Scream Season 2 Episode 11 – TV Review

Scream Heavenly Creatures Brooke Gustavo

God, I feel dirty for resorting to memes.

Yes, baby. Brooke’s back after her absence last week.

I mean, she doesn’t get anything to do other than ogle her fuckboi, but, you know.

TL;DR Mr Mayor is murdered in a stupidly bonkers scheme by Ghostface to frame Emma and Audrey for the slashings; Noah mopes about Zoe’s death; Brandon James isn’t anywhere in sight, but Eli forms as the suspect dujour.

Or did MTV go full CW in the “young and hot” casting method, and Eli is Brandon?

So, thankfully, Noah’s the only person who gives half a shit about Zoe, leaving everyone else to carry on. Emma notices Eli in a newspaper clipping photo of Will’s funeral, leading her, Audrey, and a peripheral Kieran to find out Eli has all of Audrey’s letters to Piper. And photos of Emma as a child. In the hope of proving their conclusion jump to assuming Eli is Ghostface, the girls go back to explore the pig farm house. Meanwhile, Tina (who I think is the one who must have burned down the model home?) tells Eli it’s time to boogie outta town now that they’ve got their money from Mr Mayor. But Eli puts his break and enter skills to use and digs up more dirt on Mr Mayor to blackmail him (that’s a popular position for Mr Mayor). Mr Mayor goes to a rendezvous at the pig farm, and is skewered just as Emma and Audrey arrive on the scene. And thus, the girls are arrested by New Sheriff, despite protests from Maggie. Meanwhile, New New Guy encourages Noah not to give up on his podcasting and investigating. So Noah doesn’t, but Ghostface hijacks his latest upload to put out more “evidence” of Emma and Audrey’s guilt. And Brooke decides to leave her sex hovel with New New Guy, and return home to her grateful father. Before Ghostface pitchforks him, natch.

New New Guy better watch himself. All the men in Brooke’s life tend to die.

On the whole, Scream doesn’t embarrass itself with this episode. I will say I’m impressed with the case the episode makes for both Eli and New New Guy’s guilt. And New Hot Teacher even pops back up to be all mysterious.

But for the penultimate episode, it doesn’t cut it. If I had any faith that Scream would be brave enough to initiate a main cast bloodbath in the finale, it wouldn’t bother me so much.

But remembering how bland the finale was last season when it came to character deaths isn’t filling me with much hope.

Let’s hope the killer/s has one hell of a motive rant. It’s the only thing that could save it.


Why I hate this episode:

Mr Mayor’s death will be completely inconsequential. The only character to be affected by it will be Brooke, and she’s already spent the whole season playing the mourning game following Jake’s death. And Brooke, sad to say, is not the Final Girl. Emma (and Audrey, I think?) is. Kill someone who matters to them. Give them an arc, dammit.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Brooke did turn out to be the Final Girl, after all, though? Oh, to dream.

As for the deaths to come in the finale, I can’t imagine Scream, as cowardly as it has proven itself to be, would wimp out on a Lakewood Six death at the end. So time has got to be up for one of them, right? My head’s telling me it’ll be Kieran (unless he’s a surprise Ghostface reveal), due to his overall blandness. But I’ve got my heart set on either Emma or Audrey. Shock us, Scream. Prove my pessimism wrong.

Mr Mayor’s death this episode was so annoyingly signposted. And he didn’t get a fucking chase scene.

Ghostface’s plan of trying to make everyone think Emma and Audrey are the killers is preposterous. All they’ve got is a dream journal, a badly-timed pitchfork pickup, and the ramblings of New Hot Teacher, a woman who secretly records risque conversations with teenagers. Get real.

Audrey’s letters are bit more damning, but teen angst ramblings do not a serial killer make. Plus, New Sheriff is still under the impression that this is all a James family pig farm conspiracy. Your plan isn’t going to work, Ghostface.

Noah and New Hot Teacher are both patients in the hospital, but the show doesn’t use that to put them in any scenes together. They could have discussed their research strategies or something. What a waste.

Oh, and given that Brooke is the only character to go through a meaningful character arc, and that her absence last episode proves she’s not of utmost importance to the show, I truly do fear we’ll be losing her next week.


But it’s not all bad:

If Brooke is killed next week, I think Scream will let her go out big. She’s earned it.

Our leading ladies (and Kieran) pounce on Eli as their prime suspect this episode after they find the letters and photos in his room. Having the letters, he could definitely have been the one to have taunted Audrey with them. And his proficiency in breaking and entering would go well in a serial killer toolset. They haven’t got a motive for him yet, but that’s what grand finale motive rants are for, right?

New New Guy also gets another nod in the suspect race, although his isn’t as commented upon. When he pep talks a despondent Noah to keep up the podcast, he emails Noah some panels from his graphic novel. He doesn’t give him some physical pictures or anything, despite always carrying around the ol’ sketchpad; he emails them. So when Noah’s podcast upload is hacked, my Suspect Sense tingled. Clever.

New Sheriff points his antenna towards New Hot Teacher, as she’s the only person he and Maggie can think of who has any connection to Piper (and would want to get revenge on Emma and Audrey for her death, obv). New Hot Teacher claims to not remember Piper at all from their orphanage days, but I don’t think we should count her out yet. Yes, Ghostface attacked her. But they didn’t kill her, did they?

I’m just really impressed that I haven’t been able to pick who I think the killer is yet. I won’t put money on it (because I’m a bogan who can barely afford my daily goon), but if I had to guess, I’d go with Kieran, because he’s so profoundly superfluous that there has to be a reason Scream has kept him around. And if we’re doing pairs, maybe New Hot Teacher? I don’t know. Well played, Scream.

On the Kieran front, Mr Mayor’s reason for going to the barn was because he was being blackmailed. This would seem to have been done by Eli, but don’t forget that Kieran overheard Eli telling his mum about what he found at Mr Mayor’s house, and he saw the files. We’re through the looking glass, here, people.

I forgot about Tina’s arrangement with Mr Mayor. So she must have been the one who burnt down the model home at Wren Lake Estates. Given that Ghostface happened to stash a couple of victims up in there at just the right time, maybe we shouldn’t count Mama Eli out of the suspect race? #girlpower

Ghostface steals Emma’s dream journal, and it’s pivotal in the smear video. Lol, dream journal.

Oh, and the episode ends with Emma and Audrey in the back of a police car. Will Scream try to redo the iconic police car escape scene from Scream 2? The previews say “eh, maybe? Whatever.”

Scream Heavenly Creatures Audrey Emma police car Scream 2

Things were easier in the 90s.

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  1. ex360 says :

    The only chase scene you will get is that of the show after ratings –

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      MTV: somehow got fucking Teen Wolf on the air for six seasons, but bungled Scream from the get-go.

      Shannara is their only remaining hope. And let’s just pretend Eye Candy never happened.

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