Arrow Season 5 Episode 6 – TV Review

Arrow So It Begins Dolph Lundgren Constantine Kovar


Stephen Amell better break out that salmon ladder sometime soon, or my genitals are gonna forget about him.

Woof, Dolph. Woof.

TL;DR Dolph Lundgren shows up as the flashback Big Bad; the present day Team Arrow are on the trail of a Prometheus murder spree that leads back to Oliver’s Season 1 indiscretions; Artemis struggles to accept Oliver’s murderous past; Felicity opens up to her man about her side job; Quentin slips back into the bottle, and apparently into Prometheus’ outfit every night.

Holy flirking schnit.

So with BB-2 thankfully out of the way, it’s time for the team to take on the real villain of the season: Prometheus. Our latest evil archer murders a couple of unrelated civilians, leaving the police and our heroes baffled. Felicity liberates some evidence from under her boyfriend’s nose, and they eventually figure out that Prometheus is making some grand, terrifying statement against the careless murdering Oliver did of the people on his father’s list back in Season 1 (using anagrams. Wordplay). Artemis doesn’t take kindly to the revelation that Oliver is a mass murderer, but manages to bottle it up for now. Meanwhile, Thea flexes her public servant muscle and holds an arts festival that lightens Star City’s spirits. Though, she’s disappointed to discover that Quentin hasn’t really stopped drinking, after all. Meanwhile, Felicity comes clean to Tyler Ritter about her work for the Green Arrow; he’s okay with it. Meanwhile in the Bratva flashbacks, Oliver is tasked with posing as himself to infiltrate Constantine Kovar’s new casino under construction and blow it up. He is caught, natch, and Dolph Lundgren makes a very dapper Russian mob boss. Oh, and back in the present, Quentin closes out the episode by awaking from a drunken stupor with a cut on his arm. In the same place that Artemis slashed Prometheus during their tussle earlier.

Holy flirking schnit.

I do love it when a CW show can give me a good gasp. And gasp I did, baby.

Although, as a seasoned blackout drinker, I don’t believe for a second that a drunken Quentin could be Prometheus.

Unless Prometheus loves eating pasta salad with their bare hands and accidentally shit-talking people who are still within earshot.

I will await confirmation in the next episode.


Why I hate this episode:

Seriously, though. Blacked-out Quentin can’t be Prometheus. That’s not how alcohol works. So this is either an obvious fake-out, or there’s going to be some bullshit explanation as to why being fucking wasted turns Quentin into a puzzle-loving super ninja. Either way, that’s not going to make me happy.

Bitch Reporter circles briefly this episode, but is yet to blow up Oliver’s spot with that Bratva photo evidence she got her hands on. Season 5 has been doing an admirable job of not needlessly dragging things out so far. Don’t start now.

The panic at the marketplace this episode caused by a supposed sighting of Prometheus didn’t make much sense to me. Oliver and the team have to go in and, like, rescue people. But wouldn’t everyone have just run away? The situation is supposed to be made more tense by stupid men with guns firing blindly, but it feels so forced. I guess we needed an action scene that the whole team could contribute to, so this is it. It was just weird to watch.

Oh, and Arrow recycles the parachute arrow from the season opener already; Oliver uses it to extract himself, Artemis, and a potential Prometheus victim from a moving train that has a bomb on it. The impact is lost on the second go ’round. And then they just let the train blow the fuck up, too. That’s gonna be a huge mess. I thought you were heroes?


But it’s not all bad:

Artemis puts up a fabulous fight against Prometheus on the train. For the least spotlighted of the recruits, she can certainly deliver when it comes to the crunch. Yes, she needs backup from Oliver in the end, but I respect the blows she managed to land on her own. Including slicing his arm with an arrowhead, which leads to the gasp-of-the-season with Quentin later.

Still on the fight scene front, the marketplace one was super lame. Except for one moment when Oliver fires an arrow into a reckless shooter’s gun barrel. It was genuinely awesome. I was like “yes.”

