The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 15 – TV Review

TVD We're Planning a June Wedding Caroline Stefan married kiss

I’m concerned.

No, really. I am concerned.

Katherine isn’t in this episode. Which means we only have next week’s finale left, and I’m gonna guess there’s a strong chance that Nina Dobrev will need to spend at least a little bit of that episode as Elena.

I want more Katherine than we’ve gotten, is what I’m saying. And a fuckton less of Matt’s fucking family.

TL;DR Melinda Clarke finally gets her cameo, but grossly outstays her welcome; Vicki’s back, too, but who cares?; Stefan and Caroline get married; Bonnie loses Enzo because of some convoluted magical nonsense; and the twins are still here.

Again, I’ll take some Katherine (or even some more Kai) over all these losers. What the fuck, TVD? Stop wasting time.

So with Kai gone and Katherine apparently on the prowl, our heroes devise a scheme to throw Stefan and Caroline’s wedding to lure Katherine out and kill her. To kill her, they theorise that they should be able to forge a dagger made from her bones, which is where Peter comes back in. And he’s brought a suddenly-here Melinda Clarke as Matt’s mother, Kelly, for a visit, too. Except psych, Kelly is actually on leave from Hell, not unlike Kai was, and has made a deal with Katherine or something to fuck with the gang while Vicki, also on leave from Hell, rings the Hell Bell to incinerate Mystic Falls. The success of that plan is yet to be seen. Meanwhile, Stefan and Caroline do actually get married (by Damon, as celebrant) when Katherine fails to appear at the ceremony, so much of the episode is spent with everyone giving each other warm fuzzies and stuff (Damon and Caroline reminisce about Liz; Damon is proud of Stefan; Alaric wrings his hands but gives his blessing; the twins are there to be flower girls). Meanwhile, Bonnie, evidently quick to renege on her seeming progress to forgive Stefan from last episode, whinges about how she can’t be at the wedding of her true love’s murderer. However, Enzo brings her around. But then Kelly blows up a house with Bonnie and the twins inside, and the twins have to siphon Bonnie’s magical psychic dimension thing to save them all, so Enzo’s gone for good now. I think (hope)? Oh, and Ginger Spice’s “cameo” is just a lame name drop.

At least they didn’t forget her altogether. That’s something, right?

I mean, this episode is cute enough. The wedding felt like an important event, and the characters have a handful of touching moments.

But as the penultimate episode of the entire series, it’s an insult that so much time is devoted to the fucking Donovans in what is mostly a run-of-the-mill scheme episode. And one that doesn’t feature Katherine, which is the only thing anybody actually wants.

Were you sitting around since the season began hoping that Kelly and Vicki Donovan would come back to arbitrarily murder people as TVD’s final farewell?


Why I hate this episode:

No. I was sitting around since the season began hoping that Katherine would come back to arbitrarily murder people as TVD’s final farewell. And as Kelly and Vicki’s commander, I suppose that’s technically what’s happening. But it doesn’t count without her on-screen in all her glory, TVD.

And at this point, I’m now legitimately nervous that we won’t get to see Katherine at all. Can you imagine if Nina only showed up to play Elena? Nobody wants that.

Also, where’s Jeremy?

Speaking of belated cameos: poor Ginger Spice. Sure, she’s a reminder of the embarrassing Season 7. But she’s still better than Sybil and Seline. At least she got a shout out for putting the protection spell on the twins.

That spell obviously doesn’t protect them from gas explosions, though, as we’re treated to a truly bizarre sequence where the twins siphon Bonnie’s magic to keep the flames at bay. Bonnie and Enzo have some back-and-forth about how she’s magic, and I think he was referring to the psychic dimension, and then the twins have to siphon it out of her to cast the spell to quell the fire. The combination of Bonnie and Enzo’s still-tenuous Pair The Spares love story, the horrible child acting from the twins, and the “magic does what we say it does” resolution doesn’t impress.

Vicki already had her cameo, TVD. Enough.

Kelly slits Peter’s throat, but he doesn’t die. For fuck’s sake.

Other Intern is back. Again, this is how the penultimate episode chooses to spend its screentime?

If we’re to assume that everyone who was on the Other Side went to Hell when it collapsed, then why the fuck is Vicki the only one TVD decided was worth bringing back? Jesus Christ. And this also makes my several seasons-long conspiracy theory about Katherine’s suction into darkness being different because she never actually crossed over to the Other Side, which was seemingly proven correct about five seconds ago when Kai confirmed she was in Hell, invalid.

Oh, and I thought that the house where the wedding was being held was Lockwood Manor, but then I realised it wasn’t (right?). That was upsetting.


But it’s not all bad:

Nice location, though. The whole wedding, except for the fact that all the guests are compelled nobodies, is a dashing affair. The gang purposely trump it up because they want Katherine to fall for the big spectacle.

Damon’s plan to lure Katherine out for the wedding is delicious. He knows the thing she’s most obsessed with is Stefan, and seeing him get a happily ever after with Caroline, of all people, would surely drive her mad and force her hand. I admire the pragmatism.

Sadly for us, but gladly for Katherine, it doesn’t work. Kelly just keeps everyone busy, while Vicki slinks up to the bell tower to ring the Hell Bell. I’m a little underwhelmed that Katherine’s big revenge is to incinerate Mystic Falls; I would have liked something a little more personal, like an intimate murder of Elena or something. But hey, she might still surprise us.

I don’t think TVD even has the budget to show Mystic Falls getting blown up. But the fact that this is the series’ end means anything is possible. A Katherine victory is on terrible odds, but I’ll hold out hope. Let it not be said that I’m not an optimist.

