The Originals Season 3 Episode 22 – TV Review

The Originals The Bloody Crown Rebekah

“I’m late because I had to do my hair first.”

By the end of this episode, New Orleans is crawling with vampires.

And none of them are original.

Failure, they name is Mikaelson.

TL;DR Every one of the Originals except for Klaus is marked for death; and none of them are able to be saved; Klaus submits to Marcel’s torture to barely keep his family alive; Vincent faces backlash from the witches, and finds Marcel’s Klaus-esque behaviour appalling; Hayley leaves New Orleans with Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, and Freya in magical stasis in the bitter hope she can find the cures they need.

The Originals Season 4: Road Trip.

So Marcel is now a Super Original Hybrid, and wastes no time in starting his revenge scheme against Klaus and family. He amasses all of Klaus’ former sire line vampires to storm the compound, and quickly sinks his own teeth into Kol and Elijah, while sending a minion to fatally poison Freya. Hayley manages to escape with Hope and undaggers Rebekah to distract Marcel while everyone retreats to Lucien’s penthouse (because the Mikaelsons retreat in style, baby). With everyone except Klaus on the brink of death (even Rebekah has that crazy curse thing), Klaus submits to Marcel’s idea of a trial to expose Klaus’ wicked ways. Klaus is indeed wicked, but he, with help from Rebekah (whose anti-Klaus, hex-induced rant goes on forever), stalls Marcel long enough for Freya to use a linking spell to join the Mikaelsons all to Klaus’ life force, while putting the rest into some magically protected stasis. Marcel, convinced Klaus’ wickedness deserves worse than death, stabs him with the Papa Tunde knife and bricks him into a crypt, alive and eternally suffering. Hayley coffins up the other four and drives the gang, along with Hope, out of New Orleans to search for cures to Elijah and Kol’s Super Original Hybrid bites; the poison in Freya; and Rebekah’s hex. Meanwhile, Vincent does his best to calm the worries of the witches, who are upset that he’s severed their connection to the Ancestors, which accounted for most of their power. He also gets called in by Jason Dohring to investigate the gym church, where they find the Strix massacred, by Marcel, everywhere (finally!). Jason is badly bitten by a straggling survivor, and Vincent has a whinge at Marcel that he’s just as bloodthirsty and careless as Klaus. Marcel’s denial is unconvincing.

It’s lonely at the top.

After the succession of powerful episodes leading up to the finale, including the deaths of series long-timers Camille and Davina, I’m tempted to slam this episode for being a bit of a letdown.

And I was going to until the final moments, when Hayley, defeated and lost, drives her and her Original vampire family out of New Orleans. There was no magical bullshit fix to everything this time.

Yes, the show necessitates having to return to New Orleans. Because otherwise they’d have to build a ton of new sets. But I respect that the show wanted to end on a low note for now.

They better not stay on the road for long, either. Having the characters drive around all the time didn’t do The Vampire Diaries any favours this season.


Why I hate this episode:

The fact that Marcel so easily fell for the Originals’ plan is pretty embarrassing for him. After everything he’s seen over the seasons, he should know by now that when you have the chance to kill your enemies (and an Original vampire, at that), you bloody well take it, dude. Yeah, the Papa Tunde knife is super gnarly. But every time it’s been used, someone’s ended up yanking it out.

And bricking Aurora up didn’t last for her, either. Use plans that don’t have failure track records, Marcel.

Kol and Freya’s opening scene this episode features them palling around like it’s all groovy. Didn’t he massively chew her out last episode? Or has he calmed down now that Davina’s gone for good? Weird.

Vincent’s big “fuck you” to Marcel after everything’s gone down is to proclaim that he’s taking the church and making it a sanctuary for people, mortal or otherwise, to escape Marcel and/or Mikaelson oppression. The producers really have a hard on for that set, hey?

My giddiness over the ominous shot of Camille’s grave from last episode didn’t pay off. I don’t think she’s coming back.

Oh, and we don’t get to see what happens to Aurora. The sire line vampires trash the hell out of the compound, but I don’t recall seeing her limp body go flying in all the chaos. Which means, God help us, she could be back next season. That’s too cruel.


But it’s not all bad:

Maybe she got killed in all the rabbling? I can dream.