As I said, the “Quentin is Prometheus” tease will surely be a letdown. But damn if it didn’t get my blood flowing. You got me, Arrow.

Felicity again earns herself some points this episode with her romantic subplot. It has shades of all the “lying is literally the worst thing ever” bullshit that tarnished Season 4, but Arrow reins it in by having Tyler Ritter first blow up that Felicity not only stole evidence from him but that she’s working with a criminal, but then relent and concede that what she’s doing is heroic and is beneficial to the city. It’s a complete turnaround from what we saw last season, and goddamn am I thankful for it.

Artemis plays the same cards she did in her episode last season about her parents dying because the Green Arrow didn’t save them, but it’s not treated with the Season 4 sludge of melodrama that it was before. Artemis’ objection to working with a mass murderer is logical. Because this isn’t The Vampire Diaries, where mass murder is no biggie.

In response to Artemis’ and the recruits’ horror at his past, Oliver self-flagellates about his monstrous deeds. And it’s fair. Again, mass murder isn’t great to have on the resumè. But Diggle bros down with Oliver and assures him he’s come a long way since then. Which he has.

Additional evidence that suggests Quentin could be Prometheus is the fact that Prometheus’ throwing stars are made from the arrowheads the police recovered from Oliver’s Season 1 victims, which a police officer would have been able to access. Thorough.

The flashbacks to the Bratva are brief and to the point. Oliver learns bomb-making from Anatoly, then after a drive-by from Kovar’s men, a Bratva Elite (played by Detective from Damien) tasks Oliver with infiltrating Kovar’s newest operation, a casino, to blow it up.

Oliver plays himself, and his disposable Bratva backup for the mission earns the best line of the episode when he compliments his performance: “You play, what’s the American term, douche, very well.” It’s a shame Kovar snaps his neck. So many sassy one-liners we’ll never know, now.

Thea doesn’t do a lot this episode, but her continued investment in Quentin is endearing. She’s heartbroken to discover the booze in his desk, confirming her suspicions that he hasn’t given up the drink. And Paul Blackthorne manages to exude just how utterly devastated Quentin is from the relentless years of loss he’s endured. Thea’s pledge to not give up on him brought a tear to my eye.

Oh, and Adrian is still largely sitting on the bench, but in true CW fashion, he looks good doing it.

Arrow So It Begins Adrian Chase pose

“I’m not like a regular DA. I’m a cool DA.”

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5 responses to “Arrow Season 5 Episode 6 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    I figure that maybe the reveal is that its ain’t drunken supervillain Quentin but actually Felicitys boyfriend framing Quentin?

  2. starksdeductions says :

    I can’t get over the fact of how bratty and whining these “recruits” are. Like, you are in training to be superheroes, if you can’t handle a little slapping around, mean language and some secrets, the why are you even bothering, or why is Oliver even bothering? Wild Dog used to be in the Navy for fuck’s sake, I was in Special Forces, and whoever talked back like these guys do would face consenquences.They’ve been screwing up from the get go, yet it’s Oliver who seems to do the most apologizing, and for no good reason. The fact he trusted them with his identity is way too much way too soon and these pussies act like he owes them or something. Oliver is getting soft man, he should be pulling arrows left and right on them and if they didn’t like it, they should get out, see how far that takes them. John never bitched whenever Oliver hit him in training and always pushed for more, this is how these losers should react. Curtis was an Olympic athlete, and these guys are intensly focused on their goal, he’s completely missed the mark of what they are like, he should be behind this 110%. Plus, his character is meant to be the smartest superhero of the DC universe, even smarter than Batman who has genius level intellect. The only voice of reason seems to be Ragman and probably that’s because he doesn’t have an inferiority complex.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Ragman is the chillest nuclear holocaust survivor ever.

      I reckon boot out Wild Dog and Curtis. I’d still keep Artemis, though. Despite the duplicity. At least she’s semi-competent and knows when to shut her fucking mouth.

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