Scream Queens – Discontinued

Scream Queens Handidates Discontinued Chad shirtless abs

I’ll miss pretty much every body part of Chad’s. Except for his stupid, stupid mouth.

Almost a year to the day, and another Ryan Murphy production bites the I Just Hate Everything dust.

Not a good sign heading into next week’s Rocky Horror Remake, hey?

Not that Foxy Horror has had positive signs at any point.

So it is without much fanfare that I bid adieu to Scream Queens. I was hoping that I could continue limping on with my reviews of it, much like Glee kept the hate fires stoked until the very end.

But Scream Queens, while still watchable (the same can’t be said for what big sister AHS ended up delivering in its fifth season. Good God), clearly has no ambitions to improve or fix itself. It’s perfectly content being the lazy, vacuous garbage that it is.

And you’d think that as a lazy, vacuous, garbage person, I’d be into that. But nah, I’m out.

I stick with shows like Scream because I want them to get better; because I believe they could get better.

I stick with shows like Once Upon a Time because I’m invested, and regardless of the tripe they spew, at least the characters (well, maybe just Regina) are worth my attention.

But Scream Queens is simply nothing. It’s a whodunit mystery where the answer is simultaneously the sole focus of the show, while also being impossible to deduce due to “comedy” writing that makes everything that occurs irrelevant. The show doesn’t care, so why should I?

I’ll still check back in every few weeks in the vain hope of a chase scene. But I don’t expect to be impressed any time soon.

Oh, and Chad’s dead, so the beefcake factor is gone now, too. So pfft.

Scream Queens Handidates Chad naked

Ditto Chanel.

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