The Originals Season 3 Episode 19 – TV Review

The Originals No More Heartbreaks Klaus Elijah

The direst, I’m afraid.

What, did Leah Pipes and Danielle Campbell both get done for drink driving or something.

You guys remember Lost, right?

TL;DR Camille dies of her Lucien bite; Davina is killed by Kol as part of the Ancestors’ petty tirade; everyone spends the episode doing everything they can to save Camille (except call Ginger Spice. Amateurs); Klaus uses that vampire mind thing to give her a tender and beautiful sendoff.

But if there’s a new, teen version of Camille next episode I’ll revolt.

So the episode mostly centres on Camille, as she runs to Klaus’ compound after being bitten by Lucien’s super venom last episode. She asks Klaus to be with her, avoiding any traps Lucien might have set (because Klaus usually lashes out after such things), while literally every other character rallies to find a way to cure her. These include gathering some of Lucien’s blood (Camille used that thousand cuts dark object on him during her escape), which fails; and trying to use some of Hope’s blood, because she’s a known Deus Ex Machina. But that, too, fails. With no recourse, Klaus tries to be stoic while keeping Camille’s mind occupied with a perfect day out fantasy. They exchange “I love you”s, and Camille implores Klaus to remember that she, and his family, loves him, and to remember the good man she knows he can be. Her bravado falters in the final moments, and Klaus tearfully caresses her as she dies for good. Meanwhile, Lucien spends the episode partying it up at Camille’s bar. Davina tries interrogating him for a way to heal Camille, but the Ancestors assist him in thwarting her magic, and he, as we later witness, reveals there is no cure for his bite. He also, oddly, lets her go. We find out why, though: the rage hex on Kol, who Davina had earlier daggered at his insistence for her protection, was designed by the Ancestors to focus him on killing Davina. To close the episode, the Ancestors use their power to undagger Kol, and he mauls Davina to death.

But I couldn’t enjoy Davina’s demise because I was already so distraught over Camille’s.

At first, I was just as upset with The Originals for killing off Camille as I was with Arrow for killing off Laurel.

But upon reflection, they are different. Laurel was killed off arbitrarily because the Arrow writers had a retarded “who’s in the grave” mystery they had to conclude. And Laurel’s story wasn’t done. She’d only recently come into her own as the Black Canary, and with Oliver and Felicity’s relationship troubles, she was poised to regain her rightful place as leading lady.

But with Camille, she’s been pretty much irrelevant since the first season. As evidenced by her role as chief babysitter in season 2. Yes, like Laurel, a renewed focus on her this current season had rejuvenated her character and the show. But Camille wasn’t comfortable as a vampire; she didn’t want to be a vampire. Her death this time around is a natural conclusion to a spent character arc.

Still got my fingers crossed that she and Sophie will find a way to come roaring back for the final season. Whenever that is.


Why I hate this episode:

Still, though, they killed my number one girl. And with Davina’s death (which I think will be a lot more temporary), that leaves only Hayley and Freya as major female characters still standing. I used to praise The Originals for having such a generous male/female split, but it’s a bit unbalanced now.

And with only Hayley and Freya left, and Freya being Klaus’ sister, that means Klaus, like Oliver on Arrow, will be hard up for a new love interest. It’s pretty much only ever been Camille for him this whole time. He obviously can’t move onto Freya, which means Klaus could be forced to fill Jackson’s vacated position in Hayley and Elijah’s love triangle. And I don’t want that.

It’s pretty cheap that Lucien’s blood isn’t able to cure his bite. If the bite has the venom of all the wolf bloodlines, and Lucien possesses the blood of all the wolf bloodlines, it should cure it. But the show is just like “nah tho.” Boo.

My suggestion to save Camille, which they didn’t try, would have been to transfuse Aurora’s blood into her. Freya’s put Aurora into some kind of stasis, so the Super Potion should still be swilling around in there. Give it to Camille, bitches. Then she could probably fight Lucien, too. It’s a no-brainer.

The Davina and Kol stuff ends on a surprisingly powerful and scary note, but I couldn’t believe an episode so beautifully devoted to my dearest Camille is interrupted by their pathetic relationship bullshit. Not now, you two.

Marcel speaks of the Strix as still existing, which means they weren’t finished off last episode. Sigh.

Oh, and the TVD-verse characters need to check their Facebook more often. If Klaus had just liked at least one of Caroline’s passive aggressive statuses about Stefan’s new magic siphon girlfriend (“I bet magic’s not the only think she sucks” etc), then we would have had a solution.


But it’s not all bad:

Caroline isn’t making any progress with Stefan (or Alaric). So maybe she can jump shows to become Klaus’ new/old love interest?

Despite the fact that Camille dies, and dies for good, I couldn’t be more pleased with this episode. It strikes the right balance between the tension of trying to find a cure, Klaus’ last day with her, and the creeping realisation that there’s nothing anyone can do. I thought Camille’s first death this season was tragi-mazing. This is even wilder.

