Arrow Season 5 Episode 15 – TV Review

Arrow Fighting Fire With Fire Oliver Adrian impeachment

I didn’t. But here we are.

I’m this close to dumping Arrow. Just a warning.

If it wasn’t for Adrian Chase’s hotness, and the Thea/Quentin moments, I’d be out.

Like I said last week, I just don’t care what happens to these people, anymore.

TL;DR Prometheus is blandly revealed to be Adrian, while Vigilante’s identity remains unknown; Oliver doesn’t get impeached; Curtis gets far too much screentime; Thea quits her job because it’s sending her down a dark path; Oliver gets back together with Bitch Reporter; Felicity joins the hacktivists; I literally said “I don’t care” out loud during the Bratva sequences.

I just don’t, man. I just don’t.

This week follows on directly from last week, with Oliver’s position as mayor under fire due to his abuse of power to protect the Green Arrow. The impeachment hearings begin, and despite Adrian’s offer to take the fall, Oliver endures the humiliation. And also, he totally did abuse his power to protect the Green Arrow; to protect himself. Eventually Oliver gets the idea to spin things by throwing the Green Arrow under the bus and declaring him a menace and saying he feels sho shilly for helping him. This works, and everything is fine. Meanwhile, Vigilante goes after Mayor Oliver Queen because the plot says so, but Prometheus intervenes. And it turns out Prometheus is Adrian, and you can feel the smugness from the Arrow writers for that supposedly epic misdirect. Who cares? Meanwhile, Thea gets Bitch Reporter’s name cleared and her job back, and she falls back into Oliver’s arms, and pledges to keep his Green Arrow identity a secret. Meanwhile, Diggle worries about Felicity abusing the power of the magic USB (lots of abuses of power right now), but she don’t give no fucks, honey, and she officially accepts Kacey Rohl’s offer to join Helix. Meanwhile, Curtis both sticks to his earlier resolution to focus on tech rather than field work, but then also goes out in the field to work with said tech, to decent results. But his husband serves him divorce papers. And the flashbacks are so pointless that I refuse to even cover them. Nothing valuable happens.

“Nothing valuable happens.” They should put that on the Arrow Season 5 DVD cover.

The swell of apathy within me towards Arrow is making me question whether I actually did enjoy the first part of this season (before the crossover episode and mid-season break). Was it all just an illusion? Had I been so beaten down by the atrocity of Season 4 that literally any improvement, no matter how slight, would make me praise without question?

All I know is that I can’t fucking wait for this season to be over. If I even make it to the end.


Why I hate this episode:

I’m going to keep saying it: I don’t care. I don’t care about the flashbacks. I don’t care about Oliver being mayor (again, this is something he, himself, didn’t care about until Season 4). I don’t care about Felicity joining the hackers. I don’t care about Curtis in any way, shape, or form. I don’t care about Adrian being Prometheus. I don’t care.

The only things I do still care about are Thea, Quentin, Adrian’s hot face, and finding out who Vigilante is. If not Adrian, then who?

Thea’s subplot this episode is trash. After showing what a bad bitch she is last episode by destroying Bitch Reporter’s life and beginning to emulate Moira’s boss-ness, Thea immediately goes into backpedal mode and undoes her triumph, and then quits her job because it’s too toxic. What the fuck ever, Arrow. Way to make it even harder to put Thea and Quentin together in a scene.

Oh, Curtis. You just can’t put a foot right, can you? So Curtis, and the show, apparently decided it was better for him to be, like, tech support and R&D, right? But then he got a new costume and was put back in the field last episode (and failed, miserably). But then this week he mentions verbatim his resolution to do tech stuff, but then also somehow extends that to mean “I will then take my tech stuff into the field.” Are you a field agent or not, Curtis? Pick one.

The T-Spheres are total garbage, too. They’re on Felicity’s computer magic level of “tech does what we say it does.” Which is not a huge surprise for a comic book property, but still.

The real What The Fuck comes when Curtis uses the T-Spheres in battle against Vigilante. Much hand-wringing is done over how Curtis has had to work himself to the bone to get them operational, but then he smirks while they blow up in Vigilante’s face. As in, they self-destruct. Did I get that right? He blew them up? I didn’t get the impression that he had a large supply of them; we only see that he has two. And they both get destroyed this episode. Huh?

The T-Spheres thing caused the usual level of Curtis irritation, but I legitimately got mad later on when Oliver is trying to give an impassioned thank you speech to the team, and Curtis repeatedly interrupts him and eventually straight up stops him and leaves mid-way because he has to go to a dinner date with his husband. And the team, and the show, think this is funny. It’s not.

Do you think the decision to make Adrian Prometheus was as last minute and unplanned as the decision to make Laurel the one in the grave from last season? Because that’s what it feels like.

Oh, and every person wielding a gun this episode fires it at point blank range and somehow misses. Again, this is what happens when too many characters’ powers are “has guns.”


But it’s not all bad:

One of Vigilante’s other powers appears to be “surviving explosions to the face,” as he inexplicably disappears when Curtis’ second T-Sphere attacks him. I like to think of this as a statement on how fucking useless the T-Spheres are. And Curtis is their creator, so it makes sense.

I laughed out loud when his dinner date with his husband turned sour with the reveal of the divorce papers. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving character.

The Prometheus reveal fell flat on its perfect, handsome face. But I now genuinely am invested in the hunt for Vigilante’s identity. Are there any semi-important minor characters who could fit the bill?

To conclude their battle, Prometheus throws Vigilante off a rooftop. I can dig it.

The practical effects limo crash that Vigilante causes is also pretty spectacular. The stunt department is still showing up to work, it appears. Too bad about the writers.

Oh, and Adrian is still the Queen of Voguing.

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