The witches of New Orleans are also up for a good rabble, and I have to say I didn’t think about them when it came to the Ancestors being cut off. So thank you to The Originals for not forgetting.

This episode also picks up lore points with the Papa Tunde knife. It’s an old favourite at this point, but still effective. And Freya compares the linking spell she does to the one Dahlia used on her. Use what you have. And not what you can find in newly-discovered vaults.

The reason the Mikaelsons retreat to Lucien’s penthouse is because Freya thinks Lucien’s little cure-all potion might be lying around there for her poison. But, alas, it’s not.

The meat of Marcel’s plan was pretty melodramatic and meaningless (Klaus is bad? No way! We definitely need a sham trial to prove that), but he fixes a problem Lucien had: getting into the compound. Whereas Lucien’s plan was to lure Klaus out, Marcel just gets some powerful friends to foreclose upon the property to invalidate the deed. So smart.

Klaus does a lot of typical showboating at the trial, but it’s Elijah who walks away with the best moment of the episode. Succumbing to the Super Original Hybrid bite, he decides it’s time to bid Klaus farewell in case the plan doesn’t work. He has a similar moment with Hayley later, but it’s that brotherly bond that keeps us coming back to The Originals.

Klaus also gets the best line of the episode during this scene: “I can’t do this without you, Elijah.” Unf.

Marcel’s biting of Kol and Elijah is also pretty dramatic. The bite on Kol is like yeah, whatever. But when he bites Elijah, Klaus goes fucking ballistic. Only Rebekah manages to break them up.

Rebekah still feels like a weight around the show, and I don’t think I’d want her to be coming back on any more regular basis (in stasis, the Originals are all in some hallucination land together, so there’s no reason for Rebekah not to be in the show for the near future, at least. Worrisome), but she is rightly aware that she’s the only Mikaelson Marcel won’t hurt. If Rebekah’s going to be brought in, I’m glad it was for a good reason.

And she is appropriately disgusted that Marcel would bite her brothers when he knows there is no cure.

I wasn’t kidding about that hair, either. It’s good.

Despite all the whingeing hurled his way during the trial, eventually from Rebekah, too, Klaus pulls the Sharpay Evans card with this, the episode’s second best line, and proclaims that any suffering he might endure pales in comparison to their collective pain: “And in the end you will all know I won.” What’s the prize? Troy? Yes, Gabriella, you fucking dumbass. Haven’t you been watching the movie?

The Strix are all dead. At long, long, long last.

Jason Dohring’s inclusion is odd and unnecessary, but I take it as a cautious good sign that we’ll get more of him next season. With the witches underpowered, it’s up to the human faction to make a comeback. Because fuck knows we don’t need any more werewolves.

During Rebekah’s hex rant, she points out that Klaus murdered his mother, and both of his fathers. Ah, good times.

Oh, and the episode begins with Elijah and Hayley in bed after having sex. I approve.

The Originals The Bloody Crown Elijah Hayley in bed

Ain’t nothin’ dapper about hairy nipples.

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11 responses to “The Originals Season 3 Episode 22 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    All Hayley really needs to do is find Ginger Spice. Or the twins. But I guess it can’t be that simple.

  2. June says :

    A solid episode to a great season. I laughed when Klaus was on trial and he was like “Yeah, you’re right. I did all this. So what?!”
    And hey, Rebekah and Kol are not dead. So is Kol going to be back full time? And Rebekah? Since they won’t be back until the Midseason the writers have enough time to work this out. When will Marcel notice Elijah’s sireline is not dead?
    The writers did a better job with the prophecy than the arrow writers did with the grave mess.
    The ratings are low and with Supergirl and the other new shows coming I understand why it’s being pushed back. But I hope that next season will pick up again.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Yeah, I was pretty disappointed to see The Originals get shunted to midseason. I only hope they might reduce the episode order a little. Give us less filler.

      Good catch on the sire line thing. I didn’t think of that. And neither has Marcel, apparently.

  3. Sire says :

    I have a feeling they’ll do a time jump for next season to even it out with TVD

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      I can see that. Hayley’s got a lot of work to do. And it would explain that bartender’s comment during the crossover about how Klaus hasn’t been seen around New Orleans for a long time.

    • elusivebreath says :

      This is what I think too. Some flashbacks or whatever to show what Hayley’s been doing all this time and then here we are, three years later.

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