I cried, too. Like, more than is acceptable to admit for a CW soap opera about vampires.

I’d like to pre-empt anyone who thinks they’re super hip and cool to claim that the show is “fridging” Camille. Because it’s not. Fridging is when a female character is blithely killed to further a male character’s development. Yes, part of Camille’s journey this season has been about her growing openness about her feelings for Klaus. But Camille wasn’t killed to give Klaus growth. She was killed because she chose to live in a dangerous world and ally with targets of powerful enemies. She’d spent time interfering with Lucien and Aurora, and had already paid the price with her first death and vampirisation. But she stayed, and this, like with Jackson, is what happens when you stay around the Mikaelsons. It’s not a shock value death to furnish Klaus’ emotional resume. Camille got what lots of characters on The Originals get: dead.

And, again, her journey was over. The only other character who more deserves to die due to their obsolescence is Marcel. So fingers crossed, everyone.

Klaus does what Damon did for Rose, and Caroline did for Liz, and uses that vampire ability to create mind fantasies. He and Camille have an idyllic afternoon out in beautiful New Orleans, which transforms to early evening, to night. They revisit the place they first met in front of that street artist, which made me so happy.

Camille, accepting that she can’t be saved and being brave in the face of death, comforts Klaus as he struggles with coming to terms with it himself. She reminds him that he’s not the monster he thinks he is, and in only the few short years she’s known him, he’s become a better person. She makes sure he knows that there are people in his life that love him, and advises him not to forget that when she’s gone.

Camille gets the best line of the episode early on when she arrives at the compound. She tells Klaus she loves him without any hesitation this time, and follows with: “I just needed you to know that.” It’s so matter of fact. Because it is a fact.

Camille’s breakdown at the end is where my waterworks started flowing, as Klaus eases her into her passing. Elijah’s gonna have to work to keep up with Klaus on the “hot guy crying” front.

Lucien manages to be a welcome contrast to the melodrama over at the compound. He gets day drunk with a bunch of vampires and victims. And when Davina shows up to interrogate him, he switches gears to menacing. With a bit of help from the Ancestors. Davina sells her fear of him, too, knowing that he can kill her any time he wants.

But he lets her leave. Because, as Kol had been trying to hide following his own realisation, the Ancestors have spelled Kol to kill Davina. For the lulz, I assume.

And he does. I didn’t think the heights of Camille’s death scenes could be matched, but the end of the episode is truly unsettling as the Ancestors shake the ground and blow an ill wind, removing the dagger in Kol and unleashing him to straight-up murder Davina. Shit.

When offering Davina the dagger to stab him, he also pulls out a little jar of white oak ash. So that’s another point to The Originals for adhering to proper TVD lore. These bitches have been using ash-free daggers for far too long.

In her farewell to Camille’s body, Hayley despairs that Hope will never get the chance to know her. But she will get her dark objects, as Camille dictates her will to Klaus (sweetly mirroring how he used to dictate his memoirs to her) to leave the dark objects to Hayley, and then to be passed onto Hope.

I’m very impressed that Hayley is willing to go get Hope (who had been out in the bayou with Jackson’s grandma) in a desperate attempt to save Camille. Way to be a team player, Hayley.

To Elijah, Camille leaves a game of trivial pursuit. Adorable.

Elijah and Freya vow horrible vengeance upon Lucien. And Vincent commits himself to helping Freya with whatever witchy idea they can think of to kill him.

Oh, and Klaus makes some interesting style choices for his mind fantasy.

The Originals No More Heartbreaks Camille hair

Klaus liked the softer wave. And I’d support the straightened, too.

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9 responses to “The Originals Season 3 Episode 19 – TV Review”

  1. IHateJuliePlec says :

    No comments? Well I love your review but couldn’t disagree more with this being fair. Camille was more then the babysitter. She made Klaus a better person, if only for a little while.

    I believe this ending happened because Julie Plec is pure evil. Okay so not really but believe it happened so she could appease the Klaroline fandom that harasses her daily on twitter. She needs them to further her TV show future with what in doubt will involve Hope going to Caroline and Alaric’s new school.

    My beef is her comment Camille had run her course? I think not and while I HATE that Cami became a vampire there was so much that could have been done with that. Not to mention Camille’s past. I won’t go into detail with my opinion because i plan on blogging about it myself some day but when Camille talked of beating up the boyfriend of her friend in College i got the impression that was her storyline (especially when you add it to the scene where Klaus talks about how someone broke her trust)

    Anyway, I am glad I found this blog. I’ll be back.:)

    • ijusthateeverything says :

      Sometimes I wonder why the writers and producers let the shippers walk all over them.

      But then I remember how much damage the stupid Clexa fans wreaked across The 100. Those tumblr bitches aren’t kidding around.

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