Arrow Season 4 Episode 19 – TV Review

Arrow Canary Cry Oliver Laurel flashback kiss

Who knew all it took was killing Laurel to get us a flashback that wasn’t arbitrary shit?

In case the Arrow writers hadn’t ground their heel into Laurel fans enough, they introduce a new Black Canary the very next episode after her untimely and pointless death.

I’m just shocked it’s not Felicity.

TL;DR Some random teen girl poses as Black Canary to get revenge on the Super Friends and the Darhks, because reasons; Oliver stops her and starts to come to terms with Laurel’s death; Diggle accurately blames himself for Laurel’s death because he trusted Andy; Quentin fruitlessly searches for a way to resurrect his daughter.

We used the Lazarus pits on the wrong Canary.

So Laurel’s not even in the ground yet, and a surprise new Black Canary starts terrorising the night. She attacks the Green Arrow, blaming him for not rescuing her and others from that HIVE gassing facility we saw back in the Christmas episode. Oliver foils her, so she goes after Ruve, instead. Because she’s Damien’s wife, you know? Oliver foils her again, but now the whole world views the Black Canary as some kind of maniacal mayor assassin. So at Laurel’s funeral, Oliver restores the Black Canary’s legacy by publicly revealing that Laurel was the Black Canary, and died in the line of duty. And he also vows to murder Damien. Naturally. Meanwhile, Diggle rightly assigns himself the blame for Laurel’s murder because he’s the one who insisted on trusting the duplicitous Andy. He almost murders Ruve (she’s popular this week), but Oliver stops him. Felicity also tries stealing a slice of the self-blame cake, because it’s not a party without Felicity being the centre of attention, but nobody cares. Meanwhile, Quentin hopes the new Black Canary could be a revived Laurel, but is deflated when it’s confirmed it isn’t. He also calls in Nyssa for a trip to the Nanda Parbat Day Spa and Lazarus Pit Resort, but she sadly informs him she destroyed the pits. Grief ensues. And the flashbacks take us back to shortly after Tommy’s death, as Oliver stews in his self-hatred, and Laurel promises him that together they can do their best to build a brighter future.


You know what, this episode does have a lot of shit stuff. But I’m more worried about the stuff it doesn’t have. Like, there are, what, three episodes to go for the season, and we still don’t know what Damien’s plan is. What was that giant underground corn field for?

Eh, whatever. I’m sure Felicity will just do some computer magic that will explain everything.


Why I hate this episode:

Just to harp on Felicity: I can’t believe she tried to play the “me, too” card when Diggle was lamenting his guilt for causing Laurel’s death. She doesn’t even give a good reason. She just says that she should have been there to help blah blah blah. Shut up. This isn’t about you. Although, if Felicity had been there, she would have been able to take Damien out with one whip of her over-tight ponytail. Damn, why didn’t Oliver think of that? Felicity’s literally bulletproof, after all.

The new Black Canary thing is a joke. The girl is a teenager, and she’s even less adept at the physicality of the fight choreography than Katie Cassidy. There’s a reason Sara “Caity Lotz can’t act but just look at those moves” Lance was so popular as the Canary. This little new bitch is shit.

And the episode after Laurel’s death? Is this the time for that?

And does anyone even remember the HIVE facility prisoners from ten fucking episodes ago? Fuck off.

Slack Canary manages to live out the episode, too. And she’s still got the Canary shriek device, so I’m dreading her impending return. Fuck.

Alex Kingston is obligatorily back as Mama Lance for the funeral. Poor Alex Kingston. First River Song, then this nothing role. She deserves better.

Oliver should have let Diggle kill Ruve. Diggle regularly shoots goons like it ain’t no thang. Just do it.

Oliver should have let Slack Canary kill Ruve. I mean, I get why he stopped Diggle. But Slack Canary isn’t his friend. He wouldn’t have to witness her remorse. Just let her pull the trigger, get gunned down by Ruve’s security detail, and call it a victory. And with no loose ends. It would have been perfect.

Alex apparently took the job with Ruve. So Felicity didn’t help him get the one at Palmer Tech?

Oh, and Afrojack is running out of time for his Mister Terrific metamorphosis.


But it’s not all bad:

Not that I actually want Afrojack to get screentime. So this episode is safe.

Quentin, like his reaction to Laurel’s death, is the highlight of these dark times. Poor Paul Blackthorne finally gets some time to shine as a truly devastated father who, in a world of magic and retcons, believes his daughter should get another chance to live. He’s basically a stand-in for the audience who are wishing for the same thing. But alas, not this time, Q.

Calling in Nyssa was a good move, though. So kudos for that.

Diggle, too, assigns blame where it needs to be assigned. His blindness to Andy’s betrayal is what caused Laurel’s death, and he should feel badly about it. Because it was fucking idiotic.

The flashbacks, for once, are not a chore. We ain’t got time for OSG and Black Boss capers, because this week we get some quality time with Laurel. The episode starts on a clever fake-out, as it appears we’re witnessing Laurel’s funeral. But then Laurel (complete with boring, season 2 brown hair) gets up to do the eulogy, and we learn it’s Tommy’s.

Oliver was supposed to deliver it, but he watches from afar, consumed with regret and shame for precipitating his best friend’s death. He can’t explain it to Laurel at this time, but she comforts him, regardless. Her optimism in working toward a better future for Starling City and themselves is a cruel manipulation from the show that’s juxtaposing it with her dead reality, but it’s effective.

And when Oliver leaves Laurel a note to tell her he’s leaving (to go to Lian Yu), Katie Cassidy whips out some convincing water works.

Oh, and so does Diggle.

Arrow Canary Cry Diggle crying

Should have gone to Specsavers.

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