Scream Season 2 Episode 10 – TV Review

Scream The Vanishing Noah stabbed

Our prayers have been… briefly glimpsed at?

No, Noah doesn’t die. Scream wouldn’t be that kind to us.

But we do get a semi-important cast death this episode. One of the ones on my list from last episode.

And Scream even remembers that they skipped the Audrey/Emma throwdown last episode, and instead gives us the awkwardly delayed version of it this week.

Things are looking up.

TL;DR Emma and Audrey squabble along as they’re sent on a race against time to save Noah; they do; but they don’t save Zoe; the nebulous background between New Sheriff and Maggie gets filled in with threadbare flashbacks; Brooke does not appear in this episode.

And, to Scream’s credit, her absence wasn’t a dealbreaker. I know. I find it hard to believe, too.

So yeah, Scream realises that it dropped the ball on the Audrey and Emma argument, so very shrewdly wedges it into a treasure hunt Ghostface sets them on to find a stabbed-and-buried-alive Noah. There’s a bit of back and forth, but ultimately Audrey is forced to admit that she did know Piper was Emma’s half sister all along, and she did invite her to Lakewood to take down Emma. The slashing was an unwelcome surprise, though. This is because Audrey was in love with Emma, and Emma (unaware, naturally) broke her heart by falling in with Will and the cool kids, and that’s what caused their rift back in the day. Thankfully for Noah, they’re able to put their argument to bed long enough to unearth him from his premature grave. But psych, Ghostface did the same thing to Zoe, and they’re too late to rescue her. Meanwhile, Maggie and New Sheriff dig more into this whole pig farm thing, and through flashbacks, we see their teen selves rescuing Brandon James (I assume from the night he was shot by the police?). They took him to the pig farm house and buried his knife. Another flashback from Maggie shows that he left her a note in their note-leaving tree and vanished. But now, with all this pig stuff showing up (Piper has a pig heart stuffed into her corpse; and the police find a gutted pig, along with Hot Teacher’s hand, at the barn where Noah was buried), New Sheriff is sure Brandon must be emerging from the shadows. The episode closes as present day Maggie leaves a note in the note-leaving tree for Brandon, if he’s even alive, to leave Emma alone. But creepy Eli sneaks in for a last minute play and intercepts it.

Maybe he’s Brandon James after some really good plastic surgery?

I must admit something before we go any further. It was only once I started writing the TL;DR for this episode that I realised Brooke wasn’t in it.

Here I am, a delusional Brooke evangelical, and it didn’t occur to me that my favourite character wasn’t in the episode until several hours after watching.

I mean, we’ve still got no chase scenes, and Zoe was definitely on the bottom of my Acceptable Victim list, but damn, Scream. You worked it this week.

But you better give me some fucking Brooke soon, bitch.


Why I hate this episode:

If Brooke is the kind of character that can be omitted, and omitted without much fanfare, then I’m worried about her survival chances. Ghostface calls Emma and Audrey his final girls this episode, so my bid for Brooke to take that place is weaker than ever. Say it isn’t so.

I’m not happy about Noah surviving his attack. This was a perfect opportunity to kill off a major cast member. But no, Zoe gets shafted in a predictable switcheroo. I could have sworn getting stabbed in the gut on a soap opera masquerading as a genre show was fatal. Hmm.

Unless there are some more flashbacks headed our way, the big super secret that was so awful it shouldn’t be spoken of between Maggie and New Sheriff was that they saved a dude’s life? Lame. I guess, considering he’s a spree killer, that it could be considered a bad thing. But there’s still some lingering doubt over whether Brandon was the original killer at all. Meh.

It would have been more upsetting if Zoe had been buried next to or under Noah. Then those cries that he thought were hallucinations would have been revealed to have been coming from just inches away, but he couldn’t save her. Oh, the agony. The phone-in-a-box wasn’t a bad play, either. And I liked that Ghostface gave them non-live footage to fool them into thinking they could save her. But it wasn’t as poetic.

Those hallucinations were trash, by the way. Noah’s dying brain only conjured images of Zoe, the girl he’s known for, like, a couple of weeks? And not, you know, Audrey? Or anyone he’s known longer? Rude.

The attack on Noah doesn’t include a chase scene.

Zoe’s death doesn’t include a chase scene.

Oh, and way to fall in love with your straight friend, Audrey. For a girl who’s “not like other girls,” you really are a pathetic clichè.


But it’s not all bad:

Any heartbreak for Audrey is cause for me to celebrate, so cheers, babe.

Audrey actually slips in the most interesting tidbit of the episode. During her marathon argument with Emma, she talks about how she didn’t know Piper was the killer, and an example she uses is that she was with Piper on the night Rachel was murdered. Scream, oddly, doesn’t really dig any further into that, so I assume Piper went out and killed Rachel at some point. But what if there’s yet another killer at large?

I’m very glad that Scream circled back around to the big argument. It gives Emma some much needed time to be justifiably angry about something, and Audrey doesn’t take Emma’s righteous fury lying down. From initially trying to conceal the truth about the extent of her involvement with Piper, to finally coming clean about having told Piper everything, Audrey never rolls over to show Emma her belly. The little firecracker might have a chance of being a Final Girl, after all.

Noah’s screentime is mostly comprised of stupid hallucinations, but I cheered when he was stabbed. I was hoping that’d be it, so the Buried impression was kind of crummy. But hey, even though he survived, Zoe didn’t.

The dead pig that the police find at the barn (the barn where Jake was killed, for those of you playing at home) is decorated with prom stuff. So it looks like we’ve got our finale stage set. I can dig it.

What if Brandon James is alive?

Oh, and I’ll admit I was holding a candle for Zoe to be revealed as one of the killers. So ya got me, Scream.

Scream The Vanishing Zoe dead body

I should have trusted my instincts.

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  1. Some random internet person says :

    You and I still hella salty about that Laurel death tho!

      • Some random internet person says :

        Heck yeah! I never finished Arrow season 3 (for obvious reasons). Now I got a legit reason not to come back. Keep at your reviews tho; someone needs to keep making sensible jabs at that show.
        Laurel would always be alive in my dreams… And at least in the real comics!

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