Kelly comes in way too late in the season and takes up way too much time, but I’m happy Melinda Clarke got her chance to return. And points for slashing Peter’s throat. We were all thinking it.

Damon ends up with the best moments of the episode. The first, and my favourite, is his low-key big brother pride and happiness for Stefan’s marriage to Caroline. Playing around with Katherine’s rotted skull was a bonus.

Then he and Caroline have a drink together, and they toast Liz. The Liz/Damon friendship was always one of the most sincere. I still think Damon and Caroline’s relationship glosses over their dark, rapey beginnings. But I’m grateful for any tributes to Liz. She was a cool mum.

Damon as celebrant for the wedding is also genius. He holds a big pause during the Let Them Speak Now part, as they expect Katherine would butt in. It’s funny.

I loved how, when Kelly grabbed the mic during the best man toast, Caroline seemed unfazed, as drunkenly interrupting a wedding reception is typical Kelly Donovan behaviour.

The reveal that she died two years ago and no-one noticed is also a nice touch. Kelly’s evolution into serial-killing Katherine accomplice is a big leap. But her lamentations about nobody caring about her, even when she died, ring true. Ouch.

Caroline receives a gift of a necklace as the “something old” for her wedding, and assumes it’s from Stefan (he’s too drunk at the time to deny her thanks). I recognised it immediately as Katherine’s, so relished Caroline’s obliviousness, and Stefan’s panic when she walks down the aisle wearing it.

Is it too much to hope that Enzo is gone for good?

Oh, and I should say that the wedding is pretty and Caroline and Stefan made and it yada yada yada. Whatever. They’re not what I’m here for.

TVD We're Planning a June Wedding Bonnie drinking

You mean I have to be drunk and impatient for another whole week?

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13 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 15 – TV Review”

  1. starksdeductions says :

    Wait, why did Vicki go to Hell? She didn’t do anything “evil” while human and didn’t manage to kill anyone while a vampire. Unless being a slut is evil enough to go to Hell that is. (we know that just being a vampire is not enough because Lexi and Jenna did not go there)

    Matt’s dad should have died. Realistically having your throat sliced open for hours (it was morning when it happened and night when they found him), you’d die, but also in the show, people die within seconds from throat slicing.

    For a second I thought the twins died.

    If Kelly wanted people to notice she died, a good step would have been not to bail on and fuck over anyone caring about her first chance she got. Just saying.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Good catch on the Peter thing. Matt got up from the ceremony all concerned about finding his dad when it was still daylight, but then we don’t see him again until it’s dark, and he’s still trying to call Peter. That’s just sloppy editing, TVD.

      Also, I forgot all about Lexi finding peace before the Other Side collapsed. I know Lexi was always down to be a cool chick, but I’m pretty sure she would have committed at least a few murders as a vampire. Her cosmic scales certainly would have been more in the red than poor Vicki’s.

      But hey, we need cameos.

      • starksdeductions says :

        Well, definitely, but I’m pretty sure she actually did kill people, she said that she was jealous of Stefan’s self control, because she had none.

  2. kl says :

    I kind of feel bad that I use your posts to express my confusion and otherwise rant, but I don’t know anyone who watches the show, so here goes–

    I was definitely thinking the same about whether or not Vicki deserved to be in hell. We saw her get sucked away in season 5 so I guess that’s how it happened. But she just like did some drugs and never really hurt anyone. Then I remembered that time in season 3 when she tried to kill Elena in the car fire from the Other Side so she could come back to life. So is that it?

    This Bonnie Psychic twins magic thing is so frustrating. They said Cade and his hell dimension were basically the same thing, so that should have meant that killing him destroyed hell. But I’ll ignore that since it means Katherine took over. So is Cade in hell, too, just not “in charge”?
    If the twins can easily siphon Bonnie’s dimension just by doing a little spell, couldn’t they siphon hell from someone/something/Katherine? Or at least siphon the magic from the hell bell? Even if they could, and just the fact that they siphoned Bonnie’s dimension with ease is shocking because when the lesbian heretics destroyed Rayna’s sword through siphoning it killed them (unless I misunderstood that). So where is Enzo’s soul now? And the twins do that, the bell rings and that just kills Bonnie? If that’s really her death that’s a dud.

    And one more thing: when and why did the hell bell end up back in the clock tower in Mystic Falls? Bonnie and Enzo purposely take it miles away because of how dangerous it is, and then a few days later it’s back. Wtf?

    I’m sorry for this. Can’t wait for the show to end so I can stop obsessing over all of its flaws.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      TVD made the mistake of introducing siphoning, and now they don’t know when to implement it.

      And excellent catch on the bell somehow ending up back in the bell tower. I’d wager the writers themselves probably forgot about that.

    • Da_do says :

      How about they didn’t really suck up the dimension? How about they sucked up the link between Elena and Bonnie and that’s how Elena wakes without Bonnie dying. That would explain why Bonnie didn’t even notice that she was being siphoned, which was shown time and time again to be hurting like crazy- she wasn’t really siphoned, just a spell that layed upon her was siphoned. And that would explain why the twins didn’t die.

      Or am I applying too much logic to a show without logic?

  3. IHateJuliePlec says :

    As far as I am concerned this was the last episode of TVD. Caroline and Stefan got married and the show ended.

    You make a great point about Vikci ending up in hell but Lexie didn’t. Julie Plec making no sense? SHOCKING :):)

    God, I hate Julie Plec. I have been trying to talk myself into re-watching TVD but I can’t bring myself to do it.

  4. IHateJuliePlec says :

    I always felt like Liz and Damon’s friendship was stupid. Not just the fact he raped her daughter but she was a cop and she covered up his misdeeds and they sat in a room laughing about all the people he murdered? Had huge issues with them as friends.

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