers the Ouroboros symbol, as well as that big meanie blue light orb thing. To close out the episode, Vincent leaves Marcel a panicked voicemail declaring it’s something calamitous, from his past, and could destroy everything. Oh, and Josh has a new boyfriend, and it’s Danny from Teen Wolf.

Oh, The Originals. You don’t need Teen Wolf’s leftovers.

So yeah, it’s a focused little caper episode. Everyone gets to play a part, and I’m relieved that Klaus is out of the dungeon so quickly. That didn’t need to be a multi-episode arc.

But where to from here, The Originals? We know you can’t afford new sets, so you’ll have to stay in New Orleans. Why make the proclamation about leaving if you’ll have to renege so quickly?


Why I hate this episode:

The obvious answer is that something will have to happen to de-power Marcel. Although we’ve got Jana from Containment in tow to manufacture a cure to his bite (she is not featured this episode), he’s still too powerful. The playing field needs to be evened, and I dread some more “magic does what we say it does” rubbish coming along to achieve that.

Alternatively, Marcel could start playing nice with the Originals. But that would contravene everything he’s been saying, especially this episode.

Marcel’s big moment at the end is pathetic. He claims that he’s letting Klaus and co go because it’s the opposite of what Klaus would do (Klaus, obviously, would probably just murder his enemies), and he’s not going to be his father. Okay, Marcel. Keep those daddy issues in check. Geez.

I feel like I should care about Josh’s love life. Mainly because I was always so hard on TVD for No Gays In Mystic Falls. But, like, it’s Josh. And Danny from Teen Wolf? What a shoulder shrug of a casting choice.

Oh, and I’m upset that Camille was only a figment of Klaus’ imagination. And being credited as “special guest star” is basically a guarantee that she’s not coming back to life. But who is there left for Klaus to love? Would a CW show dare go on without a love interest for its main character?


But it’s not all bad:

I’ll take any Camille I can get. And it’s commendable how, as an extension of Klaus’ memories of her, she is still a three dimensional human. She cheerleads when necessary, but she’s still ready to point out Klaus’ flaws and fears.

With Arrow patting itself on the back so fucking hard about characters realising things about themselves, it’s refreshing that Klaus, through a mental projection of his dead love, is so honest with himself.

The discussion they have about Klaus’ fears as a parent; about how now that Hope is no longer a baby that she can see him do evil things and she can judge him for who he is. That’s deep (for a vampire soap opera). Klaus would rather be an unseen legend to Hope than to risk disappointing or corrupting her. But he makes the difficult choice to try.

Rebekah and Marcel’s back-and-forth is nowhere near as compelling, but I appreciated that Marcel is finally over her romantically (or so he says). Rebekah has to pull a hex stake to keep him with her. And we later discover that Marcel and his aide, who is a vampire, are involved.

Speaking of her, she makes a callback to the “dump ’em in the ocean” plan used last season. Thank you. If only you guys had given that hot tip to The Vampire Diaries gang.

While the Mikaelsons are out getting themselves banned from New Orleans, Vincent is flying the flag for plot arcs that move things forward. He doesn’t find Maxine’s son, but I did get a little tingle of excitement when he immediately recognised the Ouroboros. And then he digs an old book out of the church’s safe with the same symbol on its cover, and leaves that message for Marcel about the grave danger they’re in. More of this, please.

Curiously, when the blue light orb attacks, Vincent is able to drive it off using some apparently garden variety protection charm that Maxine had given him, which actually belongs to her son. I don’t know what any of this means. But I do want to know.

Vincent also alludes to Jason Dohring’s character, as he gets intel from a detective friend. Without Camille around, I doubt we’ll see much of him, anymore. But it was comforting that he hasn’t been forgotten entirely.

Kol doesn’t do anything fucking retarded this episode, so chalk that up as a win, baby.

Klaus jams the Papa Tunde knife into Marcel, which is how the Originals flee the compound. But Marcel is strong enough to grab it while it’s working its way in and pulls it right out. Fuck, dude.

