Arrow Season 5 Episode 14 – TV Review

Arrow The Sin-Eater Cupid Kelly Hu Lady Cop

It’s a lazy caption. But Arrow deserves it.

Not even the return of Kelly Hu’s impeccable wigs could make me excited about this episode.

If it wasn’t for Thea and Quentin, it would be a total wash.

TL;DR The villainous ladies cause minor drama, but amount to nothing more than a case-of-the-week; Team Arrow still crawls along the snail’s pace journey to Prometheus’ identity; Thea reminds us that she’s actually the baddest bitch in town by blowing up Bitch Reporter’s life; flashback Oliver does nothing; the truth about Tyler Ritter’s death could end Oliver’s run as mayor.

Did Oliver ever actually get elected? Or is he still merely interim mayor?

So let’s get to Oli’s Angels first, because they’re such a letdown. Kelly Hu, Lady Cop (remember her?), and Cupid break out of prison together and join forces to break the Star City underground’s glass ceiling. Their plan is to find BB-2’s $100 million cash stash from his weapons deal and buy their way to the top. Oliver and the gang naturally want to put a stop to that, but the police chief and ACU get an anonymous tip about the Green Arrow’s involvement in Tyler Ritter’s death, and get in the way. Eventually, the ACU put their manners back in and help the team in thwarting the Angels, but the episode ends with the news leaking to the public, with the added burn regarding Mayor Oliver Queen’s cooperation in covering it up. Cool. Meanwhile, Bitch Reporter finally confronts Oliver and asks if he’s the Green Arrow. He denies it, of course, but Thea (with some IT help from Felicity) can’t have a reporter bandying those suspicions around, so carpet bombs Bitch Reporter’s career and credibility. This leads Bitch Reporter to break up with Oliver (she assumes he must have been involved. Which is almost true), and Oliver loses it on Thea. She is, refreshingly, unrepentant. Meanwhile, Curtis is back in the field with a new outfit for some reason, despite only a few episodes ago having an epiphany about how useless he is. Meanwhile, Quentin takes Lady Cop’s behaviour personally, as she blames the news about Quentin’s dealings with Damien Dhark for her failed rehabilitation, but Thea smacks that nonsense out of him. Meanwhile, Tina takes up the mantle of Black Canary (in mask only at this point). And flashback Oliver treads water by fighting some corrupt Bratva nobodies with Anatoly.

Will Oliver survive!?

Oh, and the team is well and truly committed to believing Prometheus is Justin Claybourne’s son. We’re at the point now that the show has invested too much time in this theory for it to be proven untrue, so, lame as it may be, I think I’m going to have to accept that it’s legit.

Fucking weak.

Just like Arrow right now.


Why I hate this episode:

I just don’t care what happens to these people at the moment. Oliver postures and huffs and puffs about his relationship with Bitch Reporter, but, like, who cares? Unless she turns out to be Prometheus, she was a complete waste of a character. His anger towards Thea even subsides by the end of the episode, instead turning into a backhanded compliment about how her actions remind him of Moira. Moira was a beast, dude. Thea should be proud.

And the stuff about Tyler Ritter’s death is, like, so whatever. Felicity doesn’t talk about him, anymore. I forgot about his character until it was brought up. Who cares?

Oliver’s apparent investment in being Star City’s mayor also rings untrue. It wasn’t an ambition he had until it arbitrarily became a thing in the abominable Season 4. And he hasn’t been doing a very good job at it now that he is mayor. It’s evident that Green Arrow-ing is Oliver’s true passion. Let it go, baby.

The Angels are duller than expected. Cupid isn’t allowed to run free with her terrible one-liners, which was the one part of her character that worked. And Kelly Hu, the one with the most tenure, is reduced to a glorified goon. Fucking Lady Cop ends up being the leader, and she’s only been around once before. Again, during the abominable Season 4. Insulting.

Their plan to rule the school with money is also super stupid. Why would anybody want to rule Star City?

Why is Curtis back in the field? What part of “I should focus on tech stuff and stop getting beat up” translated to “I should get a new costume and get back out there?” And Curtis then proceeds to get beat the fuck up by the Angels. When will he learn?

The flashbacks illuminate nothing.

Oh, and Anatoly calls Oliver a sin-eater. Because he takes on the burden of other people’s sins. Which basically means he’s an attention-seeking martyr. And we’ve already got a huge one of those on the CW these days.


But it’s not all bad:

The sin-eater theme (the episode is titled “The Sin-Eater,” so) gets a more meaningful and impactful echo, though, when Thea uses it on Quentin. Quentin spends the episode feeling responsible for Lady Cop’s villainy, but Thea comes in for a timely pep talk to tell him that her criminal activity isn’t his responsibility. But Thea doesn’t also conclude that Quentin shouldn’t keep trying to apprehend her. No, he should; but because she’s a fucking murderous criminal, and not because Quentin is personally responsible for her. See, Arrow? This is the relationship we need more of. You recruited twenty-seven new characters this season, but the two you needed were already here.

Thea manages to steal the whole episode, too, with her swift, brutal demolition of Bitch Reporter. Once she and Felicity discover the solid evidence on her computer regarding Oliver’s likely identity as the Green Arrow, she has Felicity put some incriminating files on there to suggest Bitch Reporter plagiarises her work. And then she pushes the button and tips off Bitch Reporter’s employer, thus getting her fired and forever discredited as a journalist. Oliver is not amused, but I am. Thea gets shit done, baby.

And Oliver’s assertion that it reminded him of Moira is hardly a negative, in my opinion. As long as Thea doesn’t go full Moira and start fucking Malcolm Merlyn, then it should be fine. Because Moira was a boss-ass MILF. Thea could do worse when it comes to modelling herself after a Queen, Oliver. She could be like you.

Oliver’s wallowing over Bitch Reporter aside, he does manage to build a bridge with the police captain and get the ACU off the Green Arrow’s tail. But with the public revelation at the end of the episode, and with Bitch Reporter, discredited as she may be, still hovering, I think it could be only a matter of time until Oliver has to go public with his vigilante identity. And Roy’s not around to scapegoat him out of it this time.

Kelly Hu’s wigs are still phenomenal. And I don’t know who’s doing prison yard blowouts, but all three Angels are camera ready. Swish.

I don’t hate Tina.

Oh, and Curtis may be a useless sack of trash, but queen can rock some block colour power shoulders, henny.

Arrow The Sin-Eater Mr Terrific new costume

“Mr Terrific: for this episode, you’re safe.”

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