Containment – Discontinued

Containment There's a Crack in Everything Chris Wood sweaty

I will sorely miss your one singlet.

Chris Wood may be beautiful, but he’s not beautiful enough to keep me hanging onto this hollow excuse for a show.

I was planning on sticking with Containment. While it wasn’t a high priority, the fact that not a lot actually happened episode-to-episode made it an easy watch.

But you know what? I stuck it out for Eye Candy. I stuck it out for Blood & Oil. And, God help me, I stuck it out for Damien. I’m getting off this one early.

And it’s not just the fact that the show is largely empty. It’s that the the few things they have included have been dull or frustrating.

Every character except Lex is a walking stereotype. These are all people we’ve seen before, and Containment hasn’t got the pizzazz to make them shiny or new.

And then there’s Lex, who the show is portraying as heroic for wanting to go in and be with his girlfriend. In, and again I will stress this because there’s no end to how important it is, a quarantine zone filled with a 100% kill everyone every time in a matter of hours super virus. Fuck off, Lex. I thought you were cool.

The character I’m going to miss most of all is, shockingly, Jana. I was actually coming around to her no nonsense approach to things.

I might go back and catch up on Containment once it’s finished so I can see what the little conspiracy Teacher thought she’d found was all about. And if British Doctor would ever make his move.

And to get a dose of Chris Wood. Here’s to better luck on the CW, Chris. And pray they don’t ship you off to Arrow.

Containment There's a Crack in Everything Chris Wood

So say we all.

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2 responses to “Containment – Discontinued”

  1. Laura Pilkington says :

    I’m going to suggest 12 Monkeys or Preacher for new shoes to review.

    They seem pretty awesome.

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