Oh, and Elijah is hot. I may gush over Adrian from Arrow’s hot face, but Elijah is yet to be dethroned.

The Originals No Quarter Elijah handsome

I don’t know. Have we seen Adrian manly cry yet?

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14 responses to “The Originals Season 4 Episode 2 – TV Review”

  1. The One Who Knows Extended (aka long af) says :

    Long Live King Elijah!

    On to other things, I always wondered why TVD would introduce siphoning, but never actually bloody use it. I imagine the magic used to make Marcel extra-original could be easily sucked out. Oh well. But then there’s Hope, who is like crazy powerful. Now I don’t think The Originals or Klaus would be up for using a child as a weapon but who knows. And if Marcel does renege on his elaborate and full-of-himself gloating, then that would fit in with all he’s done so far; he’s quite hypocritical.
    Camille was such a breath of fresh air. Hope for more of Klaus’ mind games? As per Klaus love interest, while it would be nice for him to just chill as a single dad, it appears a certain blonde pageant queen Klaus has made lofty promises to just became available.
    Marcel’s aide, Sofya, was actually in a few episodes last season (now I don’t really remember which ones). Just thought you might want to know.
    And I have a feeling Eva Sinclair is coming back (don’t know how as I don’t even remember much of her, but just a theory). Especially with how Vincent was shaking with the fear that he screwed everything up. NO can’t stay peaceful for long can it? Too bad it coincides with The Mikaelsons return cause it sure doesn’t seem like their fault this time.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I saw a blurb for the next episode, and apparently the Ouroboros is related to Eva, so we were on the money for that one.

      Thanks for the tip on Sofya. A quick Google search shows she changed her hair colour, which is minor character death. Way to get the promotion to semi-regular, though, girl. Well done.

      Still not sure if I want Caroline to come over to The Originals. Too much baggage.

  2. Trisha Bontempo says :

    HAYLIJAH! better be together in season 5. The writers really F***** with season 4! My god Hayley was on the run for 5 years to find a cure and then she starts acting like she does! They need to fix this shit! And now they are both going to have new love interests and Hayley Dies burns to death in front of Elijah and he has no memories of who he or she is and the love they share! WTF! And i agree Elijah is hot as HELL!

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I just can’t believe that, with cancellation surely a real possibility (I’m still shocked they got renewed for Season 5), that the show would decide to spin its wheels by pushing Hayley and Elijah apart.

      If they don’t get back together for good by the finale, then that will be such a disappointment. This is a TVD-verse show. We need an epic love story.

      • Trisha Bontempo says :

        I hope so! I love reading your reviews, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time, my mom is in the hospital in bad shape, So I appreciate your reviews and making me laugh! I hope you will reply to my comment about Elijah and Gia i hate even putting her name with his, why did he fall so fast with her if he was in love with Hayley, I don’t mean just sex,but wow it was quick! Do you think he loved her?

  3. IHateJuliePlec says :

    OMG, I love your comment about Josh. As much as I do love the character I can’t believe he is still alive. Same with Vincent and that Cami is dead.

    I too, think it’s great Klaus was so honest with himself when he conjured up Cami. ( I thought the same thing when watching) I think that’s why she didn’t say she missed him too after he said he missed her. Regardless I want, CAMI TO BE ALIVE. Everyone else can come back from the dead why can’t Cami?

    As of now I am not watching season 5. I’ll find out how it all ends before I torture myself through more Klaus and Caroline.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      The tension in Klaus and Caroline’s relationship was solely dependent on Tyler. Now that he’s dead (without much fanfare, too. Ouch, TVD), I don’t think their pairing would make much sense, anymore.

      And yeah, Camille better be back in some capacity for the final season. It would be an insult if she weren’t.

      • IHateJuliePlec says :

        So far it doesn’t look like she will be back which would be a mistake IMO. Personally I think Klaus should die and he should just end up in the after life with Camille. Imagine all the hate that would get if the Klamille fans got to call them end game:)

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