The Originals Season 3 Episode 18 – TV Review

The Originals The Devil Comes Here And Sighs Camille Aurora

It’s some serious shit.

In this week’s TVD review, I joked that Klaus should have called up Ginger Spice to help with Finn’s Super Original Hybrid bite. You know, seeing as how siphon witches can take the magic out of werewolf bites.

Well now I’m not kidding. Get that bitch down here. Now.

TL;DR Lucien bites Camille at the end of the episode; Aurora takes the Super potion, but the gang prevents her from transitioning; Lucien massacres the remaining Strix (I hope); Kol tries to leave town to escape his hex from the Ancestors, but is pulled back in.

Now if there was one vampire in town who needs a bite from Lucien, that’d be it. Come on.

So it turns out Aurora doesn’t think being a Super Original Hybrid is good enough, and tasks Lucien with either retrieving Tristan or killing Elijah (to end Tristan’s suffering) before she’ll agree to a Super Original Hybrid life with him. Lucien arranges a meeting with Elijah, who ambushes him with Freya’s magic and a Strix army. But the Ancestors, ever proponents of mass vampire death, give Lucien the edge and he kills all the Strix, while Elijah and Freya limp away. Meanwhile, Klaus, having mounted an unsuccessful attack on Lucien using the Papa Tunde curved torture knife, is held captive by Aurora while Lucien’s out playing with Elijah. Aurora mintzes around and admits she no longer has any interest in Lucien: she’s only using him to help her brother. And she does down the Super potion after all. Camille and Hayley come to the rescue, and they manage to put her down and smuggle her back to the compound so Freya can use her blood to try to figure out how to kill a Super Original Hybrid. And she better hurry, because Lucien, dejected after watching a surveillance recording of Aurora professing her contempt of him, lashes out and bites Camille. And over in Who Cares subplot land, Davina keeps Kol in the null magic bar to ease his hex anger. The Ancestors start breaking through the spell, though, so she and Vincent have to fight to keep them at bay. Marcel convinces Kol to leave town to get out of the Ancestors’ range, but he starts dying outside the city limit, and once back in, he devolves into full rage monster.

And Swishy Witch Boy has usurped Vincent as Regent. Because we apparently still need to care about witch politics.

You know, I accused TVD this week of having a lot of stuff in its episode, but not a lot of substance. And The Originals this week also has a lot of stuff. And some of it, like the Davina/Vincent/Kol/Marcel parts, is just pointless busy work to give them their required screentime (that’s pretty much all poor Marcel gets these days).

But Camille, ever the shining light of New Orleans, keeps the more important plot from being simply utilitarian. She’s growing as a vampire, as a Mikaelson ally, and in her own personal autonomy and confidence.

So Klaus better fucking find a cure for that bite quickly. I barely recovered from her last death. I couldn’t handle another one.


Why I hate this episode:

That Kol subplot is one hell of a lot of pointless busy work. The fact that it constantly intrudes upon the sexy and involving stuff with Klaus, Aurora, Camille, and Hayley makes it even more insulting. Even Elijah and Freya’s fruitless attack on Lucien has a bit of pizzazz to make up for its futility. Does anyone really care if Davina and Kol stay together?

And poor Marcel. I thought he might have some time to shine as the Strix leader, but all that got pissed away lickety split. His only contribution this episode is to tag in for Vincent when Kol needs help keeping calm. Marcel just isn’t vital.

Swishy Witch Boy needs to die.

I’m disappointed in Vincent’s clarification this episode that he doesn’t want to go to war with the Ancestors. No, he only wants to, like, calm them down or something. He has a big whinge about how the proliferation of vampires in New Orleans is the reason why they became cruel. Well, we’ve got a season 4 renewal, so the vampires are here to stay. Fuck those Ancestors off.

We get yet another inconsistent display of what happens to a vampire when they’re inside a residence without an invitation. In season 2 of The Vampire Diaries, Elijah found himself inside the Salvatore house without an invitation, and the effect was suffocation, pain, and a fervent need to get out. Then this season on The Vampire Diaries, Stefan and Caroline were inside the Salvatore house when the Heretics changed ownership, and they were literally flung and pulled to the outside by magical force. But this episode, Aurora makes a big show of what happens to a vampire when they’re forced inside without an invitation by holding Camille inside Lucien’s penthouse uninvited, and she seems to just be in great pain, bleeds from everywhere on her face, and is apparently going to die. I’ve been praising season 3 of The Originals for being faithful to established lore, so this is a pretty big disappointment.

Oh, Elijah and Freya had plenty of time to knock Tristan out while he was trapped in the sigil, but instead chose to posture and call in the Strix for some reason. Snap that bitch’s neck and start mixing the cement. Gosh.


But it’s not all bad:

They do mention that their plan, because they don’t know how to kill him, is to bury him in cement. That’s what I suggested for Rayna. So someone’s listening to me.

The major positive thing to come out of Elijah’s meeting with Lucien is that the Strix, I think, are now all dead. I mean, Elijah doesn’t say that this is every last one of them, but it’s fair to infer that it was implied. Finally.

The other positive thing is a minor moment of tenderness before the meeting when Hayley implores Elijah not to go because she doesn’t want him to die. Hot.

The MVP of the episode, as ever, is Camille. She can strut and shout about how she doesn’t want Klaus, but when the chips are down and he’s being held captive by Aur-whore-a, then she’s quick to answer the call. That she gets to partner with Hayley on the rescue mission is just gravy.

The plan actually turns out to be Camille’s idea. She and Hayley make a show of trying to fight Aurora, but Camille prepares a syringe of drugs to knock her out. I don’t think keeping her alive was planned from the start (Klaus has to stop Hayley from killing Aurora to prevent the Super potion from activating), but it goes to show that Camille is a smart bitch, and an asset to the gang.

Which makes her attack from Lucien to close out the episode all the more harrowing. Earlier, Klaus discovers he can’t get into her apartment, and she explains she’s put the lease in her neighbour’s name to prevent unwanted vampire entry (this is one thing that Super Original Hybrids are still beholden to, by the way). Lucien cottons onto this and kills the neighbour, then pushes his way inside and bites her. Good God, no.

I’ve gotta give some top strategy points to Klaus, too, for trying to use the Papa Tunde knife on Lucien. I reckon if Lucien hadn’t been strong enough to stop the initial stab that it would have worked, too.

Klaus spends most of his episode in shackles in Lucien’s penthouse, but he doesn’t take it as downtime. He tries to twat tease up a storm on Aurora, but, impossibly, she’s immune to his charms. And his terror at watching Aurora beat down Hayley and almost kill Camille is typically perfect. He sells it.

When the twat teasing fails, Klaus manages to goad Aurora into happily admitting she doesn’t want Lucien, either. When Lucien watches back the surveillance footage, Klaus smiles at the camera following that. Meow.

Klaus also gets the best line of the episode when visiting Camille early on: “I don’t care about Aurora. I care about you.” Me, too.

Kol makes the right choice to leave New Orleans to escape his rage hex, but once over the city limit line, he starts dessicating. He’s forced to hurry back over, and the dessication abates, but the rage comes swelling back uncontrollably. Would it be too much to ask for Swishy Witch Boy to end up in his path?

Aurora’s hair is okay this episode.

Oh, and even when he’s doing something insignificant, Elijah knows how to make it memorable.

The Originals The Devil Comes Here And Sighs Elijah sexy


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