The Originals Season 3 Episode 20 – TV Review

The Originals Where Nothing Stays Buried Lucien death

This is a tame illustration.

It’s hard to believe that only a year ago The Originals was sinking under the weight of tension-less baby drama, while The Vampire Diaries was flying high on the back of Kai, the Katherine incarnate.

And look at them now.

I even gave a shit about Davina the past two weeks. That’s an achievement.

TL;DR The gang tries to resurrect Davina, but Freya and Elijah (against Klaus’ commands) sacrifice her to get the power to kill Lucien; Lucien goes after Rebekah; the Originals kill Lucien; Vincent and Marcel defect in disgust; Marcel gets his hands on the Super Potion.

They found a way to get him out of the obsolete character swamp. Touchè.

Camille hogged all the melodramatic death screentime last week, so now it’s Davina’s turn. But Davina, as a New Orleans witch, can be consecrated and resurrected. Knowing the Ancestors will mob her once she’s on the ancestral plane, Vincent, Kol, and Marcel petition Freya to do that candle spell thing to keep Davina safe on a technicality in this realm while they prepare to bring her back to life. Meanwhile, Lucien recruits Swishy Witch Boy to find Rebekah so he can fuck with her to lure Klaus out of the compound. Our heroes catch wind of it, so Klaus and Hayley motor out to the bayou to recover Rebekah’s daggered body from its hiding place. Freya clues in Elijah that she could harness Davina’s power to undo the Super Original Hybrid spell on Lucien (only the witch who performed the spell can undo it. Which was the Ancestors. And Davina, having been consecrated, has that same power now), but Klaus, learning important lessons from Camille and Hayley, nixes the idea. But luckily for him, Freya and Elijah decide to do it, anyway, because Lucien promptly attacks and nearly kills Klaus and Hayley. Freya and Elijah arrive just in time to depower Lucien, and many justice boners are sprouted when Klaus cuts up his stupid face and plucks out his heart. Not sporting boners, though, are Vincent, Kol, and Marcel, who are inconsolable when their resurrection attempt on Davina fails because the Ancestors have already irretrievably shredded her soul. So Vincent, acting on an idea he and Freya had earlier, uses magic to extract the Super Potion from Aurora, and gifts it to Marcel to wreak havoc on the Originals.

But surely not Rebekah, right?

In a week where TVD’s episode’s net effect was to show Bonnie being, like, mad and stuff, The Originals killed off Davina for good (well, for now), killed Lucien for good, made Aurora worthless, built on some important character growth for Klaus, and gave Marcel the means to make a significant status quo change.

What happened, TVD?


Why I hate this episode:

My bullshit radar is still pinging on Davina’s death, though. The last we see of her is when she’s screaming in agony from the Ancestors using that soul shredder on her. But we don’t get to really see her get put down. And the “confirmation” of her obliteration comes from Swishy when he claims to be unable to do the resurrection spell. So I’m still wary. We know how many times Bonnie has come back from death.

Kol felt wholly unnecessary, which drove home how unconvincing his romance with Davina has been. I cared about Marcel’s grief because they’ve been a team since the beginning, and he’s kind of a father/big brother figure to her. And Vincent, while not my favourite character, has the New Orleans witch connection to her. And is also a father/big brother figure. But Kol is just the creepy millennium-old vampire who wants to bed a teenager. You’re not needed here.

The soul shredder stone was a bit of convenient “magic does what we say it can do” weasel to put Davina in danger. “She’s dead, but she can be even deader! The horror!”

Swishy’s mum is the main antagonist of the Ancestors, and that bitch is a fuckin’ cunt. Even by The Originals standards she’s despicable. I mean, yeah, Davina murdered her for a power play. But I didn’t feel any joy watching her get her revenge on a screaming, begging, besieged Davina.

Oh, and where’s Josh? His friendship with Davina is more important than her threadbare relationship with Kol.


But it’s not all bad:

I’m feeling sorry for Davina and openly wondering where Josh is? See how much The Originals has worked to make me care about their characters?

Davina’s fate is honestly tragic. The way the Ancestors, led by Swishy’s awful mum, just totally gang up on her is horrifying.

And Freya and Elijah’s betrayal of her is pitiable. The poor girl thought she was safe, and then Freya comes roaring in to fuck her shit up.

What makes this sequence doubly as effective, though, is that Freya takes no joy in it. Although she and Elijah make the executive decision to sacrifice Davina, it doesn’t make them happy. So seeing Freya brutally force Davina back into the ancestral plane and rip the power she needs from her is heartbreaking; it’s no fun for anyone. But it’s what’s necessary.

