The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 11 – TV Review

TVD You Made a Choice to be Good Stefan kills Enzo

You know the rest.

Stefan/Damon does something heinous because of mind control. There’s your synopsis.

It must be another episode of TVD Season 8.

TL;DR Stefan kills Enzo en route to a Cade-issued order to kill Elena; Bonnie hits Stefan with the cure to vampirism to stop him; Damon refuses an order to kill Caroline; Other Intern is inexplicably still alive; Matt returns to his Season 7 “fuck vampires” rhetoric.

He’s just begging for death at this point. Please, TVD. Don’t do us the indignity of having Matt fucking Donovan survive the series.

So Cade is out and about after the bell fiasco of last episode, and he decides to whip Damon into shape by giving him an ultimatum: murder one hundred randoms, or murder Caroline. Damon refuses to do either, and he and Caroline scheme to find a way to kill Cade, eventually coming up with the idea to extract the cure from Elena’s blood and give it to him, thus making him mortal enough to kill. This would complicate Bonnie’s plans to cure Enzo, but she grudgingly decides to accept (Enzo would be able to extract the cure from Cade’s blood if necessary). However, Cade also issued Stefan a similar ultimatum to the one he gave Damon: kill one hundred randoms, or kill Elena. And Stefan is way ahead of the game. He arrives to Bonnie’s safe house (after compelling a notary public to fiddle with the house ownership. Also, Bonnie bought a house or something and hid Elena there) and straight-up rips Enzo’s heart out, and Bonnie’s only defence is to inject Stefan with the cure. Meanwhile, Matt digs up a time capsule that has a Maxwell family artifact, which Other Intern recognises as a cipher. He uses it on some old book or whatever, but needs more time to figure out the meaning of the code. Other Intern gets a few ominous beats which imply he may be up to something nefarious, while Matt takes every opportunity to bitch at Caroline about how vampires suck.

Remember when Matt used to not be a cunt? Because I don’t.

I’m still just waiting for Nina’s return at this point. Who cares about anything that’s happening? In TVD’s final season, the writers chose to have every plot point be either: a) initiated by some new, bizarre magical creature (Sirens, Hell overlords); or b) performed by a brainwashed Stefan/Damon.

The final chance to actually mine some meaningful, interpersonal drama from the characters we’ve spent eight seasons with, and TVD thought forcing our leads to act out of character by way of plot contrivances would be the way to say goodbye.

What an insult.


Why I hate this episode:

And I don’t care how off Stefan’s humanity is. In no world would he gleefully agree to murder Elena. Turning off your emotions doesn’t turn off your brain. In fact, one of the prevailing attributes of a humanity-less vampire on TVD (until now, at least) is a ruthless, efficient pragmatism. Why would Stefan want to murder Elena, when that would only cause every other character in the show to come after him? This season sucks. I didn’t want it to be this way, but it does.

I didn’t feel anything about Enzo’s death. His devolution into schmaltzy boyfriend material left his character with nothing to offer. The only impact his death will have is that Bonnie will be sad for a bit.

Speaking of characters with nothing to offer, after just last episode displaying some sort of forward momentum in accepting vampires, Matt has backslid all the way back to his Season 7 self, and has returned to his anti-vampire crusade. Don’t like vampires, Matt? Maybe you should fucking leave Mystic Falls. As Caroline rightly points out, this town has always had a vampire problem. GTFO, Matt.

Also, the fact that nobody, particularly Matt, seems even slightly anxious about unearthing a Mystic Falls time capsule from 1790 is absurd. Poking around in Mystic Falls’ past has never gone well.

I’m over this Maxwell family mystery garbage. Not only does that cipher and Other Intern’s book come into play, but Other Intern also gives Matt some necklace found in the time capsule, too, which is another Maxwell family heirloom. For fuck’s sake.

Oh, and Cade may be invulnerable to fire and having his heart ripped out, but I reckon a good ol’ burying in cement would put him down. Or locked in a shipping container and thrown into the ocean. It’d be worth a try.


But it’s not all bad:

Cade is a fabulous moustache-twirler, and if we’re going to be forced to endure some last minute Big Bad, he may as well be fun. I’ll allow it.

His demonstration of his invulnerability is pretty cool, too. He tears his own bloody heart out. Hot.

And still on the villain front, I don’t think we can count out Other Intern. His explanation about needing more time to decipher the old book seems false. And he kind of randomly hands Matt the necklace with a quick “btw.” I don’t trust him. Although, he did refuse Caroline’s blood to become a vampire. So who knows?

He also says something about his family being cursed, and I’d like to believe TVD wouldn’t just chuck that in there for no reason. I was thinking maybe he’s a descendant of Cade’s, but I couldn’t recall if Cade had the chance to procreate before he was killed.

The cure shuffle plan is painfully convoluted, but it does adhere to existing lore, so TVD deserves some praise for that. Using established rules, the plan is to force the cure into Cade, thus making him mortal; then Enzo, who Bonnie wanted to use the cure on, can suck it out of him, like Silas did to Katherine, which would cause Cade to die from rapid aging, and give Enzo the chance to live a human life with Bonnie. And then, after Bonnie dies of old age, Damon can suck the cure out of Enzo so he can live a human life with Elena. It makes sense, which is rare for TVD these days.

If Stefan becomes human, does that mean his humanity will come back on? Because that would be great. Let’s have our main characters actually behaving like themselves for these final few episodes, please.

Stefan locks down the episode’s best line with an honest appraisal of Elena: “Because, to be honest with you, in the grand scheme of things she’s really not that special. She’s just a stupid girl.” Preach.

I’m praying that Matt’s renewed vehemence regarding his vampire hate will lead to his death.

Oh, and when Bonnie cries unto heaven to close out the episode, a whoosh effect blasts out of her. Did she just get her magic back?

TVD You Mad a Choice to be Good Enzo dead

I still can’t believe it’s not real.

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4 responses to “The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 11 – TV Review”

  1. starksdeductions says :

    You know, I hope they don’t actually kill Arcadeus by the end. I mean, he’s very entertaining, but it’s not about that. I think it would be up to the series theme to point out that he can’t seize to exist, because he is necessary to provide a counterbalance to the world’s good. So he always needs to be around. One of the main themes in TVD has been the balance between good and evil within people, and that it is not a good idea to reject either completely, but accept that they exist and make the right choice anyway. I usually like it personally when stories say that Satan is not the pure evil that just does bad things for the sake of doing them, but rather that he’s a necessity to maintain balance to the world, and it’s up to the people to resist his challenges, because if they don’t, then it’s not his fault, as they have free will to either follow or reject him, and as Cade pointed out, if someone can be corrupted, it means they weren’t really meant to be that good to begin with. Which again, plays up to the series’ theme of choice. They kind of fucked that up with Stefan corrupting people through mind control though.

    By the way, really balsy move to turn Stefan human, for the first time in a while, I’m genuinely interested to see how they’ll deal with that. And since there is no Other Side, Enzo is in Hell. Which may lead to what I was saying about seeing Katherine, I think he’ll be the conduit for that part.

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