Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 4 – TV Review

OUaT Strange Case Queenie perfection

If we were going to be forced to have a female Frank N Furter, then here she is, casting agents. You missed her.

Just as an indicator of my yet-swelling level of fanboyism over Queenie, one of my notes for this episode was literally “God, she’s perfect.”

Even when she recycles a look from last episode, she’s still perfect.

Do we even need Regina, anymore?

TL;DR We may not, because the only way to kill Queenie is to kill Regina; Jekyll and Hyde are the ones who help figure this out, the poor dears; Gold again does something evil to protect Belle, and she again rejects him; Ginger Spice from TVD shows up as an ill-fated flashback love interest; Snow returns to teaching in Storybrooke and encounters an on-the-DL Princess Jasmine.

And I think Emma, the main character of the show, might have been in the episode at some point? Who cares.

It’s the Jekyll/Hyde backstory episode this week, so try to stay awake. The flashbacks show how meek little Jekyll was ever so eager to finish his serum to impress Mary (TVD’s Ginger Spice), his shallow love interest, and earn his spot in some science academy or something. Rumple shows up and, in an oddly generous move, gives the serum a magical push to make it work. It does, and Hyde wins the favour of the science academy, and Mary. But it works a little too well, and Mary makes it clear that nerdy Jekyll is in her friend zone, but she’s all up for getting down on Mr Hyde. Which she does. She gets a bit spooked when Jekyll wakes up in her bed the morning after, and in the ensuing tussle, she somehow falls out of a window to her death. Ciao, bitch. Meanwhile in the present, Regina and Gold deal with the machinations of both Jekyll and Hyde. Hyde’s scheme involves tricking Gold into trying to kill him using the Dark One dagger, so that he can force Gold to watch as Jekyll moves in to murder Belle (whom Gold has trapped on the Jolly Roger with a protection spell for her own good. D’oh!) in retribution for what happened to Mary. Hook saves the day just in time, but gets a little too excited and accidentally impales Jekyll to death. Hyde is amused until he drops dead, too, and then everyone, particularly a late-to-the-scene Regina, realises what must be done to destroy Queenie. Aww shit. Meanwhile, Belle again whinges at Gold for trying to protect her, but he’s adamant she’ll come crawling back to him eventually. Meanwhile, Snow gets some tips on teaching style from “Shireen,” her new TA. Who is secretly princess Jasmine and in kahootz with that oracle girl who told Emma about her visions. And Queenie doesn’t do much but swan around with her Alyssa Edwards hair still in.

And that’s all I ever wanted.

This is a pretty stock standard OUaT episode, which I suppose makes sense now that we’re into the fourth episode of the season.

The major plot concerning the backstory of a minor character is predictable and dull; some of the regular characters go in circles (Gold and Belle. Obv); and in the end, something of value is learned. But at the expense of forty minutes of my time.

But that Queenie hair, tho.


Why I hate this episode:

Queenie spends most of her time on the bench this episode. It’s like Amber Valletta on Blood & Oil all over again.

And the conclusion that the only way to kill Queenie is to kill Regina, while at first pretty salacious, doesn’t end up carrying much weight. By this point in the long, gruelling journey that is OUaT, I’m not afraid of any main characters being in genuine danger. For fuck’s sake, last season we saw the gang literally drag Hook back from the Underworld after he died. Yes, I expect Regina will die to defeat Queenie. But there will be some weasel around her being actually dead. Yawn.

And the fact that Regina tasks Emma to be the one to kill her when it’s needed is, like, ew. Emma doesn’t deserve it.

Hyde’s death sinks his budding ships with both Queenie and Regina. I wanted to see them catfight over him. Also, he was hot. So I’ll miss the hotness.

The Gold/Belle stuff is almost a parody of itself at this point.

The “Shireen is Jasmine” reveal was so fucking obvious. She’s a brown person with Jasmine’s hair. It’s bloody Jasmine. We get it.

Snow’s little Katniss Everdeen routine to make her students engaged in Newton’s third law was tragic. She’s not like other teachers; she’s a cool teacher. Spare me.

Henry and Violet are still together. Does anyone care?

Gold’s haircut is unflattering.

Oh, and having seen that Jekyll wasn’t so pure, despite being separated from Hyde, Regina moans that she, too, likely hasn’t been purged of her own evil. So does that mean Queenie might have some good in her? Because I’m not into that.


But it’s not all bad:

Yas. Motherfucking. Queenie. She may not have anything to actually do this episode, but that doesn’t stop her from being the glorious ham that she is. As long as she’s hair-flipping and Gold-flirting (even with the terrible haircut) and technicality-riding, I’m watching Once Upon a Time, baby. I’m here.

About said technicality, Gold complains that Queenie isn’t stopping Hyde from possibly hurting Belle per her pledge to leave Belle out of things. But Queenie and Hyde remind him that the deal only applied to Queenie; Hyde never said he wouldn’t hurt Belle. Boom, bitch.

And I did relish Gold’s impotence when Hyde used the Dark One dagger to force him to stand and watch as Jekyll tried to murder Belle. If only Jekyll had been successful. Then maybe Gold would have something new to do on this fucking show.

The flashback mystery around Rumple’s odd insistence on Jekyll completing his serum was sufficiently compelling. The resolution, that he wanted it to rid himself of the weakness he felt while falling in love with Belle back when she was his slave, was lame. But that’s par for the OUaT course. And hey, Ginger Spice fell out a window along the way, so it’s not a total loss.

I lol’d IRL when that happened, by the way. Naturally. Mary’s dissing of Jekyll to Hyde was also hilarious. Bitch is savage AF.

I wonder what went down that forced Jasmine to go on the run in TLoUS? And why is she in league with that creepy oracle girl?

Oh, and here’s Queenie, again. She is the world.

OUaT Strange Case Queenie apple

‘Nuff said.

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5 responses to “Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 4 – TV Review”

  1. Teylen says :

    I guess they might just jump to basically temp kill and revive Regina to try to get rid of the Evil Queen, Like in this Agents of Shield episode? @.@

    So am wondering what the rest of the season will be about.
    Plus, yeah, that “ohhh, that Girl who looks like Jasmin, acts like Jasmin is,… … wait for it … Jasmin” was a real drag. I do as well wonder if they didn’t care to catch up on their fairy tale knowledge,… like a solid weekend just spent watching Disney movies should prepare them for a lot..
    If not,.. like,.. dunno,.. effing reading a book about “collective tales from the Brother Grimm / HC Anderson” or stuff..

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