Containment Episode 1 – TV Review

Containment Pilot Chris Wood hot

He’s mine!

I only came for the Chris Wood.

I only stayed for the Chris Wood.

TL;DR Chris Wood is hot; and there’s some virus going around or something.

As long as Chris Wood keeps finding reasons to be not entirely clothed, I think we’ll be okay.

So it’s starting off as a pretty assembly line outbreak movie. Rumblings of the virus begin at a hospital, people start getting sick and dying, and the government institutes a quarantine to keep it contained. We experience this through a handful of stock characters: the kind, competent police guy whose girlfriend is trapped within the cordon; a primary school teacher with a bunch of kids (one of which is her own, for some reason) is stuck inside while on a field trip; a pregnant chick with a not-approved-by-mum baby daddy is stuck inside, while he’s on the oustide; Chris Wood is there only for hotness, and maybe to make a love triangle with Competent Police Guy’s flighty girlfriend; and Claudia Black slinks out of the flaming wreckage of The Originals’ second season as a cool, cold government official in charge of the cordon.

With new hair.

Really, Containment seems to be unoffensive, but unambitious.

While I take heart that within the first episode we’ve already gotten past the “is it an outbreak or isn’t it” slog, and some brief flash forwards expose the devolution of society we can expect, the characters are all despairingly one-dimensional.

Unless, like, Jana turns out to have been in league with the bio-terrorists or something, I can’t imagine there are going to be any surprises.

It’d be pretty cool if the CW went totally dark and had them all horribly die. Even El Prego.

But please, not Jacked Chris Wood.


Why I hate this episode:

Sadly, I think Chris Wood is in the firing line. He’s best friends with Lex, Competent Police Guy, and we learn that he dated Jana first. And this episode, when Jana isn’t taking Lex’s calls after flaking on plans to move in together, she does answer a call from Chris. Which, by the laws of soap operas, means he’s sliding into adulterous best friend territory, and karma’s gonna get him. Goddammit.

Jana has also apparently baulked at moving in with Lex on multiple occasions, yet Lex is still tolerating her? Dude, jettison this bitch and move on.

Teacher is the character I’m most concerned about. She’s got a bunch of young children to look after, so I don’t expect to get any complicated character development out of her. She’s just going to be the saintly little primary school teacher who moons over Chris Wood (fair enough on that one, though). And her own son is with her group, for extra melodrama. Snooze.

Teacher and El Prego also show up alive and well in the thirteen days ahead flash forward. So boo for that.

El Prego is bland, and, much like The Originals, I don’t expect this show to be edgy enough to kill the baby. The best I think we can hope for is maybe for her to die in childbirth?

Oh, and the apparent resolution of the virus’ origins is dumped in the very first episode: a Syrian man brought it into the country, and they suspect he’s a bio-terrorist (or at least an unwitting patsy). So way to throw out having any mystery elements.


But it’s not all bad:

Chris Wood is seriously really, really good looking. Like, he was my wild, unapologetic crush in The Vampire Diaries. But dude’s been hitting the gym and finding his facial hair sweet spot. Jesus fucking Christ.

We get a whiff of mutual flirtation between him and Teacher, so maybe he won’t die the karma-induced death of an adulterous best friend after all.

And despite his and Lex’s super solid friendship (Lex knows that Chris and Jana dated first and isn’t worried about them), he has a moment where he rages at Lex for sending him on the call to the hospital, which is why he’s trapped when the cordon goes up. It was honest, and it felt real.

The makeup work on the infected is gross. Which is fantastic. Utterly disgusting.

Genevieve from The Originals’ first season shows up as a doctor infected by the Syrian man. She gets super ugly-sick and dies a blood-spattered death. Cool. It’s in her wheelhouse.

Claudia Black isn’t doing anything outwardly contemptuous yet, but she is clearly slick as fuck. She’s already noticed Lex’s potential to put a courageous face on the crisis. She’s a boss. Because she is the boss of the operation.

Lex could be the surprise standout element of the show. Usually the designated protagonist is a dull everyman, but there’s something about Lex that conveys an emotional immediacy, without undermining his professional obligation. And as much as Containment wants it to be because of Jana, it’s not. It’s just good acting. Because that bitch is trash.

Jana has some kind of super IT job. That could prove useful.

Oh, and let’s not forget the only reason we’re still here:

Containment Pilot Chris Wood hot

Come on, chinstrap.

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5 responses to “Containment Episode 1 – TV Review”

  1. loserbear says :

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like Cult and get cancelled before any questions are answered.

  2. Sire says :

    KAAAAAI!!! I thought he couldn’t get any hotter

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