Containment Episode 2 – TV Review

Containment I To Die, You To Live Chris Wood

When I see “containment” I don’t think “of Chris Wood’s hotness.”

The infection worsens.

This is an outbreak show, you know. It’s not like the situation’s going to improve.

TL;DR The infection worsens; Claudia issues an indefinite extension to the cordon; Chris Wood does grunt work; he and Teacher antagonistically flirt; an opportunistic blogger takes a shine to Lex; El Prego worries she could be infected; Jana judges a coworker for having an affair with a married man.

That’s more commitment than she’s shown Lex.

The major plot concerns the discovery that a girlfriend of one of Patient Zero’s family is out and about and infected. Claudia and Lex worry she could be outside the cordon, but they discover she’s actually inside. They draft Chris Wood to go get her, and he does. And a bunch of her friends who she partied with. Sadly, though, there is now no longer any way to track the extent of the infection, and the cordon is reinforced to last for however long it will take for the virus to die out. Meanwhile, Chris flirts with Teacher. Meanwhile, Teacher tries babysitting the kids, but also finds British Doctor to be suspicious. Meanwhile, El Prego sees her friends from the party sick on the news, and worries she might have caught the virus. Her boyfriend doesn’t care, and is still determined to get in. And Jana has to put up with some fellow coworkers who take shelter at the office. She’s all a bit high and mighty.

Dump her, Lex. Date Claudia, instead.

While I enjoyed the hunt for the sick girl, I knew she wasn’t going to be from outside the cordon. Because the first episode showed the cordon is still up and apparently effective. So the tension wasn’t there.

And is Chris, a grunt-level police officer, the best man who happened to get caught within the cordon? There’s nobody else higher ranked or better qualified?

I mean, it’s lucky for us, because it increases his screentime. But damn, that dude is overworked.


Why I hate this episode:

Teacher’s flirtations are pretty harsh. Since the start, she’s kinda been stepping all over Chris and berating him into helping her and being a big, strong man. What a sexist turd. That’s bad feminism, honey.

If Jana wasn’t such a dickhead, I’d be rooting for Chris to switch back to her.

Jana is severely judgemental of a female coworker who is having an affair (or at least a lunch date?) with a married male coworker. Because Jana is such a paragon of commitment and fidelity.

I know El Prego’s friends are stupid teens, but did they really think a rager was the best way to endure a communicable disease outbreak? Idiots. Just binge drink in your home alone. That’s what I do.

Blogger looks poised to be a knockoff of Jude Law’s character from Contagion. Which is so unrealistic. Nobody reads blogs. I would know.

He flip flops on Lex hard. He starts off commending him on his handling of the cordon situation, but then turns on him when he refuses to give an interview or comment on rumours. Your readers won’t appreciate your hypocrisy.

Blogger wants to know where the virus came from, as Syria (where Patient Zero is from) is denying it. Yeah, obviously, dude. Would they want to put their hand up and take the heat for unleashing a bioweapon that could kill four thousand Americans? I thought you were a super serious and skeptical proponent of online truth?

There’s a minor whiff of a conspiracy subplot when Teacher notices the news is reporting that Patient Zero died before Genevieve, but she witnessed firsthand that Genevieve died first. She asks British Doctor about it, but he evades her. Does it really matter, though?

Oh, and one of Lex’s team with him outside the cordon is jealous of his hero status thanks to the positive early coverage from Blogger. Bitch, we don’t need that kind of shit. It’s tedious.


But it’s not all bad:

Lex gives a very trashy Rousing Speech to his team at one point in the episode. Again, the actor salvages the moment from the eye-roll pile. Very impressive.

Chris may have to put on more clothes to do it, but he is pretty sexy when he’s doing his thing and hunting down the sick girl.

And he’s still irritated with how he’s being put to work and his life is being risked because Lex decided to send him into the fray in the first place. Boil over, baby. Do it.

El Prego provides the best moment of the episode. She’s visiting her grandmother with some groceries when she sees on the TV that her friends have been picked up because they’re infected. She immediately recalls that one of them kissed her on the cheek earlier, so she quietly retreats and washes what she’s touched in her grandmother’s house with bleach, takes the groceries back, and slips out. Way to take responsibility, baby.

Then she quarantines herself in her family’s store room. I only hope her mum doesn’t sell that possibly infected stock.

Jana rationing out the office lunch room fridge food was a cool dose of reality. Although, they bemoan how little food there is. Maybe pillage the other offices’ fridges? And there’s gotta be some vending machines around. It’s the apocalypse, people. Get looting.

The reinforced cordon is made of stacked freight containers. Which I expect will be a little better at containing a communicable virus than a chain link fence.

Oh, and Claudia has a great wig person. Did she get their number from Kelly Hu?

Containment I To Die, You To Live Claudia Black

Just not for Laurel Lance.

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