In a great evolution of character, Klaus opposes the plan to sacrifice Davina. During their drive to the bayou, Hayley reminds Klaus, who has been trying his best to ignore his despair over Camille’s death, not to forget the goodness his time with Camille brought out in him. At the end of the episode, Klaus takes no pleasure in the victory over Lucien because, in order to avenge Camille, they had to kill Camille’s friend. Heavy.

Heavier still is Elijah’s burden of living with the executive decision. Hayley spends her episode wondering if she’s left things too late with Elijah (in a tiny bright spot, Klaus assures her no, she hasn’t. “Go get that dick, gurl”). When she comes to him at the end, he’s wallowing in shame, and she comforts him. So angsty, so delicious.

Lucien’s defeat is literally a dream come true. He thoroughly beats Klaus and Hayley to a pulp after running them off the road, and has his hand on Hayley’s heart, forcing Klaus to kneel to him. Then Freya and Elijah fly in and take away his Super Original Hybrid powers, leaving Klaus to re-inflict the mouth scar on him, and then triumphantly tear out his heart. Lucien, satisfyingly, utterly shits himself when he realises he’s vulnerable.

Swishy dies, too. Kol kills him after the failed resurrection. No complaints from me on that one.

Klaus gets the best line of the episode when Hayley is lecturing him on grief while out in the bayou: “I don’t need advice on healthy mourning from the girl who kept her husband’s rotting heart in a box, thank you.” Straight to the fucking chase, Klaus. Jesus.

Assuming Marcel does take the Super Potion, this could finally be the moment where he makes sense in this world, again. For too long he’s just been an average vampire with good luck.

Aurora will soon die, hopefully. Unless, but good God, no, they keep her around as a new female major character. Seeing as how we’re down a few. But I pray The Originals isn’t that cruel.

Oh, and while I didn’t have to rob the local tissue store like I did for Camille last episode, I will happily concede that I felt a few pricks of the tear ducts when the Davina betrayal went down. And that girl can scream, baby. Hey, maybe she can go over to Scream? They need all the help they can get.

The Originals Where Nothing Stays Buried Davina Danielle Campbell

And it turns out that’s not such a bad thing.

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14 responses to “The Originals Season 3 Episode 20 – TV Review”

  1. Anonymous says :

    This show…so much better than its parent.
    Freya was savage in that scene screwing over Davina while she was screaming for her not to do it. Cold, but pragmatic.

  2. June says :

    This season is so good. Much better than last. I felt pretty much indifferent towards the whole Kolvina story, but the way Davina ‘died’ was heart wrenching. The writers did a good job reminding us that the Original family are essentially a bunch of ruthless villains and I love it! The way they handled Haylijah was perfect.

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      My thoughts exactly.

      • June says :

        The effects during the hijacking scene were cool. Too bad that a few minutes later you see Davina getting dragged back, but it’s Danielle pushing with her legs. 😂 These are the moments when I think that the show spends too much on hairproducts. You have Klaus and Hayley all bloody and bruised…but the hair is still fabulous.

        Do you think there is a chance Rebekah might die? I don’t want that to happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m tired of her popping in and then leaving. Just give us closure. Or recast. *shudder*
        As a fan I want good storytelling and character growth, but the crazy Haylijah shipper in me screams “those two are all I care about!” But I’m pretty sure Hayley and Hope are safe.
        For next season I think there is a good chance the human faction might be back. Maybe that detective we saw in the first half will play a bigger role?

        • ijusthateeverything says :

          I’d love me some more Detective Jason Dohring, for sure.

          I think you’ve got a point about Rebekah. She is the most expendable of the Big Three. But if we’re going to see another Original die before the season is out, my money’s on Kol.

  3. Sire says :

    Klaus is so much hotter this season… I think it’s the hair. Giving Elijah a run for his money. Great episode overall. A trillion times better than TVD

  4. Sooooo says :

    I didn’t even finish the 3rd season after Camile died. I love that character she was like Klaus good angel. Let him know to stop f ing up. Davina was getting on my nerves but the Michaels always messing shit up with people close to them. I don’t know if I can take the series anymore. The characters are great but the writing sucks. Always slow then at the end of the episode something good happens. Shoot they almost make me feel like twilight good have done better then this. Yup I said and I didn’t care for that movie that much but it was at lease a good build of glitter lol.

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