The Originals Season 3 Episode 21 – TV Review

The Originals Give 'Em Hell, Kid Elijah crying

It’s over, Klaus. You can try, but it’s over.

Keep those major characters deaths coming.

But will they be able to stick?

TL;DR Davina comes back but then goes again; Marcel is also apparently killed off for good, but the sneaky sucker took the Super Potion; Elijah and Klaus butt heads; Kol, Vincent, and Josh nuke the Ancestors; Detective Jason Dohring is back.

My commenter was right!

So with two consecutive episodes of for-good character deaths, it’s pretty sombre around New Orleans. But when the Originals realise the Super Potion is in Marcel’s hands, it’s time to put mourning aside. Klaus goes to try to talk Marcel out of using it, while Elijah and Freya witness a vision of the future (thanks to Alexis’ bones) where Marcel has ascended to Super Original Hybrid status and is killing them. Klaus tries appealing to Marcel with the “we’re family, too” schtick, but Elijah ain’t got time for that, and worried that the visions are coming true, he makes the decision to tear out Marcel’s heart. Klaus does not approve. But psych, Marcel already took the Super Potion, and the episode ends as comes glubbing (he’s at the bottom of a river) back to life. Meanwhile, Jason Dohring is back for Camille’s funeral, and airs his misgivings about how she died to Vincent. Vincent fills Jason in on all things magic and asks for his help in a plan to finally deal with the Ancestors. Jason uses his police resources to evacuate the cemetery while Vincent, joined by Kol, channels Josh’s magical energy to enter the ancestral plane with a magic bomb (Eva’s child-murdering wasn’t her only surprise. She was also a terrorist. A magical terrorist). But surprise, Davina’s soul has reformed enough to replace them on the suicide mission, and she farewells Kol and uses the bomb to forever (or until the show needs it again and retcons it) sever the Ancestors’ link to the real world.

And Elijah and Hayley have a grief/guilt hook-up. Naturally.

Well, The Originals only has one episode left. Let them not shit the bed like TVD did.

Although, TVD’s been sleeping in a shit-soaked bed all season. So I don’t think The Originals is in the same kind of danger.


Why I hate this episode:

Bloody Davina gets to linger on for yet another episode. You’re dead, bitch. Jog on. Camille didn’t get that luxury.

Also, that soul-shredder obviously wasn’t so great if she can put herself back together so easily.

And I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Swishy’s mum, or any of the Ancestors, cowering in fear of the bomb. I would have liked that.

Why did Marcel dupe Josh into thinking he hadn’t taken the Super Potion? What was the point of that? In case Josh blabbed to the Originals? Why would he? It just seems cruel to me.

I think Marcel’s plan was to pit Elijah and Klaus against each other by goading Elijah into murdering him. And it bloody well worked, bitch. But as soon as they find out he’s alive because he’s now the Super Original Hybrid, which will be pretty unavoidable if he attacks them, that tension will go away. Maybe Klaus could still be mad at Elijah on principle. Because he chose to kill Marcel. But Elijah’s suspicions of Marcel wanting to become the Super Original Hybrid and take them down will be proven correct by then, so Klaus wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Poor plan, Marcel.

Maybe just lock Marcel in a shipping container and dump him in the sea, by the way? You know it works. The show shouldn’t give us these logical, mundane solutions to some problems if it doesn’t want us to suggest them for other problems later.

When Josh thinks he’s trying to convince Marcel not to take the Super Potion, he points out that if Marcel plans to kill the Originals, he’ll have to kill all of them. Even Hayley. But he oddly omits Rebekah, the only one Marcel doesn’t actively want dead. Silly boy.

Oh, and after Hayley finds out that Elijah murdered Marcel, she goes to Klaus imploring him to forgive his brother. Klaus remarks that she sounds just like Camille. Which, sadly, fuels my theory that, with Camille dead, Klaus is going to set his sights on Hayley as his new love interest. Dear God, no.


But it’s not all bad:

Elijah and Hayley are so close to finally being together that I couldn’t bear Klaus making his love triangle mark on them now.

Marcel’s death may be the Holy Shit Moment of the episode, but Elijah and Hayley manage to easily outdo it with a couple of scenes together later. The first is when Elijah, having stayed stony in his convictions to Klaus, returns to Hayley at the compound and literally collapses in guilt. Hence, the lock on the “hot guy crying” contest. Can it get any better than this?

The other scene is after Hayley makes her appeal to Klaus and returns to Elijah. He motions to leave her in shame, as is his usual modus operandi. But instead, he doubles back and macks on that perfect face. I am infinitely okay with this.

That Marcel death, tho. I hadn’t clued into the fact that Marcel had already taken the potion, so I thought it was for real. With Camille and Davina already cast off, it only makes sense that our other obsolete character would bite it, too. Klaus’ horror and Elijah’s instant shame are perfectly on point. It’s just a great moment.

The build to it is that Klaus has been trying to convince a stubbornly adversarial Marcel that they are indeed family. Klaus sees himself as Marcel’s father, and they should be forever yada yada yada. Elijah walks in and is clearly jealous. But he also has the visions playing in his head, and they look exactly like what he’s seeing in front of him. Oh, the tension.

The Ancestors B-plot is no slouch, either. I appreciate that Vincent gets what he needs together to take them out. Kol and Josh have to tag along for some obligatory screentime, but the re-addition of Jason Dohring to the team was a sweet surprise. If there’s not going to be any more Veronica Mars, he might as well be on one of my favourite shows still airing.

Davina’s return is lazy, but I’d like to believe that she is well and truly gone this time. I was suspicious of her offscreen obliteration last episode, but she’s made her peace now, and accepts her self-immolation as the magic bomb explodes on top of her. Let that be it.

Freya doesn’t get a lot of play this episode, but Kol takes an opportunity to denounce her before he storms out of the compound. Kol burn. That’s rough.

When talking about what he and Freya did to Davina, Elijah uses terms that include Klaus for culpability. But despite the fact Klaus explicitly didn’t condone the decision, he doesn’t correct Elijah or be like “not me.” That’s some impressive loyalty.

We get an ominous and strangely long shot of Camille’s grave with some spooky smoke blowing across it. Could it be!?

Oh, and the “hot guy crying” contest may be over, but Hayley’s got some competition for “perfect face.”

The Originals Give 'Em Hell, Kid Marcel handsome

Leave that rubbish for Teen Wolf.

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7 responses to “The Originals Season 3 Episode 21 – TV Review”

  1. June says :

    Good episode. You could really see the conflict between the characters and within themselves.
    There were times in the episode when I was wondering if Marcel ever considered himself part of the family. Since Klaus arrived I got the impression he chose to be Davina’s family. Thus I thought Klaus accepted him being an independent player. What are your predictions for the finale? Any more death?

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Given how bloodthirsty this season has been, I reckon we’ve got at least one more death in store for the finale. My fingers are crossed that it’ll be Kol. With Davina gone, he has no reason to stick around. So the show could get their Original-killing kicks without having to lose someone important.

      • June says :

        I started with TO before I checked out TVD. Apperently Kol was pretty popular with the fans.Since season 2 I don’t really see what his storyline is supposed to be about. He’s over 1000 years old and he needs Davina to latch onto a storyline? Not a good choice regarding she’s been mostly absent. I just hope the show finally decides on what to do with Rebekah.

        • ijusthateeverything says :

          The Originals has never known what to do with Rebekah. I imagine the writers were thankful when Claire Holt said she didn’t want to be a lead, anymore.

          Maybe she’ll die? That would solve the problem, I suppose. But of all the Mikaelsons, she’s the one Marcel would least want to hurt.

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