Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 11 – TV Review

OUaT Tougher Than the Rest Emma defeats Gideon

It looks like a serious, dangerous moment. Which clearly wouldn’t be true.

If Gideon was still a baby, this scene would be a lot more fun.

Also, welcome back to OUaT. You have not been missed.

TL;DR Emma and Regina GTFO the Enchanted Fauxrest wish world; via Pinocchio-made magic wardrobe; Regina brings Robin, too, and he has no baggage (cha ching!); Gideon reveals he’s not evil, but simply wants to kill Emma to get her Saviour powers to defeat the Black Fairy; he does not succeed; David blames himself for summoning Gideon.

Yeah, pretty much, dickhead. Good grief.

So Regina and Emma are trapped in the Enchanted Fauxrest, but Emma soon gets the idea to have Pinocchio (grown up to be an August-aged man) make another magic wardrobe as their way to get back to Storybrooke. While she and Pinocchio tussle with a magic tree (and an old, overweight, wannabe-hero Hook), Regina self-flagellates by seeing if this world’s Robin was happy without her. But it turns out he’s not, and he was never the heroic Robin Hood. Because Marian died young and he never knew love and blah blah blah. The Sheriff of Nottingham briefly captures them, but they are rescued by Rumple. Who then captures them (the Fauxrest’s version of Queenie killed Belle), but Robin and Regina escape, meet up with Emma, and then, at Emma’s urging, Regina brings Robin through to Storybrooke for a sexy second chance. And with no ex-wife-who’s-actually-Zelena. Or son. It’s a miracle! Meanwhile, Gideon reveals to his parents that he’s not so bad; he only wants to kill Emma to absorb her Saviour powers in order to defeat the Black Fairy and save some other random world (where he grew up? But didn’t he grow up in a warp space or something?) from her tyranny. When Emma returns, they battle, but Emma escapes her fate and bests him. Belle and Gold pledge to unite in their efforts to dissuade Gideon from his dark path, but worry about the damage that might ensue. And David whines and moans about how he won’t wake Snow up until he’s cleaned up the Gideon-sized mess his dumbass wish caused.

Yeah, pretty much, dickhead. Good grief.

I am extremely glad that Once Upon a Time didn’t linger in the Enchanted Fauxrest alternate reality trap it had seemed to set itself. I was anticipating all kinds of exhausting hijinks, and the appearance of Hoboe Hook didn’t fill me with hope.

But they’re outta there, and they even brought along an unburdened toyboy Robin for Regina to fall in love with all over again.

It’s about time Regina finally chalked up a win.


Why I hate this episode:

My gut is telling me that Robin won’t necessarily fall in love with her. And my even more pessimistic gut is worried that he might fall in love with Emma. Yuck.

It’s also mentioned a number of times how Robin is the only person in the Enchanted Fauxrest who didn’t get aged up accordingly. Which makes me suspicious that he will be a complication. Oh, Regina.

I think Gideon is supposed to come off as delusional and/or insane with his apparently noble motive of trying to save the world from the Black Fairy’s tyranny… by murdering Emma. But nah, babe. That’s not heroic. Didn’t the Black Fairy put a dictionary in the torture dungeon? That’s just poor grandparenting.

Belle and Gold’s truce is lame.

Emma’s death visions don’t exactly match up with how the duel with Gideon actually occurs. Her outfit is different; Regina is there, plain to see, in the crowd; and I suppose we still don’t really know who was under the hood in the vision. So I think it’s a bit presumptuous to close the book on this one, Emma.

David is a dope. Are you surprised?

Oh, and we get yet more flashbacks to Emma’s childhood, as a young August gives her some pep talk about the power of belief. Snooze.


But it’s not all bad:

I forgot how handsome August is. And the adult Pinocchio in the Enchanted Fauxrest has such a snappy little outfit on. Was it just me, or was Emma, like, into it?

I can’t imagine the image of Hoboe Hook would do much to stoke her pussy fires for her current boyfriend. It’s time to hop back on August’s log, Emma. This Hook thing is way played out.

Speaking of played out romances, OUaT just couldn’t resist a bullshit reason to bring back Robin. Get these leading ladies some fresh love interests, please. Yeesh. Having said that, though, Regina certainly lucked out on this one. She gets Robin with all the same hunkiness and sex appeal, but without any of the obstacles that got in the way of their previous romance. I know it smacks of bad fanfiction, but if it benefits Regina, I’ll allow it.

Emma almost totally fucking murders Gideon. She summons the strength to blast him with her magic during their fight, which shatters the gem-handled sword, and she holds a shard of it to his throat. Only the pleading of Gold not to kill his baby stops her. Yeah, Once Upon a Time probably isn’t the kind of show to have a throat-slitting on Main Street. But we were close.

Enchanted Fauxrest Rumple, while acknowledging that he believes Regina isn’t from this land and this land isn’t even technically real, still wants to flay her and Robin after the discovery that this reality’s Queenie left Belle to starve to death in a castle. The matter-of-fact dumping of the bag of her bones at Regina’s feet is delightful.

Emma is the one who suggests bringing Robin through the wardrobe. She’s like “Meh, why not?” Right?

Oh, and would it be too outlandish to think that Once Upon a Time couldn’t possibly be repetitive and cruel enough to kill off Robin twice? Does Regina actually have a chance at happiness?

OUaT Tougher Than the Rest Regina Robin

The OUaT writers get ideas? When?

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4 responses to “Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 11 – TV Review”

  1. SlayerNina Fansub (@slayernina) says :

    Bonus points to August’s sexyness a Fhooks pathetic “rescue”. Maybe a love triangle on sight? XD

  2. The One Who Knows says :

    Thinking of Arrow, I won’t trust OUAT too much. They both tend to succumb to the whims and follies of the writers.

    August tho…

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