Scream Season 2 Episode 2 – TV Review

Scream Psycho Audrey Ghostface call

I am petrified.

Again, apologies for the late post.

This is an indication of my level of excitement for this show.

Which is even more pathetic considering none of my other shows are actually on right now, and I still can’t be bothered posting a review in a timely manner.

And you know it’s not because I actually have a life. Because I don’t.

TL;DR Audrey continues to be mysterious and evasive; Emma thinks she could be going crazy and seeing hallucinations; her dad is back in town and is a huge turd; Kieran has some new family members who will likely be killed off; nobody dies this episode.

Jake’s body is discovered. Does that count?

So Emma decides not to report the shrine to her at the pig farm to the police, and instead goes crying to mummy. Upon returning to the scene, all the evidence is gone, and Emma begins to believe she’s hallucinating things. She confides in Kieran and New Hot Teacher, with Kieran providing comfort with his penis, and New Hot Teacher providing solace with a friendly chat. And a secret audio recorder. Meanwhile, Audrey’s paranoia grows as Ghostface continues to send her A texts. She keeps a close eye on Noah’s hunt for Piper’s accomplice, and manages to intercept a lead he sniffs out: a motel manager who saw Piper meeting with Audrey back in the day, and who also stored Piper’s uncollected belongings in a storage locker. Audrey gets to the locker first and finds only Jake’s mangled body (and a truckload of air fresheners) inside. Meanwhile, New Sheriff cracks down on Kieran’s hard partying ways and discovers his aunt, Tina (Audrey from Bates Motel), isn’t living with him like she said she would or something. Maggie offers to take Kieran in, but it turns out Tina and her creeper son Eli could use a nice, empty house, and are coming to stay in Lakewood. Meanwhile, Brooke is sent fake texts from Jake’s phone to keep her suspicions at bay, while also flirting with New New Guy (New Sheriff’s son, remember?), and dealing with crap from her dad. And speaking of dads, Emma’s is back in town.

He announces his loving return by almost running his daughter down with his car. So sweet.

It’s still early days for the season, so I’m not expecting big, bombastic things at this point.

But I’d also like more than this new character-spewing snooze-fest. If so many new characters are gonna come parading in, the show should at least have the decency to start murdering off the older ones.

Think of the show’s budget, at least, guys. Gosh.


Why I hate this episode:

Harper’s Island may have been similarly sluggish, but it had the decency to schedule a death every episode. Let’s hurry it on up, Scream. It’s not a slasher show without slashing.

Emma’s “Am I Crazy?” wangst isn’t unusual for the genre, but it’s only going to feed this overreliance on dreams that the season is developing. I don’t like it.

I’m already tired of Audrey’s subplot. Either get this bitch stabbing people, or just give us the truth, already. She doesn’t have to tell the other characters yet, but I wish Scream would at least let the audience know. She hasn’t got the charisma to shoulder the mystery.

There’s a moment in the closing sequence where Brooke goes to meet Jake at his house (he’s not there, obviously) and a boy stalks her from the shadows. But I can’t tell whether it’s Eli or New New Guy. Because they are indistinguishable. They’re both creepy, rude, and new to the season. Be interesting, please.

It’s pathetic enough that Emma didn’t go to the police after finding the shrine, but Maggie, who works for the police, doesn’t go to the police immediately, either. Good God, woman.

Zoe gets a token scene to remind us that she and her enormous hair are still here. I’d like a lot more from her, though. She seems like she’s not going to put up with Emma’s shit so easily. Don’t bench her, Scream.

Is it normal for high school teachers to accept scribbled down phone numbers and coffee invites from their students? Is Lakewood actually Rosewood?

Oh, and the show casts Tina and Eli in a villainous light for wanting to move to Lakewood and stay with Kieran in his big, empty house. Like they’re parasites or something. Um, Kieran needs to have her there if he wants to stay around the only people he knows; she was getting the money in their arrangement, anyway, so it’s better she be around to maybe spend some of it on him; and the house was empty, regardless. What is is with network television and trying to assassinate non-traditional families? This is almost as bad as Once Upon a Time’s early crusade against adoption. Sheesh.


But it’s not all bad:

Tina’s actress wasn’t utilised on Bates Motel, so I’m excited to see what she can bring to Scream. Maggie is still failing to materialise as a compelling adult character (and mother), so we’ll see if Audrey can step up to the plate.

Speaking of awful parents, Emma’s dad is a fucking freakshow. Who just casually chases their child down in their car and then is all like “Oh, I just wanted to let you know I’m back.” I hope his inevitable death scene is soon and severe.

With Emma afraid to trust her own eyes, and Audrey’s sweet little face doing its best (and failing) to be dark and evil, it falls to Brooke to carry the episode. And even with her small amount of screentime, she does. She sensibly tries to go to the police when she thinks Jake is missing (Ghostface placates her with a text, though). And she’s the only one who seems at all interested in leading a normal life, and not crumbling from the trauma of last year. She’s a bright spot in a see of angst, and I’m grateful for her.

Mr Mayor could complicate things, though, as we see he was corresponding with Jake on whatever that errand to Wren Lake Estates was. But his surprise and concern at Jake’s disappearance implies he’s not the killer. I’m intrigued.

I’ve gotta hand it to Kieran, too. He quickly chastises Emma for not going to the police about the shrine. And he does a fine job of supporting Emma through her “facing her demons” schtick. With car sex. Which is all anyone really wants.

New Hot Teacher is secretly mining Emma for information on Piper and the murders last year. I suspect she’s writing a book or an article. So Scream The TV Series could have a legitimate Gale Weathers facsimile at long last. Anything to shake off the dullness of Piper.

Maggie reveals she took Emma to visit Troy James at his pig farm when she was younger because she felt bad about what had happened to Brandon. Let that be the end of that dream mystery.

New New Guy tells Brooke that he’s ranked the Lakewood Six. We don’t get the full list, but Noah is at Three, Jake is at Six, and he wouldn’t put Brooke at anything higher than Four. Whatever, dude. She’s my Number One.

Oh, and in a rare score for Emma, when her dad starts chasing her in his car, she quickly runs sideways off the road. Instead of going straight ahead, Prometheus style. I won’t give up on her yet.

Scream Psycho Emma car run

One step sideways, one step back.

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  1. MicLT says :

    The note with the phone number was actually from New Hot Teacher. She gave it to Emma during her class in the last episode “in case she needed to talk things out.” Still hella creepy, though.

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